Team Created by Robot, but written by me with permisson
This lower level group has come a long way since its first inception in the underground passages. Its team leader _I_ROBOT_NS_5_ has gone through many changes and some corruptions to finally emerge as Robot. It was no secret that Robot had dealings with Soundwave since Windcon came directly from the infamous Decepticon Communications officers own team. The entire deal was short and sweet, his team surfaced from the planet to find a Decepticon controlled word, turn ‘Con or die. Taking that into mine he acquired a spot in the AWC although the politics didn’t sit well with Robot. They went back to work in the lower levels of Cybertron until Soundwave’e slave a Decepticon placed on the Autobot team to keep tabs and report back started doing more than just reporting. With his abilities Robot easily got to the bottom of what happened and killed the slave on the spot. Something in him clicked and from that point on he didn’t care much any more and a slight meeting on the way to make an assassination attempt on the source of the slaves orders he met with Megatron. The team doesn’t quite know what happened to Robot at that point but somewhere along the line his thrust for energon got turned on and has become one of the Decepticon leading killers.

As for the rest of the team mapping and fighting are much different and some have been retrofitted to change their abilities for war. A few have become acclimated to it but then others are not sure they are on the right side. Still they fallow their friend that has done plenty of harm to others for the team’s benefit.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara