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Function: Construction Engineer

Scrapper was sent to Thundertron by Megatron to over see and help with the reconstruction of Cybertron as the team moved threw area to area sizing damage and battling small pockets of Autobot resistance. It was Scrapper’s duty to create plans for new buildings as well as formulate plans to rebuild some of the older monuments that were all in ruin. Scrapper reluctantly came to the team with his sight set on nothing more than being an Engineer, the last part of the war had a demoralizing effect on him and the other members of the Constructicon team. Once he arrived at the meeting point Master Piece met him, and Scrapper was nearly put in stasis from the shock. He had not expected to see this look a like of Hook, though he knew Hook had insisted that he build him so many years ago. The two quickly became friends and though Master Piece’s arrogant attitude, and his insistence on taking the time to do things perfectly sometimes gets in the way, Scrapper has investigated Master Piece’s components and is sure that with the other four Constructicons there it would be possible to bring Devastator back from the grave. Megatron assured Scrapper that once the Autobots are dealt with and reconstruction is near complete that he will have access to his former team to try his theory. He however is unsure about what changes will be made to Devastator by having the new personality added, not to mention what the others might say.

Scrapper is a wizard at designing fortresses and energy production plants for the Decepticons. Disguising his creations to blend unnoticed into the surrounding alien human landscapes comes almost as easily to him. He modestly shrugs off the acclaim these talents inspire from his comrades. After all, he feels he is just fulfilling the requirements of his job. But overcoming an enemy Autobot and secreting his body in the foundation or structural skeleton of one of his buildings is another story. It is in such cases that Scrapper exhibits his true malevolent genius and relishes the admiration and praise it garners. Megatron considers him the most valuable of the Constructicons.

In vehicular mode. Scrapper's shovel can slice through 12-inch thick carbon-steel plate and lift up 30 tons. By adding on his single-jet levitation wing he can fly at 60 mph for 250 miles. In robot mode he has immense strength and carries a laser pistol. When combined with his fellow Constructions he serves as the right leg module and part of the torso module in the giant robot known as Devastator.

While flying, Scrapper is a very vulnerable target due to his lack of speed and maneuverability. His shovel is prone to metal stress fractures if overused.

 Heavy Metal War

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