Low Down Dirty Tricks
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Low Down Dirty Tricks

     Megatron sat at his desk planning a new strategy for collecting energy, along with the defense against the Autobots. He glanced out the large porthole into the depths of the Pacific Ocean trying to clear his mind. Then the door chime rang, followed by knocking.

Megatron unlocked the door, “ What do you want?”

“Sorry, but I really think you need to see this.” The jet did not enter just stood in the hallway.

Megatron was a little surprised to see Thundercracker in such a state; of all the seekers he was the most reliable, and most often the sanest. “What is going on?” he demanded.

“Soundwave got back at Skywarp for the Rumble/Frenzy incident. Now Skywarp is well…fuming.” Megatron got up from his desk. Thundercracker returned to the scene.

He let out a sigh. Of all his warriors, Soundwave was not only one of the best, but his friend too. He knew Skywarp had it coming, though Soundwave would never admit or show any emotion of vengeance until it was too late. Soundwave’s technical and espionage expertise had seen to that. Megatron walked to the door, a faint disgusting odor went through his olfactory receptors.

What is that?’ he thought. As he opened the door the pungent smell over took him. He walked out trying not to regurgitate the energon that he had been drinking.

In the command room Starscream held Skywarp by the left hand and his nose in the other, while Thundercracker did the same with opposite hands. Soundwave stood across the room from them looking like nothing at all had happened. A group of on lookers had already begun to form. Megatron acted as if there was no smell.


A month before, Skywarp had taken Rumble and his brother Frenzy under his wing, though the seekers as a group did not care for the smaller ‘Cons, including Reflector. Skywarp humored the two for a week then pulled his trick. He gave the brothers a very slow dissolving, highly concentrated energon, and before it started to work he sent the two back to Soundwave. As the effects began to take a hold the two got tired, Soundwave took and inserted the two cassettes in his chest deck for recharge, then he too shut down to recharge. The next morning Soundwave awoke to Rumble and Frenzy bickering about who had drank what. When Soundwave sat up he felt it.

While the two cassettes had been recharging within Soundwave, they were connected to Soundwave’s systems, when the concentrated energon finally dispersed its self the to cassettes where too small to handle it, forcing it in to Soundwave.

For three days Soundwave fought off the effects of a drunken stupor, then for two more days the hang over. Megatron had been livid; his best officer had been downed by a prank. Skywarp had been grounded, and forced to clean the entire base.

Soundwave confided to Megatron insisting something be done about Skywarp’s jokes, this was getting out of control. Megatron was unsure about what to do; Skywarp seemed to not care about punishments. That’s when Soundwave got an idea, if Skywarp was on the receiving end, maybe he would not think it was so amusing.

Without informing Megatron (something Soundwave had never done before) he decided to get even. He thought of a rather easy scheme. Frenzy went through the air vents then opened the door to Skywarp’s quarters for Soundwave from the inside. ‘Good’ he thought, then sent the cassette on his way.


SILENCE” Megatron roared. Everyone stood still. Megatron walked through the room as even more Decepticons entered behind him. As he walked no one spoke, just held their noses. “What happened?”

“He happened!” Skywarp tried to point a finger that was being held by Starscream at Soundwave. “ When I came back from the energy raid, I was a little dirty, so I went to my quarters to use the solvent shower. The shower sprayed me completely black, then when I got a call I turned around and it sprayed my back with the white streak, and the smell.”

“Soundwave,” Megatron walked over to the indigo transformer. “ Did you do this?” Megatron already knew he did.

“No.” he answered. Megatron looked at him, Soundwave stood unreadable.

“Skywarp, is there any video or any other kind of proof?” Skywarp slumped a little.


“Any forced entry?” Megatron looked at Soundwave again.

“No, but he can open anything!” Skywarp pleaded.

“Then let this be a lesson to you. Contain your pranks to small worded jokes, and that saying the fleshlings have about ‘what goes around comes around’ will not happen again.” Everyone stood for a minute in silence.

Then Skywarp pulled himself free. “T.C. can I use YOUR solvent shower?” he looked at Thundercracker pleadingly.

“Yeah ‘warp, lets go.” The two jets left. Just as the door closed the room filled with laughter.

After it calmed a little Megatron spoke. “Soundwave, lets get this place aired out.” He walked to the control panel. “I am not even going to ask, where you got that malicious smell.”


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