HMW Thade

Created by Terrablast

Many things have happened to Thade, though much she can no longer remember. She was in a battle when hit in the head causing many circuits to be damaged, cutting off much of her memory. Unable to have it fixed Thade tries to make a new life for herself as the slow process of the self repair system links to bits and pieces of her memory. Fleeting memories and flash backs of parts of the war and family collide as well as the information that has been given to her that they had been killed in a brutal attack on her home city. Driven to hate she tries to terminate anything that resembles Autobots. So far she has been warned that such actions may lead her to her own destruction.

In an effort to bring her rage under control she researched the battle that took place at her city and found that G2 Skywarp had been the one to fire the first shot. She had since vowed that she will hunt that Autobot until it is nothing but dust in her hand.

Thade’s commander Terrablast has learned to work with her and give her the missions that others will not take. It keeps Thade busy and Terrablast safe from Thade’s want of her command.

Her only friend Shadowtamer is a calm point for the rowdy femme. An many occasions she has talked Thade out of killing Terrablast in favor of needing firepower on the team. Shadowtamer has not told Thade that she and Terrablast are sisters, in fear that the friendship they have will fall to ruin.

On her return to battle Thade was placed with plasma blaster, she tried it a few times but her skill was not worth the effort. Along with her common sense she threw the gun and ran in to the Autobot lines head on. An odd skill came to her as she stasis locked bot after bot, in a very street fight and dirty fashion. The Autobots were taken by surprised at the rough fem that fought so well. After that incident Thade has yet carry any short range weapons.

On one mission which Terrablast had labeled a fiasco, Thade’s rage got her caught by Skyracer herself. This Autobot known for torture, Thade attempted escape. Terrablast and the team were nearby and ready to put up the captured con when G2 Skywarp stopped the whole plan. Brought down to her knees, and in pain form G2 Skywarp’s attack something clicked and a flash of blinding purple light caught both off guard. An instant later Thade found herself at the perimeter of the Autobot camp. Terrablast and Shadowtamer picked up her signal and located her, Shadowtamer excited about the teleporting ability.

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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara