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Helping Prizm

In the hall Rumble and Frenzy stood across from where Audioslave their half brother and Lenear his best friend stood. They had just come from Lenear’s quarters where Prizm; Lenear’s mother had basically given them a mission. Rumble looked around to see if anyone of any importance were near. “Ya know this is going to take some careful planning.”

“Oh yes, says Rumble the one that plans everything.” Lenear basically rolled her optics at him.

“Hey we learn this stuff from Soundwave.” Frenzy spoke up, “anyway he’s right we can’t just walk in there and expect ‘Warp to do what we want.”

“I don’t understand how we’re going to get him offline to take it?” Lenear looked at Audioslave.

“Rumble and Frenzy are going to get him over energized; when he passes out I am going to take it.”

“Dad isn’t going to like that.” Lenear looked them all over it was quite obvious that over all she led the group. “He always demands that everyone be ready to fight at a moments notice.”

“I know Lenear, but something has to be done. Your mom doesn’t need that kind of treatment.” Audioslave didn’t like the mischief of Skywarp much at all, as a much younger sparkling the seeker had popped in on him a few times until he had learned to expect it and deal with it without showing he had been startled.

“Besides Prizm is the Air Commander so Skywarp has to do what she says anyway. If Megatron wants him it won’t be a big deal. She’ll probably make him do something to get it back.” Rumble said.

“True enough and he’s just a jerk so let’s do this before I change my processor.” Lenear agreed.

“This is where we need your help,” Frenzy looked around again. “Soundwave keeps us out of the Energon.”

“For obvious reasons,” Lenear cut him off.

“No he doesn’t allow me to get in their either,” Audioslave added.

Frenzy and Rumble both seemed a little down, “Really are we that bad?”

“Yes," Audioslave and Lenear both said at once.

Yeah well at least we know how to have fun.” Rumble teased.

Audioslave took it in stride, his father’s stoic nature coming out clearly while Lenear’s optics narrowed as she scowled at Rumble slightly. “Whatever, come on I can key the storage room. We have an energon unit in our quarters but no where near enough to get him over energized. Dad gave me a code in case I needed to get some for Mom.”

The four of them headed down a few halls Rumble and Frenzy leading the way listening and scanning for anyone that might interrupt their mission once they got to the storage room Rumble relieved Ravage of duty. “Well that was easy.” The little mech said.

“Of course that was, its finding Skywarp and getting him to drink that will he the hard part.” Frenzy said.

“He’ll drink anything.” Lenear added.

“Most likely,” the twins added.

Lenear grabbed 3 cubes, “How much will it take?”

“He starts to get stupid at around four,” Rumble answered.

“He gets stupider?” Lenear looked surprised.

“You have no idea.” Frenzy answered, while grabbing three more cubes.

“Skywarp just got off duty if you can catch him before he goes to the common room talk him into going to his quarters.” Audioslave added.

The two smaller mechs headed out the room after sub spacing the Energon.

“Do you think they will be able to do it?” Lenear asked Audioslave.

“Yeah they’ll get him good and over energized then we’ll go take it, and end up carrying them out too.” He told her.

“I knew it.” She looked out the door then closed it the lock clasping automatically. “You keeping tabs on them telepathically aren’t you?”

Even though Lenear had got used to him not talking out loud to her she had learned to respond aloud for others specifically her father he hated it.

’Yes, and Father knows what is going on as well.’ his optics glinted with thought.

“Alright how long do you think it will take, I am supposed to be meeting my Father for sparring in two hours.”

’Skywarp will take less then forty-five minutes if they get him into his quarters.’ he sent an urge of quickness to them.

Just and Rumble and Frenzy turned one corner Skywarp turned another and they met in the center of the hall.

“Hey ‘Warp we found a stash want some?” Frenzy produced one cube.

“What are you two pipsqueaks up to?” Sure Skywarp was a little thick but he wasn’t THAT stupid.

“Nothing, we just can’t drink it all and we don’t want Soundwave finding out we broke into the stash.” Frenzy said as if it was common.

Skywarp raised an optic ridge it seemed like a good enough excuse. “Alright lets go to my quarters he won’t come looking in there.” With that ‘Warp began to lead the way.

Audioslave relayed the information to Lenear, who shook her head. “He really is stupid.” Audioslave said nothing but nodded in agreement.

Skywarp kept an optic out for others as he led them to his door then keyed it open as soon as the little cassettes were in he closed it again and keyed the lock.

“Hey! How are we supposed to get out?” Rumble yelled.

“Your not,” ‘Warp smiled evilly, if I am going down so are you now where it the rest of it?”

Instantly Rumble sent the problem to Audioslave, who sent back the fact that he had the code to Skywarp’s quarters not to worry about it. Rumble’s facial expression changed instantly. “Alright, fair enough here.” he produced his three cubes handing two to Skywarp.

“Yeah here,” Frenzy brought the three remaining cubes from subspace and as Rumble did kept one and handed the three over.

“This is going to be good!” Skywarp held the cubes then took them to his desk, he brushed off all the junk and clutter onto the floor, then set the cubes down, keeping one in his hand. He then rounded the desk and did the same brushing the chair off and then sat in it lifting the cube to his lips drinking it down until it was empty and the left over shape fizzled into nothingness.

“Pretty good stuff,” 'Warp said taking another cube.

Rumble and Frenzy nodded, each slowly sipping their cube, they knew if they couldn’t walk out Lenear would have a fit.

Another cube down and Warp reached for a third, his movements were already slowing.

The twins’ stifled giggles, as Rumble alerted Audio to ‘Warp’s condition. Normally they had gulped down their cubes and had been off lined before ‘Warp could finish his first. This was actually funny.

With the third one down Skywarp reached for the fourth sliding slowly out of the chair until he was knelling on the floor. “Wow, that was fast this really is good stuff.” He fumbled until he stood uneasily and then this time flopped back into the chair.

Rumble spat out his energon and began to laugh as Frenzy grabbed his middle and let out a huge long laugh.

Audioslave put his telepathy to the test and projected the scene from Rumble to Lenear who started to laugh herself.

Skywarp downed the last one, and leaned back into the chair his optics fading in and out. Rumble and Frenzy watched closely. Sure enough a few seconds later Warp’s optics were out. Frenzy had enough to encourage him to walk up to the seeker and poke him. Nothing. He climbed up onto Warp’s lap still nothing.

“He’s out cold.”

“Yeah looks like it.” Rumble added.

“We got to stay online longer that was funny!” Frenzy laughed as he climbed down and stood next to Rumble.

“Heheheh yeah.” They didn’t have too long to wait when the door opened allowing Audioslave and Lenear to enter.

“Alright you two better get out of here,” Lenear’s tone was quite commanding.

“Not even a thanks or anythin’” Rumble chided as he and Frenzy headed out.

“Can you get it out?” Lenear asked Audioslave.

“Simple.” He opened the cockpit from the side and pulled a small chip out closing the cockpit again. “As that.” His visor brightened in a smile. Quickly they headed out of Skywarp’s quarters and down the hall back to Lenear’s quarters.
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