Team Created by Traks Written with Permission by Me.

Apocalypse’s Minions


Not too much is really known about Apocalypse’s Minions, and their previous dealings as a prominent Autobot team. Most were built as Autobots, and along with that respected their teammate Ultra Magnus following his beliefs. However Viper the team’s actual leader smirked at Magnus and merely gave him a nod, not really taking to his Decepticon spark what was said.


Things still stood out within the team, the fact that of all the Autobots they were among the first to volunteer for missions that most Autobots would never return from.


The smallest member of the team seemed to have the most influence with the team over all. Payne was accepted into the Minions once Viper and Rage had agreed that he had borne enough damage from his siblings Rumble and Frenzy. The then youngest off spark of Soundwave had left due to the pranks of his elders and the fact that Soundwave had chosen them over him.


With two ex-Decepticons holding such influence the Autobot ideas were suppressed and ruthlessness seemed to bear its head in battle to which Ultra Magnus would have to step in and remind them of that the “Cause” really meant. 


The last major mission the Minions had taken resulted in failure. The instructions were to find and bring back Thundertron, team leader of the Cassetticons. It included infiltration of the planet known as Daraknus home of the then newly formed Decepticon Shadow Alliance, render the team out of commission and bring Thundertron to Autobot city for extraction of information concerning Megatron, and Dynamax. The mission had suffered once Soundwave had unleashed Rumble, Ravage and Frenzy whom in no time took out all but Road Rage and Viper himself. Seeing that the Autobot Autobots couldn’t withstand the onslaught of the remaining members of the Cassetticons Viper called it off retrieving all his teammates accept for Payne, and taking Sustain, Rumble, and Buzzsaw with them.


Once back on Earth the three members were given to Windracer and her team the Disposable Heroes.


Road Rage wasn’t contented to sit back and watch as the ‘Heroes managed to fend off the invaders to Hero Stronghold. Something clicked within him as he realized he had turned into what he had been fighting all this time. Disgusted Rage ripped off his Autobot insignias and tossed then to the ground setting out to find Viper.


Viper could only agree to Rage’s proposal, and told the team then and there they were going to join the Decepticon cause. Naturally Magnus resisted alerting Optimus Prime then serving Viper with an eviction from Autobot city. Knowing Magnus would do this Viper let him know his feelings with a single strong punch then the Minions left the City.


Gemini’s communications with Soundwave proved useful as he informed Soundwave of what had transpired. Returning to the DSA this time under a white flag the Minion’s were accepted as allies and gained access.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara