Deltron likes to Mimic Megatron, though it probably isn't a good idea.


Deltron sat and studied a picture of his mother Prizm. The imagine before him transformed slowly to her jet mode and back to her more familiar robot mode. Suddenly he realized she had a Decepticon symbol right on her middle. He obviously knew it had been there all this time, but for some reason it was now sticking out to him. His optics widened as he realized why. “I came out of there?”

Alero his older brother looked down at what Deltron was doing. “That? Yeah you came out of there.”

“I must have known how to do mass shift before I realized it.” Deltron nodded.

Shaking his head Alero chuckled “We all came out of there.”

Deltron took a long look at his much taller, much bigger older brother. “How did you come out of there.”

“Same as I did, when we were smaller.” Lenear added.

“Yeah when I was small-er. You can’t expect to just come out and be dad’s size.” Alero smirked, making him look very much like his dad pre-terra form.

“Why not? I look just like him.” Deltron crossed his arms and sat back imitating Megatron sitting at his desk.

Lenear smiled, “You have got a lot to learn before you can act like dad.”

Deltron’s processor worked quickly and he stood up walking with the same arrogant posture Megatron would take when giving orders, he imitated Megatron’s voice as well. “Scrapper! I want you and the other Constructicons to build a water park, complete with slides and wave pool.” Deltron stopped and a grin crossed his face. His impression aside he looked up at his siblings “We should do that.”

“Nope, I am not going to help you do anything like that.” Alero shook his head.

“You want to order a water park?” Lenear asked.

“Why not? It would be fun.” Deltron nodded.

“Last time you did that, I thought dad ordered the Constructicons not to take any more orders like that unless he did it himself in person.”

“I look just like him,” Deltron went over to the COM-system, and began to fool with it. “All I have to do is focus it so that I look bigger in the screen.”

“If dad catches you I am porting out.” Alero said.

“If dad catches him he isn’t going to be able to sit for a month.” Lenear added.

Deltron glared at his siblings. “Mom would love something like that.”

Lenear couldn’t argue with that, “Then ask her to have them build it.”

Deltron “Where is the fun in that? Can you imagine the look on Scrapper’s face?” He grinned an evil smirk.

“No, Deltron.” Alero said.

Deltron mimicked Megatron a few times and got the camera just right on the COM-system.

“If dad comes up I’m porting out.”

“Take me with you.” Lenear nodded.

“You guys will stay here if I say so.” Deltron gave them a glare of doom again.

Alero rolled his optics.

“Shh!” Deltron demanded. He got himself all positioned and called the Medbay. “D –Megatron to medbay Scrapper!”

Alero looked at Lenear like he was going to mess it up already.

Scrapper answered the COM, his face though covered with a mask was still a mix of confusion and somewhat terror. “Scrapper here.” His topics darted left then back to the screen.

“I demand you and the Constructicons build a water park. The amount of Sparklings under foot is intolerable. They need some place to go and be entertained. A water park, complete with slides, and wave pool!”

Again Scrapper looked to the left, and the screen and then back to the left nodded then focused once more on the screen. “Um Yes, Mighty Megatron. I will have the plans for your approval as soon as possible.”

Deltron suppressed a smug smile, and got back into character. “I suggest you get with some of the sparklings and make sure you include their ideas.”

Nodding Scrapper answered. “Understood, we shall do as you order.”

“Good.” Deltron kept up the imitation. “Megatron out.” Deltron turned the COM off and sat back. “See, I told you I could do it.”

“It was a pretty good impression.” Lenear nodded.

“It was, only I can’t help but wonder what Scrapper was looking at.” Alero rubbed his chin.

“It was probably just Hook, you know how they confer about everything.” Deltron tried to let it blow off.

“He did look a little distressed.” Lenear nodded.

“Maybe dad was in there?” Alero wondered out loud.

“I checked where he was before I started all this,” Deltron answered smartly.

“Do you know for sure?” Lenear asked.

“Do I look stupid?” Deltron stood up straighter.

“It’s that a trick question?” Alero smart back.

Prizm listened a little longer before she stepped in. “What are you three arguing about?”

“Deltron, called the medbay.” Alero started.

Deltron kicked at him, “Shut up.”

“He pretended to be dad and ordered a water park from Scrapper.” Lenear finished as her youngest brother glared back at her.

“You didn’t.” Prizm looked surprised.

“But you should have seen his face!” Deltron laughed.

“So what is the argument about?”

“What Scrapper was looking at off screen.” Lenear explained.

“I would bet that it was dad.” Alero said.

“I told you I checked on where he was.” Deltron argued.

“And where was he supposed to be?” Prizm asked.

“When I checked his schedule he was going to the simulator.” Deltron crossed his arms.

“How long ago was that?” Lenear prodded a little more.

“A half hour before I made the call, and you know he usually takes at least an hour before he’s finished.”

“Deltron, we have all had plenty of sparring with dad, where does he go after the simulator?” Alero asked.

Realization dawned on Deltron’s face. “To the medbay to make sure there are no wounds from flying debris.”

“Exactly,” Lenear finished.

“He had only been there half hour though.” Deltron protested.

“And that’s only if nothing happened.” Alero added.

“Mom could find out where he is.” Lenear smiled slightly.

“Abuse of power.” Deltron didn’t really want to know. If Megatron had been sitting right there he was going to be in a heap of trouble.

Prizm sighed, there was one way to find out what happened. “Computer locate Megatron.”

“Megatron is located in the medical bay.” The plain voice answered.

“Oh slag.” Prizm answered.

“I told you so.” Lenear smirked. It true, she knew her father well, and well sometimes the simulator didn’t always go as planned.

“He could have just got there.” Deltron looked somewhat worried.

“Right, and Scrapper isn’t going to ask him about it?” Alero wondered.

“Computer where is Megatron now?” Prizm called.

“Megatron is located in the hall outside of the medical bay. New location hallway 23A connection to the housing facility.” It answered.

“He’s on his way.” Alero said what each one was thinking.

Growling Megatron walked briskly though the hall, he had seen everything his youngest son Deltron had done, and though he wanted to yell at the mech right then and there Hook, suggested seeing what he wanted. Curiosity got the best of him at that point and though he had already made a dent in the table where he had sat with his hand, he nodded to Scrapper to let the little gun former talk. He should his head and near pushed Scrapper out of the way upon hearing the request of a water park, how absurd. The reasoning though he had to admit was creative, and for the most part true. In his plans he had built a recreational building, but due to the high demands on the academy it had not yet been touched. He gave Scrapper the go-ahead, and waited till the communication was cut before saying a word. As he walked through the hall, his mind playing it back over and over he began to calm somewhat, he had punished Deltron the first time he had found him imitating him. Hook’s talking to him allowed him to really watch Deltron’s performance, which was rather good though he would not admit it. What would it take to teach Deltron that he could not just act like him and do as he pleased. He shook his head to himself, when the idea formed. Megatron smirked ’If he wants so much to be me, let’s see how he does it for real.’ He calmed his walk to a more causal pace and continued to his quarters.

“Sister, are you ready to leave?” Alero asked Lenear.

“Where are you two going?” Prizm looked at them demanding an answer.

“I told Deltron I didn’t want involved, “Alero shook his head. “Dad is going to be angry.”

“Angry? He’s going to blow a circuit.” Lenear neared her brother.

“You two can just go to your rooms,” Prizm look at Lenear and Alero.

“Nope, we’re going to port out for a while.” Alero took his sister’s hand, and in a bright flash of purple they were gone.

Prizm let out a sigh, she hardly blamed them for not wanting to be there though. “Computer repeat command.”

“Corridor 12A.” The plain voice responded.

Deltron stared at the door, his father only one hallway away.

“I can’t save you this time.” Prizm looked at her little mech. Who didn’t turn to face her, his optics locked on the door.

“We can say it was your idea.” Not that he expected her to go along with it, it just came out before he could stop it.

“No, I can’t lie to him like that.” She shook her head.

The door opened and Megatron came in causally. He didn’t bother to look over at Deltron as he came around to where they were standing. “Something going on?”

Both Prizm and Deltron looked at each other thinking that maybe he didn’t know. “I was just talking to Deltron.” Prizm answered.

Megatron chuckled. “Is that so?” he paced a little then stopped, “I think there is something you aren’t telling me.”

Deltron looked down at his feet, how could he not know, it was obvious he did. “I ..” Deltron stammered.

Megatron came over and looked at the COM system figuring out how Deltron had managed to look so big on the screen. “You made a call.”

“You have to admit it is a good idea, you’re always going on about how there are too many running around, you even started enforcing the rule of no Sparklings in the command room.” Deltron’s mouth moved without his permission as the information poured out.

“You ordered a water park built.” Megatron confirmed his knowledge of the event. “And imitated me yet again.”

“Did you see the look on Scrapper’s face?” Deltron smiled then averted his optics again as Megatron’s optics flared.

“What did I tell you would happen if you did that again?” Megatron looked demandingly at Deltron.

“You said,” He straightened up and took on his dad’s posture again but not the voice. “If you ever caught me doing it that I would learn the reason why you are the Emperor.” Deltron looked up at his father obviously aware of what that meant.

Prizm shook her head, it was hard listening to Deltron cry.

“That you shall, starting tomorrow I will get you up and you will do my duties and learn what it is to be me.” Megatron explained.

Deltron thought about that for a moment, that’s really what he wanted. “Alright.”

“Work starts and 5 am.” Megatron smirked.

“The Academy doesn’t start until 8.” Deltron protested.

“This is not the academy now is it.” Megatron crossed his arms. “I suggest you get cleaned up for bed, and get some rest.”

Deltron wondered for a moment what he had got himself into as he headed to his room.

Megatron looked around, “Where are Lenear and Alero?”

“They knew that you were on your way and knew that you would be angry, so Alero ported them out.” Prizm explained.

“I see.” He thought about that for a moment. “They fear me.”

“Not so much that, they didn’t want to listen to.. well, you are much calmer than I thought you would be.”

“I had time to think about what it was I was going to do. My previous punishment did not work. Perhaps this will.”

Prizm thought about it, “This is what he wants.”

“I do a lot more than he aware of, and I will have the entire staff report. He will be up to his helm in reports.”

Prizm giggled a little, imagining little Deltron sitting behind the desk piled with data pads, his little helm barely visible over them.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara