Weapons Expert, and Instuctor
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“All shall be laid to dust at my feet, only then shall I stand at my brother’s side.”

Strength: 8.
Intelligence: 7.
Speed: 5.
Endurance: 9.
Rank: 7.
Courage: 10.
Firepower: 10.
Skill: 7.

Origin location: Praxus.
Siblings: Megatron.
Spark Date: May 18.
Mate: Lifelight.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Former Team leader, current Academy Instructor.
Direct officer: Shockwave.
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Having grown up separated from anyone that he should have called family. Thundertron grew up only depending on himself. As a young teen his mother was kicked in an explosion. He decided to research more of where his father and that side of the family had came from. His searching brought him to the door step of the infamous Citadel and to the attention of Shockwave. With further investigation it was determined that Thundertron had been a half brother to the now Decepticon Leader Megatron. Convincing Thundertron that it would be best to go into storage, via stasis locked slumber until such a time the Leader whom had been in pursuit of fleeing Autobots could be found, Shockwave kept a close guard on him. Once Megatron was located he was informed of his half brother. One he was awakened he was approached by Megatron and given a place within his ranks as well as teaching at the academy.

Thundertron can be impatient, and easily to temper.

A free standing turret, he is in need of another to use him to his full potential. His transformation leaves him blinded for a few moments and his reactions to incoming fire are slow.

Before he decided to find his actual history Thundertron spent time with Amalgamated Pretense as their leader. A small band of Decepticons that kept the Autobots whom were left on Cybertron at bay.

Thundertron has a high tolerance for pain this makes him very hard to stop. He carries a two handed axe that has a significant spike on the back side as well as his machine guns that slide up over his shoulders. Whenever possible he carries Sturmcannon from the Children of Blitzwing. His cannon mode is best used for long-range artillery with its fusion blast.

Thundertron is heavily armored, and extremely strong. This though makes him slow. His main weapon also requires a short charge. The new automated aim system is slow to come on line leaving him standing for a few seconds just sitting.
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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara