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Treadbuster's Bio

-yup another one soundwave owns :P

Function: Anti-tank ground assault.

Originally a tunnel digging machine his team took it upon themselves to build him a robot form. They required each member to be able to pull double duties while mapping out the inner workings of Cybertron. Unsure really if he has a spark like the rest of his team he avoids the subject, and changes it to his job. He enjoys his job and does what he can to help the team reach their goal.

When his leader became a Decepticon, Treadbuster was no longer needed for tunneling. He was then given a choice; be reformatted, or be deactivated. Choosing reformation, he was rebuilt in to his current form as a high speed anti tank assault unit.

In this area he has excelled and gained more rank with Robot’s team. Much to his own surprise he liked to blow things up.

When asked about his spark Treadbuster gets defensive he refuses to be checked out or told what some of the results are incase he actually doesn’t have one. One the battlefield sudden turns his tires slide and then he finds himself becoming the target.


Heavy Metal War
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara