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Function: Commander of The Rebels (MiO)&(DSA)

Robot is a young commander with the experience of a well-trained seasoned professional. Many of his pervious commanders have commended him on completing many of assignments that season warriors had been unable to, making him rise to the top of the ranks. Once there however he had got an optic full of the politics that the Autobots had used and decided he didn’t like it. Optimus Prime gave him a job offer that was too good to pass up, he was to select a team and begin mapping the lower levels of Cybertron. He took the job gladly, organizing eleven others to join him. His first pick was Robot, easily his best friend, and his thoughts were best to get a repair medic with high skill. The unknown of the planets lower levels would prose a problem should someone get hurt that far form a decent medical facility. Others were added to the team more or less by function, Ns6 tried to keep the unit as a well-rounded group. His want to do so had proved its self over and over as the came across the interplanetary defenses that had been left.

Robot excelled his team and completed many maps till the last time he surfaced. This last time he came to a Cybertron that was now controlled by the Decepticons. He was contacted by Soundwave and given and ultimatum, become a neutral, be reprogrammed, or termination. His thoughts clear that he was not joining the Decepticons, and in the course of returning to the surface he had come across a small group of Autobots that had retreated from the occupation. At this point though it was up to him and his team to bide their time till they could find Hot Rod, and get in contact with the other Autobots on Earth.

While walking in one of the caverns a cave in happened Turbokat was killed and so was Switchflip. Robot’s first thoughts were an accident but he then found out Soundwave's Slave was working over time. Robot’s optics glowed not their normal red but purple as he killed the slave with his knife. He ordered Robot to dig Switchflip and Turbokat out of the cave in. Robot did not help he instead went to the Decepticon headquarters. He walked up behind Soundwave. He raised his knife to kill but Megatron pulled him back.

"You don’t want to do that"

"I don’t!?" The smaller mech exclaimed.

"No you don’t you want to join us" Megatron’s voice hissed.

"What!?! Why would I want to do a slagging thing like that?"

"Because….” The Decepticon leader said seductively. “You are one of us know you killed the Slave in cold sparkless murder."

"It doesn’t matter he deserved it" Robot couldn’t believe what he was saying.

"I am glad we agree." Megatron finished.

After Robot talked with Megatron for some time he switched from natural to a Decepticon gaining new insignias as well as some new allies. He now works under the orders of Star Raider and Dynamax. He also had pick out three more team members. The first was easy to pick out it was Ns5, and then he chose his lover and long time friend Windcon. The other was a young Darkwarp who was as spastic as Turbokat.

Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara