Retired Memeber
Name: Ravage
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal.”
Team: The Cassetticons [RDD]
Team Commander: Thundertron
Subfaction: The Renegade Decepticon Dissidents in alliance with The Decepticon Shadow Alliance.
Function : Sabatur.

Soundwave gave Ravage to Sythonic upon his joining of the Decepticons. Ravage was trained harder than most of the other cassettes to help Sythonic as much as possible. Ravage is built much sturdier than most of the cassettes, and he possess much more speed. He is quite a noble cassette, and has a good sense of honor. However, he tends to be a little aggressive.

His cat-like mode has been great help locating energon, as well as hidden Autobot foes. He has the ability to track energon from approximately 50 miles away. He is able to only track Autobots he has met in combat, or tracked before, such as Optimus Prime. He has earned the right to stay in the optics of Thundertron for risking his own existence for the leader more than once. He shows much concern for his allies and for the Decepticon cause.

Ravage operates best when he operates alone. He's a creature of the night and carries out most of his murderous mischief at that time. Often the other Decepticons have no idea where he is, but they know he's up to no good, so they don't mind. He is easily the craftiest of his comrades and is quick to devise deadly new strategies to be used against the Autobots. He tends to remain aloof from the others, but his deeds command their respect. He is an exceptionally efficient war machine.

Ravage can hide his presence from others virtually completely. He can shield any electromagnetic radiation inside him from being detected by any monitoring devices. His walk is soundless. And he can disappear from sight in subdued light and shadows. He has his own monitoring devices in his nose module that give him a superior sense of smell, hearing and full-spectrum electromagnetic wave detection. He carries two low-radiation 1 megaton proton bombs, which he can fire over 3 miles distant or set in place with a timer.

He is very sensitive to light and can be blinded by too much of it. Ravage has only a few weaknesses. Even though he is one of the better-built cassettes, his body is still pretty frail. Also, protecting his superiors cause great damage to himself. Ravage does not possess the greatest firepower either.

Heavy Metal War
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara