Aerial Instructor.

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“The deadliest weapon is terror.”

Strength: 7.
Intelligence: 7.
Speed: 9.
Endurance: 7.
Rank: 5.
Courage: 5.
Firepower: 8.
Skill: 7.

Origin location: Centruion.
Spark date: June 15.
Mate: Moonracer.
Sparklings: Solstice, and Flareup.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Instructional Staff Decepticon Academy.
Direct officer: Shockwave
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Soaring swiftly through the clouds, Thundercracker gazes with scorn on the creatures below. He is utterly contemptuous of anything that cannot lift itself off the ground and claim the sky. Occasionally, he expresses that contempt by diving and striking, leaving flame and destruction as he again speeds upward. Like a game he does this with his mate Moonracer, she dodges and weaves through his hail of fire and then she transforms and does the same back at him as he speeds away. Something it was a rather silly game of tag, but it brought them closer together and has spawned two sparklings. He has made himself useful to those on Cybertron with his aerial flight training. He finds himself feeling better about the cause and being more dedicated to it as a father.

He dislikes playing favorites to his sparklings though Flareup wants to emulate him.

Natural seeker, blue , silver, and dark gray.

Not fully believing in the cause, Thundercracker’s choice to join the Decepticons was shaky, he trusted enough in his school mate Starscream to go ahead and follow him, and Skywarp into the academy.

Like his follow Decepticon jet fighters, Thundercracker can attain speeds of up to 1500 mph. He has the additional ability to produce controlled sonic booms of deafening magnitude that can be heard within a 200-mile radius. He can launch a drone rocket with a range of 500 miles that behaves similarly to a cruise missile and has the concussive force of 3000 lbs. of TNT. He has a shoulder-mounted automatic incendiary gun that shoots at 100 rounds per minute heat-resistant ceramic bullets containing a highly explosive flammable material that ignites on impact.

His attachment to Moonracer can attract his attention while doing other things and result in damage.

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Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara