The door opened permitting Raider in as she carried Audioslave.

“Lenear is sleeping.” Prizm said quietly, making sure they knew not to make too much noise this late.

“Wish he would.” Raider answered. “He isn’t crying isn’t upset just doesn’t want to sleep.”

“What about Soundwave? He couldn’t get him to sleep?”

“He’s on tonight. So I’m on my own.” Raider answered. “Tried telepathy, Soundwave doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong either.”

“Maybe that’s it.” Prizm said sort of in a shrug.

Audioslave sat up in Raider’s arms and shook his head no. He was young but he understood quite well.

Raider looked down at the small mech in her arms, he keeps sending me feelings like he’s fine, but if he was he would be sleeping not sitting up. She looked down at him knowing he was tired.

Audioslave looked down a bit as if sad, but perked right back up and held his arms out to Prizm.

“I’ve done everything I can think of.” Raider let Prizm take him from her arms. “You have any ideas?”

“Not really.” She answered situating Audioslave as he looked around. “He’s just full of energy isn’t he?”

Raider nodded. “I haven’t given him anything different. I laid him down for a while and he did it, but he fidgeted for a while, and then sat up. We played for a bit,” Raider smiled as she went on. “Took a bath, ate again, you know just to cover everything and it hasn’t worked.”

“Just not tired hmm?” Prizm asked Audioslave. Again he shook his head no; and reached out to Prizm’s wing and traced the Decepticon insignia. Prizm just smiled and let him touch it.

“I considered waking Rumble and Frenzy to play but I don’t need them fooling around this late.” Raider said.

“Right probably not a good idea.”

“Is Megatron here?” Raider looked around for a second.

“He was in his office last I checked on Lenear.”

“I considered asking him to tell Audio he needed sleep. But I reconsidered.” Raider explained. “You know how he is with taking his ‘orders’ and what not.”

Prizm shook her head. “He might find it amusing.” She turned and headed to the hall. “Let’s check on Lenear.” Audioslave’s optic band brightened as they entered her room.

Raider joined them after a second noticing it was nearly silent as Prizm and Audioslave watched Lenear sleeping in Megatron’s arms.

The Decepticon leader’s optics shifted from his mate to Raider and back with a sly grin.

“She was sleeping.” Prizm said lowly.

“Not when I came in.” Megatron answered. “And she is now.”

Audioslave’s optic band brightened again in a smile as he stretched in a yawn.

Raider looked at her little mech like ‘for real?’ Audioslave just smiled again like he hadn’t done anything.

“Here, if he is going to fall asleep I’ll take him.” Raider said.

Prizm handed the little mech back to Raider, once he was in his mother’s arms he sat up again as if he wasn’t tired.

“No no, I saw you, I know you’re tired. Just because I have you doesn’t mean you can stay up.” Raider says as he begins to wiggle. “Audioslave, you’re going to wake Lenear.”

Stopping his motion and thus stopping the sound he started reaching for Megatron.

“Yes we know you and Lenear like to play, but you have your own bed and it is past time to be in it.” Raider explained, but that didn’t stop Audioslave from continuing to reach. “Stop it, you can’t stay with her.” Raider looked to see if she could see what he wanted so badly and finally noticed that Lenear had his little light blue blanket. “I see.” Raider came closer to Megatron and took a corner in her hand to show him. “This is his blanket.”

“Oh, the one he always has?” Prizm looked a little closer.

“Yeah, he won’t sleep without it.”

Megatron’s brow rose. “I wrapped her in it when I picked her up.”

Prizm neared Lenear’s crib and looked in then picked up another blanket, a pink one. “This one is hers. “ She brought it over to Megatron.

“You know what will happen if I move her.” Megatron said looking at Prizm.

Prizm just arranged Lenear’s blanket on her shoulder preparing to take the little femme from him.

“No, you will wake her.” Megatron protested.

“No I won’t just grab the blanket as I lift her.” Prizm took Lenear and begins to lift her. Megatron was hesitant to let her go but did and keeps a corner of the blanket in his hand. Lenear slid up and out of the blanket her ruby optics blinking to life slowly.

Taking in a long breath Lenear vocalizer let out a slow whine, her optics dimming and blinking a few times before going back off with a rather large yawn.

Megatron’s optics narrowed. “I knew she would wake.” He handed Audioslave’s blanket to Raider who tossed it around her mech. He instantly settled into it and off lined his optics.

“She’s a sleep, she barely even noticed.” Prizm smiled as she looked at Lenear.

“I need to wean him off this blanket that is just ridiculous.” Raider shakes her head. “Why couldn’t he have just told me we could have came and picked it up hours ago.”

“Leave him be, it’s cute.” Prizm said. “Get him another one he can keep here.”

Megatron shook his own head. “Keep track of his things better.”

Quickly Audioslave’s little body relaxed as he fell in to recharge.

“This is the first time he has left it anywhere.” Raider shifted him up to her shoulder a bit better, he didn’t even notice.

Prizm headed to the crib to lay Lenear down, Megatron beckoned her over to him. “I wasn’t finished.”

With a smile she handed her little femme back to Megatron who settled back into the chair and held her there on his chest while she continued to sleep.


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