Second in Command.


Name: Valclaron
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "My name is and forever will be legend.”
Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Commander: Thundertron
Function: Infantry

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 6
Endurance: 9
Rank: 4
Courage: 9
Firepower: 10
Skill: 8

Origin location: Hydrax Plateau
Wingmates: None
Spark date: September 10
Status: Active

Once a young Decepticon wanting to make a name for himself he started altering his appearance and then adding armor and weaponry to aid him in his wanting of the Gladiatorial title. His trek took him in to some of the lowest sections of scrapping Decepticons known to Cybertron. His battles to start out with were for nothing more than a win, and a share of energon to sustain him. Each battle brought him more experience and more energon till he could finally start to pay for upgrades to himself and his weapons. Slowly he bought his way into bigger better matches using them to bet and make more energon as he went. Some battles were simple and others drug on and were more expensive to pay his repairs. It did not matter; he had caught the optics of some one that was on the inside of the main ring. It didn’t take long for Valclaron to make battle mates like Omine No Kyo, Omega Destroyer, and even War Hammer. Sparring with them as well as fighting along side them.

Against his friends warnings, when the ringmaster came for a new challenger for the current champion he eagerly jumped at the chance. The finest upgrades to his armor and weapons were added, along with new coats of paint and polish. His optics set on nothing but success.

He was pronounced deactivated on scene, then later as he was being prepared for the smelter his spark seemed to re-energize. His function cycle was suddenly jolted back. Sluggish and still leaking fuel he pushed the smelting droids out of the way, then staggered to the medical facility. It was then he learned that not everything was about being known.

Word spread about his recovery, and rumors were spread that the “Mighty Slagmaker” had not been able to kill him. Naturally that didn’t sit right with Megatron and he set out to correct the oversight. An Autobot stepped in and gained Megatron’s attention away from Valclaron allowing him to go back to the underground.

Since the Decepticons have regained control of Cybertron Megatron has moved the underground pits to the top of the sporting facility and with it moved Valclaron back in to the notorious leaders view. Megatron was no longer interesting in the demise of the lone gladiator that defied him, but more interesting in making him in to one of his military elite. Soundwave had been sent to persuade Valclaron into joining the ranks of the Decepticon army. Not surprisingly he came willingly.

Valclaron is under the watchful optic band of Thundertron. His experience in the gladiator matches has given him a tremendous advantage in hand to hand combat, though he lacks long range weapons training. His ego has soared up since he found out that Thundertron is Megatron’s brother and takes every advantage to spar with the ill tempered team leader, even having himself beaten severely enough to be sent into CR for days at a time.

He refuses to speak and no one knows why, they know he is capable, but for the most part he uses a form of sign language that most transformers understand even if they’ve never met him. His armor is riddled with cracks and holes, but in areas that are non essential he refuses to have them repaired. This look betrays his age, his file does not account for his activation and no one knows when he came online. Easily one of the most experienced, he moves swiftly in and out of Autobot ranks with his sword leaving a trail of smoke, and energon in his wake.

Robot mode Primary: Energon War Gauntlet and Bone Sword.
Secondary: Concealed liquid hydrogen incendiary emitters
Dragon mode: Brute Strength and Claws.
Secondary Hydrogen Powered Fire Breath.

Abilities :
His alt from of a Dragon came later to him and his added more fighting instinct. It is rare that he bothers to use it, but when he does finally transform his stats are multiplied by four. His Hydrogen fire breath can melt near any metal, which is switched over to his concealed liquid hydrogen incendiary emitters in robot mode.

Other specs:
Dragon; Height 22 ft at the shoulder. Robot 36 Ft.
Weight: 126,894 lbs
Length nose to tail: 42 Ft

Weaknesses :
The war torn armor is loosely fitted and in some spots non existent, this means that direct strikes have more impact, and cause more damage. In his dragon mode, instinct more takes over than anything, his over amped speed and strength can do more harm to his inner cables and pulleys, than it does good against the Autobots. His Hydrogen cells are located on his back, the only armor that he keeps in tip-top shape; they are also keep the emitters cool by passing through tubing surrounding them before being expelled and ignited. . If it hit directly the resulting explosion can cause total atomization.




Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara