Chapter one where it all started. From here to chapter ten was wrote by Juci, Prizm and myself. Some parts aren't as cohesive as they could be but then that's what happens. I have went though several times in effort to clean things up like grammer and spelling. Enjoy.

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Chapter 1 The Abduction

The Decepticon underwater base was dark and quiet. It creaked here and there as the water pressure pushed against it as the tide made its way around it. Systems for the most part were all shut down save for a single room. The halls were clear and those on duty minded their work. It was late, most of those that were not on duty were in their quarters recharging. Inside the planning room or more appropriately dubbed the War room, Megatron paced; his dark heavy boots slowly scraped the metallic floor as he stepped from one side of the room to the other. He was obviously irritated, his limited army was much stronger than the Autobot resistance, but it seem that each time he met them on the field there were more of them. Two years on this disgusting little planet and the Autobots still had the upper hand. It was infuriating, and the only thing that he and his force were able to do was send only fragments of the required Energon to their home planet. He walked to the end of the table and looked back to his own seat; to its left was his air commander, one foot on the table, elbow on the arm of the chair, his light blue hand covering most of his face. His other hand on the table fingers tapping with impatient-ness. Megatron inwardly scoffed. At his chair’s right was Soundwave, who sat there unmoving. It didn't bother Megatron though sometime he did wonder if Soundwave had fallen in to recharge while sitting there. The other chairs empty, leaving Scrapper, Motormaster and Onslaught out. Megatron stepped back and stood behind his chair.

"We need to do something that Prime and those blasted Autobots will never suspect."

Starscream put his foot down and sat up. "I am telling you Megatron it’s those slagging humans. Every time they get in the way!” resting his elbow joints on the edge of the table for a second he thought about just how often the stupid little humans that now seemed to live with the Autobots had come up with something that foiled their plans. “We should eradicate them all from the face of the planet. THEN those do gooders will have nothing to protect."

Megatron stared at Starscream for a minute, how he would love just to wipe the planet clean, just start a new Cybertron right here; after all this is where the energy was.

"Humans irrelevant."

Both turned to look at Soundwave.

"Yes, those slagging Autobots would fight if the planet was devoid of life." Megatron agreed.

"Still it would most certainly make things easier. They wouldn't have the extra help all the time." Starscream finished.

"That's it Starscream. We shall find some humans; ones that will turn the balance in to our favor. The Autobots will never see them coming." Megatron’s optics flared.

"Bring those creatures here?" Starscream look disgusted. Despite the fact that they had humans on the base before Starscream still hadn’t seen much good of them. The one that he did deal with wasn’t any better than one on the street.

"Human involvement minor."

"Yes Soundwave, we will get a few humans to aid us in our defeat of the Autobots then we will no longer have use for them."

Starscream stared at Megatron crossly. “We have had Humans here before and they did not make a difference. Some how I doubt this idea will work.

Megatron approached the seeker slowly. “THIS time they shall not be those males with their egos, and thoughts of world domination. THIS time we shall find a few females, ones that will want to help us."

"You're going to get some of those crazed fan-girls to help? It is true you have certainly lost your nero-net this time." Starscream backed away from the now irritated Decepticon leader. He had seen what some of THOSE women were like, throwing their clothes at them wanting them to take them with them to the base, and even some weird ones on the internet had created erotic pictures of themselves with them. He couldn’t comprehend bringing that to the base.

"Soundwave!" Megatron turned abruptly. "You have one chosen already?"

Soundwave turned to the console and began to work, soon a satellite picture became clear and a house appeared. "Affirmative; a triad." He had searched and done much studying of the humans over the time spent on Earth, and now that Megatron was going to run with this idea he allowed himself to show off just what he had found, which is just what he liked to do to make Starscream feel even more stupid.

A female stepped out of the house, and in to the yard. She began to water the lawn.

"I do not see anything special about that female." Starscream spat out. A triad?!!? Starscream thought, that obviously meant something, only he was unsure what. Naturally his scientific side went thought and told him that there would be two others not just the one that was on the screen at the moment. He scrutinized the woman for a moment. “This female looked like any other woman he might find on a raid, sure she wasn’t wearing a lab coat, or army fatigues, but then he really didn’t pay attention to the fleashlings anyway.

Megatron glanced at Soundwave; who in turn transformed and landed on the console plugging in as he did. The computer registered a signal going out, but it was not computer wave-length. Starscream studied the human. She suddenly stopped for a few moments then looked around. She cocked her head as if listening to something; then on a separate monitor a projection of her view was seen, along with words scrolling quickly at the top. Starscream got closer to read the small words.

"I know that voice... where have I heard it before.... it seems so familiar yet so alien... “She turned and looked around to no avail; there was no one around, not even walking down the street. She shook her head, she had heard it several times now and just couldn’t pin it down to what or even who it was.

The Air Commander looked at Soundwave. "You amplified your telepathy? What drivel." He scoffed while shaking his head.

Megatron reared back and crossed the seekers face with a back hand. "THIS female has her own telepathy. She can report with out the aide of a radio. What better way to get information from the Autobots??" He pulled the jet by his intake to the monitor where the image from the satellite was displayed. "Look at her again!"

Starscream looked, at first it didn't seem to be any different than any other human female he had seen. Head of dusty blonde hair, blue eyes that looked much like an Autobot, but he looked her over more as she seemed to look back and then up at the sky. She wore a black shirt with a brightly color Decepticon symbol. "She favors us??"

"Precisely, she will be manipulated easily." Megatron cracked a smug smile.

Soundwave transformed and both images faded. "Incorrect." he answered. "Female will report willingly." He had indeed done his job, sent his condors to watch her, and her friends, as well as hacked their intranet conversations; which had taken up much more of his time of duties as of late.

"Is that so... all the better. Then we may have more in store for them. Provided she and her friends can pull off their mission."

Inwardly Starscream hesitated, he had seen what some of these girls would do and it made him not want them at all.

The female suddenly stopped and listened. Whatever had been talking had stopped. She hated the familiar daja-vu feeling when ever that slight whisper came. It was an odd sensation, she knew she heard it yet it was like she could not hear it at all. She shoved the thoughts aside. In a few hours she would contact her friend and tell then what had happened yet again.

At another house a few miles away, Juci stumbled around the living room to pick up the phone. It was her friend Idol... And as usual Idol was in her paranoid state. Prizm was at the other end as well.

“Well Juci, Idol is at it again with her hearing voices.” Prizm rolled her eyes.

Juci near snorted trying to hold back her giggles. “Shush... She can hear you on the other end. You know she is very sensitive about her special abilities of picking up extra stuff with her telepathy.”

“Hum.” Idol just let her voice go at the comment.

“Don't worry Idol we still love you....Even though you’re going crazy like Juci.” Prizm tried not to laugh.

“HEY! Schizophrenia isn't something to poke fun at.” Juci huffed.

“It's funny with you. You can handle it.” Prizm answered.

“Besides there is a big difference between telepathy and schizophrenia.” Juci clarified.

“Yeah, very true I take that back than. Telepathy hasn’t yet been categorized as a condition.” Prizm added.

Idol was getting a little frustrated she knew they would believe her but it was a little daunting with the teasing sometimes. “Would you two cut it out with the jokes? I'm not crazy nor is it a symptom. I truly have heard something today while watering the grass.”

After a moment to prove she was serious Juci broke the silence. “I believe you girl. I walked outside today as well and heard familiar voices to which I can't point out.”

Prizm started laughing uncontrollably. “Oh Boy!”

“I'm serious!” Idol started to really get angry.

“We seriously need to get you to meet with Juci’s doctor.” Prizm couldn’t help but to get one last jibe in.

“Oh yessss she needs to see my doc... big time!”

She couldn’t believe that after all this time her two friends didn’t believe her. “Fine, don’t believe it.” Idol said and hung up. She knew that they were messing with her; a few years of talking with them told her that, still it never seemed to happen when they were around. Her telepathy or whatever they wanted to call it took on different things when they were talking together. She would pick up on the fore thoughts and be able to tell them what they were thinking or planning to say. It just irritated her that they still treated it this way.

“We really pissed her off didn’t we?” Prizm asked Juci in a quiet voice.

“Yeah I think we did. Let’s go over there she’s probably feeling really down now.”

“Alright I’ll meet you there.”


The two hung up and made arrangements to find their ways to Idol’s house. About an hour later Prizm arrived in her car, then just out side the fence as Prizm got out of her car a taxi pulled up. The woman that now stood at the entrance to the yard had an odd look of confusion on her face.

“What happened to your ride?”

Juci let out a long sigh her shoulders visibly raising and lowering. “Don't you remember the last battle the Transformers had with each other, a damn Autobot sat on it. .... Damn those Autobots and their fat asses.” Juci’s face easily showed her aggravation with the Autobots. Prizm nearly laughed but controlled herself, they both knew even before the car incident, Juci really didn’t like Autobots.

Prizm smiled. “Sorry... didn't mean to open up old wounds. I know how much that car meant to you.”

“I wonder if that’s the reason why Decepticons hate the Autobots. Maybe Optimus crushed Megatron’s custom ride or something and got him all pissed off. Then again I doubt myself of that... after all Megs' has Astrotrain. I mean you just can't beat having your very own Columbia as a ride.”

Looking slightly amused at the thought of it Prizm could only answer. “Yeah.”

They walked up to Idols' house door, but before they can ring it, Idol opened it. She had sensed Juci and Prizm arrival. After opening the door Idol sat on the couch. Juci and Prizm walked into the house.

“You know it’s just amazing how she does that.” Juci commented.

Prizm followed Idol and sat next to her. Juci went in and closed the door behind her then she sat on the couch next to Prizm.

Juci’s clothes caught Idol’s attention it made her curious on why Juci wore clothes from the 70’s. “Girl what is up with the funky 70s' outfit?” Idol wondered out loud.

“You know I hadn’t noticed it before but she is wearing that!” Prizm looked over Juci again this time taking her all in.

“Hey don't change the subject this is about you and that telepathy power of yours.”

Prizm couldn’t help tug on Juci’s clothes here and there checking out if they were authentic or not.

“Hey cut it out!” Juci brushed Prizm’s hands off, they were real she had done some extensive shopping to get this out fit.

“You went to the doctor looking like that?” Idol could sense that she had.

“Yep.” Juci nodded.

Wanting to be a bit playful Idol got up and lightly pulled on Juci’s pigtails. “No wonder they say you’re crazy.” She stopped then got off the couch and turned to them. “Alright I guess we should go and see your doctor.” Idol got up and grabbed her jacket, she didn’t know what the therapist was going to be able to do for her, but when ever she talked about it she always seemed to feel better about it.

Juci got excited, then got up and ran out the door. Outside she stopped; turned around and came back into the house, visibly excited. “Come on let’s go let’s go...”

“Wow I wish I had energy like she does.” Prizm said shaking her head.

“Tell me about it.” Idol smiled.

Idol grabbed her book expecting the wait to be a while since it was a walk in basis, she knew she wouldn't get to read it with her friends there since the instant the subject of Transformers came up they would all be sitting together talking about that for the rest of the night. She and Prizm walked out the door towards where Prizm had parked her car and where Juci was at. Idol locked up the house while Prizm got in and started up her convertible Cadillac. Juci couldn’t help herself she started playing around with Idol’s sprinklers.

Both of her friends looked at Juci with strange expressions on their faces.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Idol asked.

“I don't know something in my mind told me to go play with the sprinklers.” Juci then smiled while getting into the back seat of Prizm’s car. Idol sat in the front passenger seat. After a few moments Juci finally stopped jumping around the back seat.

“This isn't really a Decepticon right?” Juci moved then jumped around again.

“What are you talking about?” Prizm wondered, looking in her mirror into the back at her friend.

“Well remember the last time you bought a car, he was a Decepticon.” She was sure that at some point or another that they had all be riding along inside one of the cars and it had. Wait. If that were right they wouldn’t have been in this car now.

“What are you talking about?” Idol insisted.

Juci thought about it again for a moment then decided that particular memory must have been something she dreamt about. “Oh wait a minute that was a dream. Never mind then.” Juci started to jump around in the back seat again. Prizm pulled the gear into drive and sped off to the doctor in the big city.

Later at the traffic in the city...

As usual the traffic jam was caused by a bunch of Autobots fighting off the Decepticons. As if they had nothing better to do.

Unable to keep he anger in check Juci shouted up and out of the convertible. “Stupid Autobots!” she stood on the seat and shook her fist at them. Her two friends tried to pull her down into the seat again.

“Would you control yourself? Geez, do you want them to shoot at us?” Idol pulled her down harder.

Juci looked at her, pouted for a moment, and calmed down. “They sat on my car, they didn’t even offer me a ride home!” she looked at Prizm. “Better watch out they might sit on this one too.”

“No worries girl... This is a Cadillac. I doubt even Cybertronian metal could penetrate it just by sitting on it.” A moment later Prizm spoke again. “Though it is a convertible.”

It didn’t seem to matter Juci got out anyway.

“Oh God! Now what is she up to?” Idol looked out and around to see if she could see where Juci went.

“Are you stupid or something? Get back here? Juci!” Prizm yelled.

“It's no use... she is blinded by her anger and hatred over what the Autobots did to her ride. I can’t blame her it was pretty sweet.” Idol told Prizm, she watched as her friend turned a corner, she could feel the anger coming from Juci easily but there wasn’t anything she could do.

Not caring what was going on Juci walked right up to the Autobot that had been hiding behind a building taking shots at Decepticons and kicked his foot with her steel toed boots. “Hey! Moron!” she called.

The Autobot looked down at her then back at his situation then back down at her again. “Girl what the fuck are you doing here? Get out of here. You'll get hurt.”

Juci wouldn’t hear any of it. “Shut up! You fuckers have brought nothing but problems with you.” She pulled her foot back and kicked the Autobot again. “And that is for my car, you bastard!” Having worked it out of her systems she ran back to Prizm’s car and got in sighing with relief. “God that felt good.” Her two friends just stared at her absently astounded that she didn’t even get hurt in the cross fire. It took a second but Juci finally realized that Prizm and Idol staring at her. “What?”

“How did you do that without getting killed?” Prizm was the first to recover her speech abilities.

Idol put her hand to her head and let her self turn it in a no fashion. “I swear ... Sometimes I think that girl is a witch.”

“Oh come on ... don't you know? No humans get hurt during a Transformer war.” Juci argued.

“That is true,” Idol conceded.

The Decepticons start to close in on the girls’ car; Soundwave was sensing them and directing the others motions to capture the girls to which Megatron had ordered to be found.

"Girl stop acting like a chicken with its head cut off your going to get us ki......" Prizm said and then swerved around Skywarp’s foot. "Hold on!" she yelled and sped up and out of there

"Whoa that was close." Idol said. They relaxed a bit

"See you nut case." Prizm said

"Uh Prizm." Idol said

"What...wh..." she started and turned to Idol's whose eyes were about to pop out of her head "What it's just an Indy car with no driver." Prizm slammed on the breaks making Idol and Juci's seat belts lock as they were thrown forward. She then put it in reverse and sped again turning sharply putting them facing the other way and then she put it in drive then floored it.

"Why are they after us?" Idol asked.

"It's you; your telepathy you’re leading them right to us." Prizm said.

"I know lets throw her out." Juci said smiling.

"Na, cause then she'd have all the fun." Prizm said

"Thanks a lot you guys."

"You know we're kidding." Juci said

"Yes, I know. But sometimes I wonder; considering.” She paused a moment. “Sure, we make a pact that we will always remain friends and less than a week later its throw her out! Some friends." Idol turned to the window to watch the battle, while Prizm raced around more towering robots.

"I didn't mean it I was just teasing." Juci answered.

"I know, but I can't help it." Idol said not turning away. She had caught a glimpse of Soundwave and was staring.

"Will you two stop fooling around and help me? I can't keep track of them all." Prizm yanked the wheel a hard left and the car slid sideways stopping only inches from hitting Astrotrain. Idol's view of Soundwave now blocked she stood up as far as she could with a seat belt on; to see if she could get a better look at the giant robot standing over them.

"I still say he is cute." Idol let out loudly in the car.

"You would," Prizm snapped. She then floored the accelerator and the car took off as Astrotrain's hand came down.

Juci watched out the back of the car. "DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?" She paused for a moment to re-evaluate the scene. "He was going to squish us."

"Well they don't like to call us squishies for nothing? Right Idol?"

There was no answer. Idol had started to stare off at the indigo robot known as Soundwave again. Juci leaned forward to shake Idol by the shoulder. "Wake up life or death situation here!"

"No, it’s... It’s been staged." Idol nearly mumbled under her breath.

"WHAT??" Prizm nearly stopped the car again.

"We were supposed to be caught."

"What do you mean we're supposed to be caught?" Prizm asked. "Idol?" she looked at her eyes were doing funny things. Prizm slammed on the breaks "Idol!" she yelled shaking her.

"Uh Prizm." Juci said.

"What?” she said looking at her then they screamed as they felt the car being picked up.

Idol came back "What's going on?" she asked and then she jumped as she was looking right at Soundwave's visor.

"Tell him to put us down." Prizm said.

"Yes, could you please put us down?" Juci asked. Her tone was nice and sweet and if her friends had been paying attention they would have seen just how much more she tolerated the Decepticons than she did Autobots.

"Negative." he said and then began to fly away.

Then Juci started to say something, "Zip it! I don't want to hear about your theories right now we're in a great big mess." Prizm glared at Juci in the mirror.

"Yeah and it's all her fault." Juci said pointing to Idol

"My fault?" Idol exclaimed. "How about I throw you out? It's a long way down to the ocean from here.” She said and looked over the edge of the car.

"Alright sorry just feeling a bit nervous." Juci said.

"Whoa! Look at that!" Prizm said as they watched as the long dark tower rose from the ocean depths.

In the back seat Juci couldn’t keep still, it caused Prizm and Idol both to look at her in annoyance.

“Girl get your mind out of the gutter for once ...gees.” Prizm took a deep breath.

“Yeah really. This isn't the time to be thinking dirty.” Even though the instant she had seen Soundwave she herself had thought something filthy.

“I know... I'm sorry. But you got to admit it look so phallic-y.”

The three of them all stifled a giggle not wanting to attract attention, till Prizm finally got a word out. “You know what... Let’s throw her out.” Prizm grabbed Juci’s shirt and attempted to pull her up and out of the car.

Idol pulled Prizm’s hand off Juci. “Listen, I think the Decepticons wanted her as well. Otherwise they could've just tossed her out.”

Prizm sighed. “You’re right... as usual.”

True to her nature Juci stuck her tongue out at Prizm. “I'm just as useful as you guys.” The three of them had talked many times over if they were ever caught what would they do? How they would deal with it, and what they might be needed for.

Under her breath Prizm whispered. “Yeah right.”

Juci looked over at the ocean then at the tower. “I wonder what they really want us for.”

“Well I did pick up some signals off of Soundwave. It's something to do with us joining their team or something like that. I am not exactly sure; I’ve never been trained to use my telepathy.”

“Hummm... well... if they wanted that, they just should have just looked us up in the phone book and gave us a call.” Juci let out a giggle.

Prizm couldn’t stop herself she tried to reach around and give Juci a slap; it was after all a serious situation. Again Idol pulled her back “I doubt they have phones... And they would need a phone card.”

“What you expect them to do? Go inside to the 7-11 guy and say "Hey I need three phone cards". They are giant robots for god sakes.” Prizm thought that idea funny in spite of the meaning.

Quietly Idol thought to herself, she had known the voice that had contacted her in a faint nearly inaudible tone. It had to be none other than Soundwave. Something didn’t seem to link, if Soundwave was capable of all that and being an expert in communications then why not just tap something and call them? She exhaled when the same voice came to her again and simply said.

“It was less likely to be believed.”

“They could easily obtained phone cards by sending Rumble or Frenzy to get them.” Juci said as Idol nodded in agreement not paying attention to what was being said.

“Well maybe they can't afford phone cards. Or at least they know they might look mighty suspicious in stealing phone cards.” Prizm was trying to make logical sense of the whole mess.

Juci looked back and tapped on Prizm’s shoulder, “I don't want to be a party pooper but there is a funny looking red plane headed this way?”

“Oh God ... not that shit head Powerglide.” Prizm recognized him easily.

“You know it’s a mighty big coincidence that he always shows up when Decepticons kid nap human females.” Juci added.

“Too true, Juci. And it’s really starting to piss me off.”

From the tower the Coneheads came out, attracting Powerglide’s attention taking pot shots at him keeping a large distance between him and the tower and allowing Soundwave to take the females inside.

Soundwave shifted to eject Laserbeak and Buzzsaw then continued to carry the car in to the base while his two cassettes shot at the out numbered Autobot. As he landed Soundwave looked in to the car.


"Juci shut UP!" Prizm yelled as she reached around to cover Juci's mouth.

"NO! I want to know and I know he will tell the truth." Juci tried to lean out the car’s side to get a better look at the giant robot.

"Assistance Required." Soundwave said as he placed the car on the table.

Prizm and Juci both snapped looks at Idol.

"Sorry, I can't help it."

"Well you're going to have to get us out of this too." Prizm answered.

"Wait, do we want to get out of this?" Juci’s face took on an evil grin and her eyes lit up.

"What ever it is, I am getting out of this car now." Idol took the seat belt off and opened the door. The room looked like a repair area with various tools neatly placed on tables. Juci followed her looking around as she got out.

All the tools caught Juci’s attention easily. “What are their plans exactly?”

“By the looks of the tools I think they want to experiment on us.” Idol said really only guessing.

“Experiment? What do I look like here? A laboratory rat?” Juci’s breaths came short and quick with her state of being.

“Calm down girl. I was only kidding.” Idol finally got to play a good joke on Juci, only it didn’t come out the why she planned and Juci ran back to the car.

“So what’s going on?” Prizm asked Juci.

“Oh nothing just that Idol says we're going to be tested on like a couple of mice. Nothing to worry about.”

Not sure what that was supposed to mean Prizm only said. “Oh. Okay.” She knew Idol’s sarcasm and how she’d joke with Juci. Tapping on the car drew their attention.

“Damn it! Not you too! Shoo go away!”

“Better be careful he might poke your eye out.”

Juci’s face changed to a mock smile. “Very funny. Ha ha.” She turned back to regard Laserbeak again. “Stop being like a damn Autobot and stop messing around with the car. Geesh. You Transformers sure love to fuck up everything we humans work so hard to make.”

Prizm laughed out loud. “Girl leave the bird alone.”

“But he is scratching up the paint job.”

Prizm hadn’t realized what he had been doing changing her mood from day to night. “Damn it! Get the fuck away from my car you fucking bird!” She threw the club that was to lock the steering wheel from thieves at Laserbeak hitting him on the foot. He let out a small cry and kissed the spot.

Sort of feeling bad and beginning to worry a little Prizm got out of the car and walked to Laserbeak bending slightly and kissing it. “I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. Just to scare you off.”

Meanwhile Juci was still in the car, but not alone. For some reason Soundwave let Rumble loose who at the time tried to get Juci out of the car. She kicked at Rumble, which made him let go of her foot and hit his head on the door of the car.

“Ouch!” He rubbed his head not paying attention to Juci getting out on the other side.

She ran to where Prizm was and put her friend between her and Rumble. “I swear he is trying to rape me.”

Prizm rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Yeah but not with him! Ewwww!”

Prizm smiled deviously “Oh come on he isn't that bad looking. Who knows you might enjoy it.”

Rumble got out of the car still rubbing his head. He looked over at Juci who was obviously hiding. “What's your problem? I was only following orders to get you out of the car.”

“I apologize for my friend here. She has a sick mind and thought you were going to do her.”

Rumble’s surprise was all over his face his optics wide and his mouth hung open. “Wow.... that's just.... wow. She does have a sick mind.”

Juci was still hiding behind Prizm but it was no use they were everywhere. Ravage by mistake passed to closely and his tail poked her butt. “AHHHH! Pervert! They're nothing but a bunch of perverts!” she ran head long as fast as she could back to the safety of the car. She got into the back seat and then jumped into the front trying to get the top of the car to go up.

“We’ve talked about that, hell we even wanted them to be perverts to an extent and now look at her.” Idol shook her head.

“I know it.” Prizm answered.

“Damn it Ravage!” Rumble yelled. “Why do you have to scare every chick we bring into this base? Now I have to drag her out again.”

“There is no need for that. I can talk her out of the car.” Prizm walked toward the car and said something that made Juci bolt out of the car quickly. Juci hid behind Rumble. Idol walked over to where everyone is at curious of all the commotion.

“So what's going on here?” she asked knowing damn well what had happened.

“Oh nothing I just had to get Juci out of the vehicle.”

“Let me guess... You told her that there are roaches in the back seat.”

“Bingo. It always works.”

“Hmmm it seems that they want to talk to us face to face.” Idol commented.

“Wow I wonder what gave you that idea.” Prizm’s voice had that ‘duh’ tone to it.

“No need for sarcasm Prizm. This is serious.”

Over near Laserbeak Rumble was trying to get Juci off of him. “Ok you can get off of me now.” He keeps moving walking toward Idol. “You seem like the intelligent one of the group. Could you get her off of me please?”

Doing him a bit of a favor Idol tickled Juci so that she would let go of Rumble’s back.

“Thank you.” He turned back to Juci. “You know you're a strange girl. You first don't want me to touch you and the next minute you're all over me. I know some of the things that Soundwave saw I know what’s going on and I’ll be damned if I was going to be the one that wants to get into your pants.”

Juci turned totally red, and Prizm started laughing over the whole ordeal.

Juci pouted to Prizm. “It isn’t that funny.”

“Yes it is.”

While all this is happening Soundwave had been silently communicating to inform Megatron that he had completed his mission and had brought the females. Starscream over heard it and felt he needed to see them for himself. The door opened and he walked in looking at the car and then the females.

“Damn fleshies.” It slipped out before Starscream even noticed.

Already not liking Starscream, Juci stuck her tongue out at him. Prizm and Idol both acted at the same time tying to cover her mouth but it was no use, he had seen what she had done.

Seeing that the gloves were off the seeker made no hesitation of making his next comment. “I especially hate this one.” He stuck his blue finger at her and forced her to fall on her butt. “Megatron is wasting his time on such pathetic weak creatures.”

Pissed off Juci got up quickly while her friends tried to calm her down. It didn’t work. “Who are you calling weak and pathetic? You're a no body. You're a big fat loser! That’s what you are.” She folded her arms after her little speech while her friends decided it would be best to hide behind the car.

“How dare you speak to me that way! I'm far superior than you are!”

“Why because you're bigger than I am? You're made of metal. So what you're still a loser! For thousands of years you try to take the Decepticon leadership yet here you are still a pathetic no body!” she turned and folded her arms again.

The Decepticon Air Commander opened his mouth to say something but hesitated.

Juci took the opportunity to stop him in his tracks. “Don't even try it! In fact don't speak to me anymore until you have proven to me that you do something other than bitch about everything. Unlike Megatron who I still have some shity respect for; you I don't.”

The seeker just stood there in shock that he had been shut up by a fleshie.

Rumble couldn’t hold the laughter in. “Ohhhhh she told you!”

Soundwave moved slightly and to those that knew what to look for knew he was laughing at it as well. It became clearer to him why he had chosen these other females with the telepathic one.

"Gees girl that was awesome, I didn't know you had it in you." Prizm laughed.

"Oh stop." Idol said "Can't you be serious for once you two."

"Yes, sorry what is it?" Juci said

"What is it you want of us?" Idol asked Soundwave

"Your assistance." he said

"What ever for?" Prizm asked

"Infiltration of the Autobot base." he answered.

"Why?" Juci asked

"Information on Wheeljack's transfer invention required." he stated.

"Why do you need us to do that?" Prizm asked.

"Humans are safe from Autobot retaliation." he answered.

"Oh and what if we don't want to help you?" Prizm asked and Juci and Idol started to protest, but she just brushed them off.

"Termination will be employed."

"Ok, so infiltrate the Autobots base or death? Gees what a choice." Prizm said

"I don't know about you but I choose Autobots." Juci said, regardless of the fact that she didn’t like them.

"Yes." Idol said.

"As if I’m going to say death, come on." Prizm said and then he handed Idol a device that looked like a bulky clipboard.

"What is that?" Juci asked.

"Data pad." he said then they all looked at it. They heard a beeping noise.

"What is that?" Prizm said as they looked up.

"Skywarp raise the tower." Soundwave ordered.

The gears of the tower whined, hummed for a few moments then came to a grinding halt. Soundwave walked to the monitor then connected to the control room.

"Females caught as planned." Soundwave informed. Having let the little excursion Soundwave was a bit proud of himself. Little to no energy was wasted and the females were right on time as he had suspected.

"Excellent. I will be right there." Megatron’s voice came loudly from the console.

"Hey that was your man." Juci elbowed Prizm.

"Shut up right now. Don't even say a word about that to him." Prizm tried to hold a hand over Juci's mouth.

"You guys come on!" Idol grabbed both by a wrist. "Just ten minutes of silence to find out some information please?!?!" She threw their hands down as if to the ground.

"What crawled up her end?" Juci whispered to Prizm.

"She is right though."

Chapter 1 The Abduction 
 Dawning of the Decepticon Age  DDA The Deal 02

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