Written and used with Permission

Function: Team leader.

It was no secret that Viper was not happy under the command of Optimus Prime. His Decepticon programming becoming more and more apparent, he started to feel that over the years he fought at the side of the Autobots he had finally paid back the debts he felt his team owed for reviving him.

Through his dealings with Gemini, Soundwave as well as Payne, Viper has come to realize that Megatron is no longer in total control of the Decepticon Empire. Megatron’s own offspring Dynamax has taken the thrown with the ever faithful Soundwave at his side. With that in mind he threw down his Autobot insignias and allowed his original colors to finally shine through.

The team was confused by the whole ordeal and a few even questioned the actions of the commander to their dismay, when he replied, “If you don’t like it I’ll remove your spark where you stand.” Ultra Magnus wouldn’t have it, he was the one to inform Prime of what was going on and carried the message to Viper, they must evacuate Autobot city or face the detention center. Viper then did something he had longed to do he lifted his right arm, and made a fist throwing it at Magnus. The Car Carrier took the hit without flinching; the Viper turned his back and walked out of Autobot city.

Viper instructed Gemini to seek out the Decepticon Shadow Alliance, even I if they weren’t accepted they would be allowed to refuel and from there make plans to find a more permeate base of operations. Luckily word had already hit the DSA and he was welcomed as a comrade.

Slowly but surely Viper is feeling more like his old ruthless self, he wholeheartedly enjoys ripping an Autobot’s spark from its it arching chest while it optics flicker then fade out permanently. He hasn’t forgotten that he was left to die once and has learned to always have a way out. He knows that no matter what his relationship with Road Rage it will hold and he is covered.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara