Second Sparkling to Hook and Firestar
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"To put a fine point on it is to be accurate, and believe me I am."

Sparkling stats:
Strength: 3
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 4
Endurance: 3
Rank: 2
Courage: 5
Firepower: 2
Skill: 7

Parental Units: Hook, Firestar.
Origin location: Kaon Cybertron
Spark date: August 1, 2014
Status: Active Decepticon.
Unit alignment: Constructicon
Direct officer: Scrapper
Signature: user posted image

Calculating would be a good word to describe Precision. He has taken many of his father’s as well as uncles talents and mixed them well with his mother’s speed. His thought process is quick and deadly accurate. He is out going and fun according to his sibling and other sparklings in his classes. He is rather laid back so to speak but with good reason, when he is overly excited he is apt to over think things and stall the situation.


Precision is a red hued and purple version of his father Hook.

When he came online there was a sudden power outage, it is uncertain if it was connected to him or a fluke. No reason for the outage could be found.

His ability to think things through quickly is hindered easily on stress. The more pressure this sparkling has the hard it is for
him to process the information.

More will be added as he progresses.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara