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<b>Function:</b> Communications carrier


<b>Bio:</b> His particular function was to code messages for travel though he wasn’t particularly needed. Laserbeak or Buzzsaw would carry Payne from a battle area, to a non-combat zone where he would then decrypt his message and play it for the intended party. Most often it would be when Soundwave was preoccupied to do it himself.


Sparked not too long after Rumble and Frenzy, Payne got the brunt of most of their jokes, and what they thought was playtime. The older siblings created havoc for him, and accused him of their wrong doings. Soundwave knowing better hardly ever actually punished the innocent cassette infuriating the twins even farther. It didn’t take him long to see that he didn’t fit in with Soundwave’s collection of misbehaved delinquents. At his first opportunity he took off to an unknown sector, he managed to say there for a few days attempting to avoid his brethren whom had been sent to bring him back, however just before a week came to pass he was caught by Frenzy who in turn called Rumble. The two beat Payne till Soundwave was nearly unable to repair the smaller cassette.


Once repairs were completed Payne explained to Soundwave what had happened and why he had left. As usual Soundwave did and said nothing, but inside Payne felt something change. Unsure what to do he left again, this time no one came for him.


Watching from a spectator’s point of view he saw the devastation that the Decepticons caused to their home planet of Cybertron. He wasn’t happy with how the battle was turning out to be on earth, and he had a want to pay his brothers back for the abuse dished to him. That set him on the path to find the Autobots. He Found an Autobot commander by the name of Viper, and after a long conversation about loyalties Viper agreed to take him into the team.



Payne is able to scramble any message as well as passing communications that he intercepts. This allows him to redirect, as well as change the messages he encounters. He has also changed his armor to help defend him against the onslaught of beatings that he knows will come when he faces against his brothers.



His small size limits his ability to keep up with the rest of the team, and sometimes forces someone else to carry him. Though like most Decepticons he is equipped with flight though it pulls from his energon reserves quickly. He knows should he run in to Soundwave at any point while wearing an Autobot insignia Soundwave will not hesitate to disassemble him on the spot.


Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara