Haunted Cassetticons 2

Hatching a Plan!

Chapter 2

The room fell silent as the occupants watched the story and its explanations unfold. Rumble and Frenzy sat still, something that didn’t happen very much at all, while every once in a while Astrotrain would look around.

“Something the matter.” Raider asked the Triplechanger in a low voice.

“No, I don’t think so, Some times I think I hear some thing, but you know how that water is on this place.” He looked at her.

“That gives me a great idea.” She whispered.

The door opened to admit yet another Decepticon this time Skywarp looked at the monitor then at the group, seeing that it interested all of them he decided to stay and watch find out what was so interesting.

Star Raider had seen this particular episode; she had hoped Prizm had as well. She opened her com and the small keyboard that slid out from under it. She padded the keys softly and then sent a message to Prizm

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s scare the slag out of Rumble and Frenzy.

Prizm had indeed seen this episode though when her com blinked it still annoyed her she liked this show. She read the message and then looked at the cassettes, she had also noticed that Skywarp had come in.

Only if we get Skywarp too, he’s always pulling some trick time to get him back.

As she read the incoming message Raider kept silent though she wanted to laugh.

Alright, we’ll start tonight after we’re done here, just follow my lead.

Okay, should we tell Juci?

No she’ll just blow it.


The two went back to watching the show. To their advantage, another show came on each Decepticon stayed as if riveted to their seats as “Haunted History” played. When it was over it was already late and Soundwave had come to the door looking for the cassettes. Rumble and Frenzy got up their optics still on the monitor as yet another show came on called “Chasing the Ghost.”

Prizm clicked the remote and stood up. “I think that is enough for one night.”

“Yeah, if we don’t get our recharge Megatron will be pissed.” Raider looked around a bit and waited for the water current to make part of the base groan. “Did you hear that?” She asked in a hushed voice.

“I heard something.” Astrotrain added.

“I don’t know what it was.” Skywarp looked around.

Juci huffed, “That is just the current I hear it all the time.”

“Juci you know your self that when people start really believe that are more susceptible to the spirits.” Raider wanted to play it off.

“That is true.” She scoured over Skywarp and Astrotrain. “Do you believe in spirits and ghosts?”

Astrotrain thought about it for a moment deep within his spark he had always hoped there was something beyond this, so he had to admit. “Yes.”

Skywarp was a little more upset. “How can you not? You haven’t seen that I have when I teleport.”

Juci looked annoyed. “Do I have to put a chant on you so you’ll feel safer? There isn’t anything here.”

Not really caring about it Astrotrain shook his head and left. Skywarp though looked more on edge than before.

She shrugged as she started a chant and walk around Skywarp. “There they won’t bother you but there is nothing here.” Juci finished.

Prizm and Raider had already left, making sure that they had walked the opposite way so they could plan their little fun. “What do you have in mind Raider?”

“Nothing too bad just rig up some things to make some noise then pop up somewhere when they least expect it."


Haunted Cassetticons

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