DDA Chornicles of the Sparklings Stinging Reality
Stinging Reality
By Prizm

Looking in at the desk in Alero’s room Deltron wondered in. He didn’t have much really planned on his mind but when he saw his elder brother sitting there his Decepticon nature seemed to come to life. “Dad said I could be leader one day. So you have to do as I say.”

“One day, that's far in the future not this instant.” Alero didn’t bother to get up nor look to see who was talking to him.

“You should follow my orders anyway.” The look on the little silver mechs face would have put his brother in stasis lock .

“I am not going to do your bidding,” He got up from the desk to face his sibling. “you haven't earned your place yet. If anything you should do as I say!”

Deltron waved Alero off like he did it all the time. “Whatever no one listens to you.”

“I'm sick of your slag Deltron. I'll tell dad what you've been up to.” Alero got close and peered down at Deltron then passed him on his way out of his room.

Quickly Deltron made something up, “Dad knows, he said I should get used to give orders.”

Stopping in his tracks Alero looked back. “He knows? We'll see about that I'll just go and ask him.” Then he began to walk again.

Deltron ran around Alero and put his hand up in front of him. “I say you will do no such thing.”

Easily Alero side stepped Deltron. “I told you stop it.”

“I demand you stop this instant!” Deltron got in front of Alero again.

Alero tried to walk around his younger brother Deltron again. "I'm going to tell if you don't stop ordering me around Del." he said side stepping the shorter 'Con.

"Go head, I don't care." Deltron said crossing his arms with a huff as he watched his brother walk around him.

"Fine then I will." said looking back to see Deltron just standing there. Just then they heard the door code beeping both consulted their chronometers to see who was coming home.

Realizing it would be their father Deltron ran to Alero "OK fine I will stop."

"I'm not listening to you." Alero said as he kept walking toward the door.

"No no no I said I was sorry." Deltron kept up with Alero's long strides basically at a jog.

"Too late, you told me you didn't care and now I am telling." laying a big hand on his little brothers helm he pushed him away, but not hard enough to make him fall.

"Come on brother, we need to work together! Don't tell him." Deltron pleaded.

"You should have thought about that before you started ordering me around.” He paused for a moment to emphases the next statement. “ AGAIN!"

"No, I promise." Deltron looked at the door and back at Alero.

"No you don't." Alero said completing his walk to the door as it opens and Megatron entered.

"Dad." Alero said

Deltron scrambled around Alero and stood in front of him. "Shhh."

"Del." Megatron snapped and glared at him which made Deltron move behind Alero.

"What is in now Alero?" Megatron asked walking in so the door could close behind him.

"Del has been ordering me around over stupid stuff again" Alero glanced from side to side trying to see where Deltron was hiding.

"It wasn't like that, Dad" Deltron piped up.

"Oh isn't it?" The Decepticon leader looked past Alero at the small frame that suck out from behind his oldest son. Then back to Alero "Alero continue."

Then Alero proceed to tell his father all the stuff that happened, and every little detail about what Deltron had said.

"Del to my office." The War Lord looked at his youngest son and flared his optics.

"But.." Deltron started stepping out from behind Alero just a little.

"Now." Megatron demanded.

The key pad came to life again as Prizm keyed the door, she and Lenear entered just as Megatron closed the door to his office behind him.

Seeing Alero stand there and Deltron nowhere in sight. Prizm asked "Where is Del?"

"With Dad in his office." Alero pointed at the hall.

Prizm walked around the corner and saw the door was shut. Surprised she came out and looked at Alero again "With the door shut?"

"He was bossing me around and I told Dad on him."

Prizm shook her head; she knew he was going to get into trouble for that sooner or later. Meanwhile, Del looked slightly down at the floor; he couldn't bring himself to look at his father in the optics.

"Deltron you know I want you to be a leader but you can't be ordering your siblings around to do nonsense." The small mech only nodded, then Megatron went on "We have had this discussion before, come here."

Deltron swallowed and shook his head; he didn't want to take one step.

"Deltron, come here now." The tone of voice that Megatron used told Deltron that his father wasn't going to put up with his antics. The small mech moved closer to the door but before he could get to the door he felt himself being pick up off the floor, he wiggled and squirmed and covered his backside with his hands. Megatron walked back around the desk sitting down and placing his son the floor and holding him by one arm and then pulled him closer placing one hand on his shoulder then finally moved down to the latches to his codpiece.

Deltron swallowed as his optics grew wide with what was going to happen, he wiggled again. "Dad I won't do it again." he whined a bit.

"We've already been through this; you knew what would happen the next time." Megatron explained.

Deltron whimpered a bit as the back piece of his codpiece was removed. He hadn't thought it would go that far, his mouth opened and optics widened as far as possible as Megatron picked him up and he was placed over his lap.

"I promise not to again." Deltron said, and he was going to try to plead again but he didn't have time to say anything else he felt a hard smack to his bare aft. He yelped as he felt a sharp stinging pain spread across his backside. Much to his dismay the smack was followed by another then another each one being harder than the last one. He couldn't believe how much more it hurt without his codpiece. Megatron's hand was big enough to grace both cheeks of his aft with relative ease. Unable to hold it in any longer Deltron began to cry; just tears at first. However as he received more smacks he began to whimper and then finally bawl. His aft was feeling very hot and uncomfortable he tried to twist away from the stinging smacks to his aft but Megatron held him firmly in place. Knowing he would have to take the entire punishment Deltron continued to cry none to quietly either.

Prizm could hear Deltron crying she wanted to rescue him but she knew she couldn't he had got himself into this mess so he would have to face it. And that Megatron wouldn’t have allowed her to interfere anyway.

Deltron continued to cry he didn't think his backside could take anymore spanks from his father’s huge hand and then his punishment stopped. He sobbed it hurt so much his efforts so concentrated on his aft he didn’t realize at first when he found his feet on the floor. He immediately went to work on rubbing and soothing his throbbing aft it stung hard, and felt like it was on fire. Deltron whimpered again as his codpiece was but back in place he continued to cry, not because he wanted to, but he couldn’t stop; it still hurt a lot and now he couldn't rub his aft anymore. He wiped at his optics but the tears just kept coming.

Prizm sat on the couch and listened for the door, she couldn’t help it as she keep looking around the corner. Then when she heard the door and sat back but still looked that way. Finally she could see Deltron and he was still crying. He looked at her through his solvent tears and then started to head towards her.

"Deltron to your room." Megatron ordered. Deltron stopped in his tracks cried a little bit harder and turned around and went to his room.

"Was that necessary?" Prizm asked Megatron came out of his office.

"Yes, he needs to learn this and you are not to baby him." The Leaders voice was still imposing.

Prizm looked away as much as she would like to she knew she couldn’t. "I wouldn't ."

"You holding him after his punishment would not help."

"I know." She sighed, and looked toward Deltron’s room.

Not without some understanding of how a parent would feel about their child Megatron looked at Prizm and then spoke again "You can check on him later."

"Alright." That let Prizm drop it for now.

A few hours later Prizm had finished one of her own reports put her data pad a way and got up starting to head to Deltron's room.

"Prizm." Megatron said from his office, the door was open and he could see her walk past.

"What?" She stopped just after the door where she knew he couldn’t see her.

"Would you like what Del got?" The tone of his voice intended he might actually do as he suggested.

"What? What for?" Prizm said.

"You can see him later." Megatron had been doing some more of his own work that Soundwave had brought down and hadn’t really paid attention to the time.

"It is later." She told him hoping that he wouldn’t get up from the desk.

With a quick quarry to his internal clock he shook his head for a second. "Alright, go."

Prizm slowly opened the door to Deltron's room he was laying on his birth facing the wall. He moved slowly and looked over at her. It was obvious that he was attempting not to put any pressure on his aft as he moved. She could see his tears still shinning in the dim light, just before she let the door close. Walking over to the berth she sat down on the edge careful not to dislodge him. "Del." Was the only thing she got out before he carefully sat up and moved over to her still managing to avoid putting pressure on this aft and hugged her. Instinctively she put her arms around him.

"Mom." he whimpered and began to cry a new.

"Shhh." she whispered.

"Hurts." he whimpered his breath in short bursts.

It gave Prizm a thought and she moved her hand down and felt for the latches he grasped. "I'm not going to spank you." She explained while she moved his codpiece out of the way and picked up and blanket and put it around him. Knowing what it felt like she lowered the temp in her left hand and then moved her hand down to his aft and gently rubbed. He grasped and whimpered his mother’s cool hand felt good to his still sore aft. She held him till he laid his head on her shoulder a second later she looked at him his normal ruby optics were off. Prizm gently moved him off of her and onto the bed laying him down and covered him with the blanket.
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