Sideswipe's Guilt
Running Away

The street baked under him as he accelerated through the desert. He wanted to get a way, some where any where just not go back to the base not to the room where he had spent all his time with his twin, where they had laughed, played, and even thought out their practical jokes. No, there was no going back there now. He hit the throttle again at the thought. The speedometer already pinned to the 220 mph mark. He knew he was going faster his own internal meter able to accurately tell him he was going 356 mph. I didn’t matter escape was impossible; you can’t out run a memory.

I watched it all happen. I was stuck in silence with that damn cassette deck Soundwave while he faced Megatron alone. . . I shouldn’t have allowed him. I shouldn’t have let that punk Frenzy chide me into Soundwave’s trap. . . I can’t believe I fell for it. I should have been there at his side like I always have been…. It’s my fault.”

Sideswipe wouldn’t speak it out loud; it felt like admission of guilt even though if he had managed to get a way from Soundwave it would have been two deactivated Autobots not just one. Or so Prime insisted. He raced farther not paying attention to how far he had gone so quickly. With the bare California desert there were little to no land marks to gage by.

Regardless how much he sped it would not stop the replays of the past days events from playing though his process or again. Megatron stood steadfast on the top a hill over looking the valley where the dam he had just raided now smoked. His raid was complete and now he was fully fueled and just egging on the Autobots to attempt to fight him. Optimus Prime had not yet managed to make the trek up there; still there were many reassurances that he was on his way. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had been able to speed much faster than some of the others then had used their jet packs to head up the mountain. Sideswipe was the first one up and out from part of an outcropping Rumble jumped on to him and started to hammer away with his jackhammer like arms. He crashed then transformed not once but twice to dislodge the smaller cassetticon from his chassis mumbling a Cybertronian curse, and then started looking for Rumble wanting to extract some form of revenge. Sunstreaker had ignored Frenzy give him a bit of a ride then a suddenly slammed on his breaks flinging the small Decepticon off into the water. He then transformed and headed in Megatron’s direction, feeling it was time to get rid of the source. Sideswipe saw this and attempted to toss Rumble off from the small scuffle they were having, but when he turned to see where Megatron had gone there stood Soundwave. Sideswipe took an instant blow to the chin as Soundwave back handed him. At that point his concentration was on Soundwave and the cassettes that bombarded him, he had nearly forgotten about Sunstreaker till he himself screamed in pain.

He sped faster, his gears whining, and his engine feeling the heat. Still he couldn’t our run it. The pain was all over, as if half of his own spark had been torn out. Perhaps it was, after all hadn’t they been twins? He didn’t want to think about it. He wanted as much distance between him and the place he last saw Sunstreaker. He didn’t even know if he would bother to go back to the Ark. It didn’t matter everything and anything he knew was gone nothing would ever be right now.



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