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Blood Rage's Bio

Blitz Warrior

Function : Blitz Warrior.

Bio: Brought online near the same time as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, Road Rage was meant to rank along the same lines as them. He does however lack the self image of beatification. His ill temper leads him to linger wanting to clean anything that is left by the retreating forces. On many occasions he has stumbled into a pocket of Autobots that were attempting to lay low, resulting him being stasis locked.

His attachment to the team is mostly through Viper. He and the current team leader have been like partners since they were added to the Autobot lines some time ago. They share many of the same views and are usually together as last on the battle field. It’s this that allows Viper to give commands to Road Rage; most often times Road Rage ignores anyone else’s directions. This has grown since the team defected to the Decepticons side, never having been a Decepticon before Road Rage has improved his relationship with Viper to what he would nearly consider a brother. He will watch his commander’s movements and protect as well as attack those that he thinks is a threat, including other Decepticons.

Road Rage doesn’t really carry a rank within the team. His post is sort of a snatch and grab scout. He doesn’t mind it much, because it allows him to use his speed, as well as beat down a Autobot or two while he is at it. He likes to get his hand in race between the twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker when he can showing off and proving that his new found Decepticon technology is better.

Road Rage is slowly plotting revenge against the Cassetticon team for taking Payne prisoner, though Payne was returned the small Cassette hasn’t been himself. Now on the same side as the infamous communications expert he hasn’t designed a plan to achieve his goal, he still feels that what ever happened to Payne still needs to be paid for, however he does now know that Payne was left in the care of Soundwave’s youngest brother Datamatrix.

Over reliance on his speed to carry him out of situations can often cause his tires to blowout. He knows what he can so and still pushes the limit. Once this has happens he is forced to stand and fight, it also makes him more vulnerable due to his light armor.

He has taken the smaller Cassetticon Payne in as a close friend, having been ridiculed by the lambo twins, in his youth he relates to what Payne has gone through with Rumble and Frenzy. Road Rage can be over protective of the much smaller Decepticon for this.


Heavy Metal War

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