HMW Terrablast

Created by Terrablast



"I will role over everyone and everything on my way to the top.”


Strength 9

Intelligence 7

Speed 4

Endurance 6

Rank 8

Courage 7

Firepower 7

Skill 4


Pervious Name: Unknown.             Original location: Canada

Family: Unknown.                           Place acquired:
Status: Active Decepticon.

Human Transfer Reason: Classified.

Unit alignment: Tank squad alpha

Direct officer: Cyclonus though subject refuses to listen to any commands.



During the training of the new recruits at the start of the war, Terrablast caught the optic of Soundwave, who instated her as commander of a small team of Decepticon warriors.

Her team started off doing small missions and finding out intelligence for Soundwave, and escorting the cassettes in and out of enemy territory.

Working her way up with her sister Shadowtamer and Shadowtamer's best friend Thade, many of the team came and went until she had selected Mentis, Shredder, Enternalbeing, Hacksaw, and Endurance. Her leadership however has drawn others, but she has not granted them a place on her team.

Many Autobots fear the commander fem, as do many of her own kind. It was only recently that a secret was let lose that Terrablast was able to drain energon from a living subject rendering the subject a gray cold corpse. Using her arm-mounted rifles Terrablast is able to stun enemies at a distance. This gives her time to put her main cannon to use, or when without it, escape. Many of her teammates have seen this as cowardly. It’s true though she will not admit it, she does not feel powerful enough to battle without her cannon.

Battling on Cybertron Terrablast and her team came across Thundertron and those of his command. She immediately took a great liking to the brother of Megatron and now aides him at any possible time.
Shadowtamer has questioned Terrablast about the relationship, but Terrablast does not reply. Terrablast knows that if the team knew of her lust and secret romance of the powerful Decepticon sub-commander that her team may disrespect her.

Of all of the things that have been taking place the tension is still quite high between Terrablast and Thade. Both hate one another and Thade has gone as far as to contest leadership. Though failing Thade now deals with the constant rough housing by Terrablast, who has decided to make a game out of how many time she can hit Thade before Thade tires again. So far Terrablast has made it to 21.

An odd transformation for a fem, Terrablast took a tank mode, and she has learned to use it to its fullest. Her coloring mostly Black she is one of few able to hide in dark areas, though the sound of her treads can be heard miles away. When in robot mode the main cannon becomes her arm weapon, and smaller turrets are uncovered near her middle on each side. Her heavy treads becoming hardened armor for her legs.

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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara