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Thundercracker's Bio

Function: Warrior

Thundercracker has taken this second chance to stop thinking about what is his place in the universe and to just live life. He has taken on a new out look, and is willing to go farther as well as became a loyalist to the Decepticon cause. He takes his orders with pride and has been asked to join Thundertron to boost the aerial surveillance in the small team. Here he doesn’t mind gliding through the air and just keeping his sensors on the ground, it’s easy and allows him to do what he loves the most, fly.

Thundercracker did not argue when the order came through to separate him from his brothers, he and his youngest brother Starscream had very many differences, though with the last turn of events has allowed them to put most things aside and move on. His other brother Skywarp however was reluctant to let him go. Skywarp had a good relationship with the eldest brother, and most often then on relied on Thundercracker to keep him out of trouble.

Soaring swiftly through the clouds, Thundercracker gazes with scorn on the creatures below. He is utterly contemptuous of anything that cannot lift itself off the ground and claim the sky. Occasionally, he expresses that contempt by diving and striking, leaving flame and destruction as he again speeds upward.

Like his follow Decepticon jet fighters, Thundercracker can attain speeds of up to 1500 mph. He has the additional ability to produce controlled sonic booms of deafening magnitude that can be heard within a 200-mile radius. He can launch a drone rocket with a range of 500 miles that behaves similarly to a cruise missile and has the concussive force of 3000 lbs. of TNT. He has a shoulder-mounted automatic incendiary gun that shoots at 100 rounds per minute heat-resistant ceramic bullets containing a highly explosive flammable material that ignites on impact.

Lingering doubts in Thundercracker's sub consciousness now extinguished his effectiveness has now become a great asset. Though some doubts about his younger bother’s loyalty remain. His new chassis requires more fuelling and can put him in a serious situation should he be stranded somewhere.


Heavy Metal War

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