Sideswipe's Guilt 2
In All Seriousness?

This time the previous day.

“You two go and survey the situation only. Do not engage before back up arrives.” Optimus Prime scorned them he had to if he didn’t they would certainly be up to their tail pipes in trouble.

“Come on Prime, its not like we’re going to try to take on all the Decepticons on our own.” Sideswipe joked.

“Yeah really, I mean seriously we know we can’t do that.” Sunstreaker chided. Even thought it was a joke the two of them had thought about it many times, of all the Autobot forces they were the too most warrior like, and if it weren’t for a stable believe in the Autobot cause they might fit right in with the Decepticons.

Prime didn’t reply as the two brothers sped off. He hoped that they would listen to him, he knew it would take him as well as some of the others time to get into proper position to battle.

As soon as they were out of range, Sideswipe picked up the conversation. “So which one are you going after?”

“I am so sick of this slag, I’ll just sped though them knock ‘em all out till I can take on Megatron.” Sunstreaker’s voice was deadly serious.

“Hehe, sure just take on the big man yourself Prime would love that he’d roll up see Megatron laying there his transistors hanging out and be disappointed he didn’t do it himself!” Something told Sideswipe that this time it was different, that maybe his brother might actually do as he planned.

“Oh come on Sides, we can take him, between the two of us he can’t hold out that long.” He had seen the Decepticon leader fight many times even before there were Autobot or Deceptions he had watched the underground gladiator battles.

“Seriously?” Sideswipe was starting to wonder if his brother if he was actually planning on taking on Megatron. “Prime isn’t going to like that, and I know Ratchet is gonna yell at you when I drag your smoking chassis into his medbay.” Now he was trying to talk him out of it, even both of them at peak performance didn’t have the stamina to take Megatron down, hurt him send him home crying maybe offline him no way.

“Awww it won’t be that bad by the time we’re done kicking his aft Prime and the others will have got there and they can handle the others.” Sunstreaker wanted it, if Megtron was out of the picture then there would be no more war.

“You really want to take him?” The red twin reasoned some surprise leaking into his vocalizer.

“Yeah, we might not get another chance like this, and if we can get to him we might be able to finish this war.”

“Alright bro, I’m in. Let’s get him.” Sideswipe confided, when his brother was like this there was no changing his processor, he would have to watch out for him and help him anyway he could.

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