Written and used with Permission

<b>Name :</b> Horizon

<b>Current Faction :</b> Decepticon

<b>Quote :</b> "I am only  a soldier.”

<b>Team :</b> Apocalypse’s Minions [RDD-DSA]

<b>Team Commander :</b> Viper

<b>Sub-faction :</b> The Renegade Decepticon Dissidents

<b>Function :</b> Air Soldier


Want drove Horizon to his name. Autobot by nature, accept for one minor detail, he knew in his spark there had to be more. His want to find out what drove him to learn more, experience more and just search on his own because of this he excelled in the academy. He gained rank simply by knowing procedure, but when given his own team he refused.


His rank not too far below that of some of the most famous Autobots he was an alternate to the voyage that <b>Optimus Prime</b> and the rest of the crew aboard the Ark were about to take. Only a twist of fate caused an injury leaving him in stasis lock at the launch of the event.


Upon exiting the CR a lone Autobot named <b>Viper</b> explained the reports that came from the shuttle before it was suddenly lost. Stepping out of the CR chamber and having a look at his chassis he realized the damage that was done to his vehicle alt must have been more extensive than he had thought. He now had a pair of wings along with a set of jets.  This reinforced <b>Horizon</b>’s feelings of knowing there was something more out there, something beyond the Horizon. He snapped out of his process of thoughts.


“Call me <b>Horizon</b> from now on.” He told <b>Viper</b>.


The team leader looked at the dark jet. “What was wrong with <b>Peacemaker</b>?”


“It’s not me.” <b>Horizon</b> said simply and headed out.


Staying with <b>Viper</b> and his team was a simple choice, the Decepticon tendencies that they shown fascinated him. He had even gone as far as to ask Payne if he could examine his inner-structures.


In battle <b>Horizon</b> doesn’t really have any excitement. He does so, only because he is found he is attached to his team mates and relies on them to help get more information, basically helping him to get what he is currently looking for. He is an efficient killer and hopes to do so as fast as possible so he isn’t side tracked for long periods at a time. He does however live for the after battle and has had to been pulled away from stasis locked and even dead chassis while he was examining them.


<b>Horizon</b> isn’t a medic but knows enough he could easily convert to one. He felt that it was necessary to know how things worked in order to create his own.


Now that <b>Viper</b> and the team have defected to the Decepticon side <b>Horizon</b> has had his hands full. He has fingered through all the files allowed to him and even became friends with <b>Sythonic</b> to see if he could gain access to more. He has decided that he feels more at home with the Decepticons and their want of more power. Still under his shinny well polished exterior, his spark still tells him there is something waiting for him beyond.


Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara