HMW Mentis

Created by Terrablast



"I want McDonalds!"


Crazy would be an understatement when it comes to Mantis’s spark, he's over-obsessed with Shadowtamer's suffering due to the wounds he has caused her. To tell the truth, he is simply over obsessed with wounds and can be found torturing anything around him for enjoyment. If there isn't anyone nearby he will begin slashing himself for enjoyment. He battle strategy is just that, run out on to the field and start hacking his way though the Autobots and even Decepticons he comes in contact with. His limited vocabulary does not include words like peace, harmony, and love. Many say that Mentis should be shut down permanently, but none of these remarks have been made around him.

Mentis uses a limited ranged weapon to make him lighter and less likely to be drug down by it. He of the team has a higher speed for such reasons.

If he were stable enough to say he still wouldn't tell you. Rather, you'll be the victim of his psychological assailments that he takes much joy in. These devastating tactics include his ability to broadcast the same frequency his virus produces to confuse and disable his foes while he either blasts them or slashes them.

Logical reasoning can easily thwart his psychological attacks and also when dealing with an extremely smart enemy they can bounce the frequencies back to him amplifying his virus driving him completely insane and incapable of any deliberate movement.

Wide-spread warfare and assault

Hack the Database

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara