DDA Chronicles of the Sparklings Shades of Pink
Shades of Pink, by Prizm.

Deltron and Alero where in the simulator after their session, each of them had given it an honest work out, though Alero was obviously bigger then Deltron; still the smaller Decepticon gave his elder brother a run for his money. The smaller ‘Cons crimson optics scanned the observation deck at the moment there was no one it. The two of them had been working off a remote to program the Simulator had with some basic features. Deltron had a plan something he had been refining for some time; something he had come up with an idea to get his father back for all the times he winced slightly he would rather not remember it.

He looked up to his brother and explained the whole plot out.

"Del this is not going to work." Alero said.

"Sure it will. We will program the door to open two hours after we start." pushing the button to program the door Deltron looked over some of the other programs it had to see what might be of use.

"Yeah but what if he is able to move me off." Alero asked shaking his head he knew that he was taller than his father but that didn’t account for the Emperor’s strength.

"You are too heavy for him to move off the way you'll be sitting at least." Deltron answered his optics still looking at the simulator screen. “You’re not afraid are you?”

Alero looked at Deltron and squinted his optics just a little. “No, but how am I going to get out the door."

"You are going to have to teleport." Deltron said his tone of voice was sarcastic as if it should have been obvious. "Once you move you will have 30 seconds to do it."

The next day Raider and Skywarp were in the observation deck to monitor the progress of the simulator, some programs required an attendant while others were just there to keep an eye that the Automated Intelligence didn’t go overboard. Today Deltron, Alero, and Megatron were going to be using it. They stepped in and the simulation started it went the same as it usually did, an hour and half in Deltron and Alero had started working together and Deltron had given the signal to Alero to teleport while he had Megatron distracted. Alero teleported to nearly right over Megatron’s head while Megatron had leaned over attempting to land a hit on the smaller Decepticon landing on his back and knocking him down flat. Alero moved so he was sitting in the middle of his back. Megatron tried to reach him to knock him off but in the position he was in was nearly impossible and he did not realize how heavy Alero really was.

The War Lord struggled a little then had decided that was enough. "Alero get off me." He commanded.

"No so fast Dad." Deltron said smartly.

Megatron could see Deltron in his line of sight which caused him to glare at Deltron. “And just what do you think you are going to do?"

Deltron moved out of his line of sight wearing a huge smirk.

Megatron was surprised when he felt Del's hand on the panels that hide the latches to his codpiece, “Don't you dare." he warned his sparkling, but before he could say anything else it was too late. Deltron had got to and undone the latches.

Raider looked down in the simulator, "What are they doing?" She asked Skywarp.

"I don't know." he said and then began to pay more attention.

"Dad, I've counted every single swat you've given me, and now you’re going to get each and every one of them back." Deltron said standing proud of himself.

Alero shook his head he didn't know how he let Deltron talk him in to this; whatever the result was he knew that he’d be in trouble the instant Megatron was freed.

"You wouldn't do that to ME would you? You know what will happen if you do don't you Deltron?" Megatron threatened.

"What?" Del asked accented his question with one hard smack to Megatron’s now bare aft. "Right now, you can't do anything." Deltron said and again smacked him this time the sound a little louder.

Megatron was surprised that it hurt quite a bit for it to be only the second one. On the next one he gritted his dental plates, he hadn’t expected his youngest to have that much strength; the next one was harder still he hissed and tried not to move, the next he hissed and tensed his muscles. There had to be some way out of this, he tried to give a push up but Alero sat still like it was nothing. The next one hurt; it really actually hurt, he hissed he twisted his hips slightly away his aft feeling quite hot and tender. However Del had no intent on stopping.

Raider "Did that just happen?" she asked Skywarp with a smile.

"Yes." He said beginning to laugh, he never would have imagined that he would be witness to the down fall of the Mighty Megatron by his own Sparklings.

"Skywarp you better keep your big mouth shut." Raider said starting to laugh as well, she couldn’t help it, just the idea of Alero sitting on top of Megatron was rather funny.

"I will I will." He said laughing knowing damn well he wouldn’t.

"I got to tell Prizm." Raider said.

"And your telling me to keep my mouth shut." Skywarp said through a snicker.

"Skywarp she is not going to tell the whole base unlike you" Raider said ejecting the disk in the recorder and getting up.

"Hey!" He shouted.

"Just keep it shut." Raider said heading out the door. She walked down to Prizm's quarters and buzzed the door. It didn’t take long for it to open.

"Oh it’s you." Prizm sounded disappointed.

"I just saw something rather interesting." Raider smiled she knew that Prizm was going to get a kick out of it.

"What?" Prizm asked, as Raider proceeded to tell her.

"They didn't" she said beginning to laugh.

"You want me to prove it?" Raider said holding a disk with a sly smile.

"Prove it?"Prizm asked a little confused. "You recorded it?" she snatched the disk and laughing. “I have got to see this!” Prizm led the way to Megatron's office. Popping the disk in Prizm shook her head as it began to play and they both laughed at what they saw. Just as Prizm was taking the disk out they heard the door.

"Put me down." Del shouted his arms and legs swinging about trying to get himself loose.

"Uh oh." Prizm said looking at Raider they both peeked around the door edge to see Megatron carrying Deltron around his waist. Deltron got in one good kick earning him a very hard smack to the aft, he yelped then Megatron put Del in his room.

"Prizm." Megatron’s tone was demanding.

"What?" she shouted he walked up to the door.

"You had better not let Deltron out of his room." He said.

"Why what is going on?" she said trying not to laugh.

"You already know, she told you." He said pointed to Raider she just stood there trying to act innocent.

"She will not telling anyone else unlike the other occupant in the deck."

Megatron hadn’t taken that into consideration. "Who was the other person in the deck?"

"Skywarp." they both said Megatron’s optics narrowed and his body language tensed even more he was now even more mad. He turned on his head and stormed out find Alero.

"Damn they must have got him really good."

"Yeah he is pissed."

"I know." Prizm agreed. "It might be a good idea for you to not be here when he gets back."

"Are you sure, you can handle listening to Del get his punishment." Raider asked.


"What do you think Alero will get?" Raider was a bit curious since Alero was now just a bit taller than Megatron.

"Humm probably cleaning he hates that since he is so big hard for him to get into small spaces, it will probably cleaning all the offices since the desks are bolted down."

"Yeah thanks to you two." Raider shook her head.

"Shut up." Prizm said.

"Ok well I will head out then." Raider left at a rather quick pace she didn’t know how soon the pissed off Decepticon leader would return.

Not too much later Prizm heard the door again.

"But Dad I hate doing that." Alero said.

"Exactly. This was Deltron idea wasn't it?" Megatron asked.

"Yes." Alero said looking down his posture shown the defeat he felt.

"You will hold him while his is punished." Megatron said Alero's optics got big as he stopped mid stride.


"You heard me, get him." Megatron answered. Alero sighed Deltron was going to be mad at him for weeks he really didn't want to hold his little brother during that too. Alero opened the door to Deltron's room.

"Alero?" Deltron questioned. Alero walked into the room and picked him up without saying anything.

"Alero put me down." Deltron protested.

"I'm sorry little brother don't be mad at me for too long."

"What what are you...." Deltron began then he realized what he meant.

"Let me go." Deltron shouted and kicked and wiggled trying to get out of Alero's hold.
Alero kept a good grip on his brother not allowing him to escape. "I told you this would happen."

"Shut up and put me down." Deltron shouted.

"Okay."Alero said set him down in front of Megatron. Prizm was watching from the office door she wanted to see what was going to happen but didn’t want to be involved.
"Alero go clean your mother out of my office." Megatron ordered.

"But you said."

"Go." He shouted.

Prizm walked by she looked at Deltron he was chewing on his lip probably thinking of something to say to get out of this. Alero walked out the door to get started she turned back around to see Megatron grab Deltron's arm and walk into his office taking Deltron with him.

Prizm winced when she heard the first smack and Deltron yelp, she knew it would be bad. The second wasn't much better Prizm gritted her teeth her brow furrowing. By the third one she could hear Deltron beginning to whimper the fourth one she could hear him cry every one after that had a yelp and him crying.

After a while, and Deltron had been sent to his room Prizm was sitting in Megatron's office. she keeping seeing him pace by the chair, crossing the office back and forth behind it.

"What are you pacing about?" Prizm asked.

"Nothing." He said she could still see him being spanked by Deltron in her mind.

"Can you stop I can't concentrate." Prizm said.

"Move in the other room."

"You told me to stay in here in cause you needed to add to this." She said holding up the datapad. "Just sit in the chair." she pointed at it.

"I would rather pace."

"Since when." She questioned.

"Since now." He said irritated Prizm smiled as she looked at him.


"You don't want to sit cause it would hurt." She couldn’t help but smile.

"It would not.”

"Prove it." One optic brow rose.

"I don't have to listen to this nonsense." Picking up the datapad and walked out of the room. Prizm working on the report for a while she then realized it was getting late. She got up and looked in on Deltron he was asleep his breathing still affect by what happened earlier, and he was laying face down she figured his aft still hurt. She walked down to their room she walked in her own room to see Megatron laying on his stomach with just the sheet over him and nearly in recharge. She walked over to where he was a grabbed the sheet pulling it off.


"What?" If she didn’t know better she could have thought that he was Deltron they were basically doing the exact same thing, even laying the same way.

"Give that to me." He said reaching for it.

"No." she said holding it out of the way.

"Fine." he said and laid down again. Prizm stood there and looked him over she could still see a slight pink hue to his aft 'wow they must have got him good.' she thought, then she got a wicked idea a evil smirk came to her lips. She made like she was going to put the sheet back on the bed she leaned down and with her right hand she smacked him hard right across the center of his aft. He turned over quickly as Prizm backed up to the door. She began to giggle as he stopped and winced.

"Who would have thought that Del could hit that hard."

"Shut up." He answered in his demanding tone.

She shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk in the other room but not before looking behind her and seeing him turn back to his stomach and his hand rubbing his aft. she giggled and walked in the other room.
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