Extended team that is Residing on Daraknus
Scrabble's Bio

Function: Fuel Scout
This Cassette was given to Syphonic when she switched over from the Autobot's back to the Decepticons. In need of and aerial scout Scrabble had many sensors and can nearly get in to any crevice. He can spot a microscopic organism from 50 feet away. His tiny body allows him in the smallest of places to either observe, or to spy. He is able to fly for longer periods of time without re-fueling.

Thundertron dislikes this cassette, because he feels that it's his brothers was of keeping an optic on him. Scrabble stays in contact with Soundwave through a highly specialized link that is broadcasted to Shockwave's citadel then to earth if necessary.

Scrabble has no friends, only business partners. His sole allegiance is to himself. The other Decepticons are aware of this, but cooperate with and tolerate Scrabble because of his vital and unique talent for locating fuel resources. So much do they value his services that they are willing to overlook his behavioral extremes. Scrabble prefers to refuel himself by plunging his mecha-fangs into the grime-free gas lines of brand-new cars; the better made the car, the better its gas tastes to him. This usually destroys the cars. Although many of the other Decepticons find this practice wasteful and disgusting, they are more than willing to help Scrabble indulge in his horrible habit by procuring cars for him. Besides, they know if Scrabble can't satisfy his fuel lust In that way, he might select one of them. And given his importance, they are likely to let him.

In his bat mode, Scrabble wings act as chemical sensors that enable him to locate and distinguish between fuels. They are able to detect the slightest trace of a fuel- their sensitivity records molecular concentrations as low as one part per quadrillion in the air. Within his mouth are retractable mecha-fangs that can puncture all but the strongest materials. He uses them to refuel himself. Micro-chemical processors within the fangs convert most fossil and alcohol-based fuels into a form he can metabolize. As a bat, he can assume the size of a normal bat with about a one-foot wingspan, or a larger version with a ten-foot wingspan. In either size, he has a maximum speed of 65 mph and a range of 200 miles. He is extremely maneuverable.

Scrabble wings are his most vulnerable part. They offer little resistance to artillery fire. Scrabble has probably one of the weakest cassette bodies. He also requires tremendous amounts of re-fueling for longer voyages. He also has a slight timid ness, which makes him shy to larger battles.


Heavy Metal War

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