HMW Boom
Created by Robot, Bio by me.





Brought to the team as a supply unit, Boom has proved him self as a front line warrior. His size and strength were a great help moving many of the obstacles that blocked the team’s advancement. He doesn’t talk much but would rather listen and follow orders then to get it wrong. Boom is not the most intelligent of the team, but does not lack common sense. His rough well-armored exterior makes him a great powerhouse for ramming through things as well as taking enemy fire and giving other cover.

Boom speeds time with Wrx, the two Autobots have been long time friends, as well as it it was Wrx that talked Ns6 into bringing Boom to the team.

Boom is not surprised by the Decepticon invasion; he had thought for quite a while that things seemed too quiet. He has not however studied the long lasting rivalry between the two factions and often wonders which side he believes.

With the latest developments and the Decepticon occupation, Boom is satisfied taking orders from whoever is commander. He has been pulled to the side and told by Robot that he will be a key part in getting the Autobots back on their feet. Now though he wonders what he is doing as his team has taken residence as Decepticons. He has yet to make a decision if he will stay or return to the Autobots.

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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara