Emperor of Cybertron.
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"Peace through Tyranny."

Strength: 10.
Intelligence: 10.
Speed: 7.
Endurance: 8.
Rank: 10.
Courage: 9.
Firepower: 10.
Skill: 9.

Parental Units: Classified.
Origin location: Classified.
Siblings: Thundetron.
Spark date: : August 22.
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Decepticon Supreme Commander
Starscream, Lenear, Alero, Deltron
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Complete domination is one way to describe what Megatron’s intentions are. He wants to achieve this throughout the galaxy; and has since taken various steps to do so. One such step was to add a team of femmes to his ranks. Picked through a rather extensive search he has welcomed them in to not just his ranks. Impressed with how well the femmes performed and intrigued by the fact that that one of them had an infatuation with him he encouraged it.

As time passed Prizm became more to him than just his femme commander. She’s since given birth to two sparklings; first a femme Lenear. Finding out his new mate was with spark Megatron took a long look at how things were working on Earth; deciding that the small underwater base known as the Nemesis was not where he had wished his sparkling to grow he pushed the Decepticons to move back to Cybertron and then instigated the battle of Autobot city.

Haven finally taken that step, Megatron has gained the entire planet of Cybertron and is now Emperor. His focus hasn’t changed and he does have plans for conquering more planets. The immediate solar system is not excluded. Earth was naturally a main target but his thought process had changed.

Instead of wiping out the entire human civilization he had decided to make them work for him. In a meeting with world leaders and the help of his mate and her wing mate there was an agreement reached. Starscream was then dispatched to see that the agreement was kept with lethal force. Earth was now an Energon manufacturing planet.

The rebuilding of Cybertron brought about a few more changes for the Warlord. First thing he wanted done was the science and astronomy. Starscream was brought back to oversee the reconstruction of the center with the help of Perceptor. The Constructicons cleared the surface and the lower levels were excavated so no more records were lost. Found in the arch way to the records room as a deactivated femme. In the hand of this femme was a record card. The Seeker took the record and booted it up. Megatron wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The Seeker stormed into his office and demanded more information on the female. After a short review of the card, as well as making a copy of, Megatron explained the situation and for the first time claimed Starscream as his son.

I bit of unrest ran though Megatron as well as his top tier of officers. Certain that Starscream thought he was now heir Megatron deemed it time to give Lenear a sibling; a mech Alero.

Still cold and calculating Megatron has high ambition to take the small moon of Titan next. Mean while preparing for a full scale invasion he educates his two small sparklings, sparring, and leadership skills.

The most powerful Decepticon known Megatron stands above the rest; he is tall wide, and strong. Clad in reflective silver, Megatron is able to use it to gain a better field of vision around him while fighting hand to hand. His black armor is thicker giving more protection to vital areas, while the red was added as a gladiator to mark areas that would gain points in not lethal fights.

Megatron is incredibly powerful and intelligent. His fusion cannon can convert any small amount of matter into large quantities of explosive nuclear energy. The cannon can fire a blast up to 12 miles and release enough energy to flatten a small town. Megatron can use his internal circuitry to connect the cannon interdimensionally with a black hole, where it can draw on anti-matter as its power source. The blast from this is far greater, but it creates a tremendous strain on Megatron to do this for even one blast.

Megatron has no known weaknesses.

Unknown to most what happened to Megatron before he came to know Soundwave and Shockwave; Soundwave had used his telepathy in small increments to find out what drove and inspired Megatron to become more than what he was meant to be. Despite the fact there is no record of any of it Soundwave keeps his own record that he believes that in a later date Megatron will be forth coming and fill in some of the data. Of what Soundwave knows is Megatron’s mother died just after his birth, and his memories only have a vague image of what she had looked like. His father worked at a lab for Autobots an obscene amount of hours for very little pay forcing him to ignore and leave Megatron alone for long periods. Traumatized by being pulled from his home and thrust into a new one without being told what happened Megatron found out later from Shockwave his father was killed by the Autobots he worked for. Megatron however has never found out why, this only harbored his hatred of the Autobots even farther.

When Megatron landed in the hands of Shockwave’s parents, Soundwave had just been born, which gave Megatron for the first time the feeling of having a sibling.

Both of his new guardians being high level scientists all three were put through an Autobot academy. The Autobots that attended with them despised the fact that some Hardware were allowed to attended, bullying them. Megatron already hating Autobots stood between them and his newly acquired friends taking the brunt of their hostilities and learning to fight them off.

General characteristics

Walther P38 Handgun
Country Germany

Type Handgun
Caliber 9.000 mm
Capacity 8 rounds
Length 216 mm
Barrel Length 125 mm
Weight 0.960 kg
Range 50 m
Muzzle Velocity 365 m/s

**All stats and distances are greatly enhanced but have not been charted.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara