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Gemini's Bio

Function: Spy.

Gemini does not know it but lives up to his name. By day he fights along his teammates, killing Decepticons left and right, however by night he stalks around the Decepticons ranks reporting to them Autobot strong holds and weapons storage facilities.

Built by the Autobots as a ground warrior, he slowly found that he had a thrust for splashing of energon. With each time he slashed in to another Transformer he lusted to do it again. On the field he started hacking away running through a line of Decepticons in a matter of moments, but in the heat of his frenzy he found he had slaughtered five of his fellow Autobots. His mind was made then and there, he knew he would not have to worry about killing his fellow if he was a Decepticon; it was part of their way of life, Survival of the fittest.

Another spy, Laserbeak had been watching Gemini since the report of him was sent in to Decepticon Headquarters. Knowing poetical when he saw it Soundwave sent Ravage with a message to the Autobot. As if stalking Ravage waited in the shadows until Gemini was alone, he then padded close to the Autobot pouncing him forcing him to the ground. Ravage quickly played the recording before the stun wore off then bounded back in to he shadows. As soon as he could he stood up and looked in to the shadows finding only a brightly lit red visor. Soundwave spoke only to ask if he accepted. Gemini thought quickly. Then agreed. The arranged that information would be passed via Buzzsaw in a timed manor.


For the moment Gemini is assigned to Traxs’ team as a ground warrior, though he has been empowered with flight from the Decepticons. His only duty is to guard their current base, in the process is able to meet with his contact and allow the information to be transported.


Gemini has made some good Autobot friends on his team; though his want of destruction fuels him he can be defensive of them. This makes turmoil within him when facing Soundwave or the cassetticons in battle


Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara