Written and Used with Permission

Sometimes the home you start in doesn’t feel like you belong in it. This was the feeling that Ns5 lived with for most of his young life. In fact he chose a profession that would keep him from his home for many years at a time. Ns6 was an Autobot and though he doesn’t mind the label or the work he never felt like it was really him.

As a young Autobot out of the required academy he joined the AWC (Autobot War Council) looking for others that were like him. Accepted and brought in he learned more on how to take on missions in enemy territory and defense against the invading Decepticons. Still something didn’t feel right he took as assignment to map a section of lower levels within Cybertron, to put his finely tuned cartography skills to the test.

He and his small team headed under knowing that they would spend quite a few hundred years. Finally Robot’s team needed to surface for supplies, he found that the near exit had been coved. Using Treadbuster to burrow through some of the rubble he was met with a female Decepticon. She helped the team out of the tunnel then explained that this area was under Decepticon control. Surprised that the Decepticon did not slaughter the whole team on sight he agreed to share his information with Windcon and the returning Soundwave.

Ns5 was taken to the infamous citadel where Shockwave and Soundwave both were informed on what had happened. His team was permitted to say with in the citadel for later instruction, and Windcon took advantage of it. She met with the Autobot at every free moment and then even convinced him to sneak out and fly with her. During that outing rubble from the top of a building that had been severely damaged crumbled and fell from its ledge hitting Windcon and causing her to crash. Ns6 took her back to the citadel and explained what had happened.

Soundwave had evaluated the Autobot, finding him more help than an Autobot would normally be. He offered Ns6 and his team the purple Decepticon brand. Ns6 took it under one condition Windcon be added to his team.

Ns5 has more feelings for Windcon than he shows. He knows she sees Soundwave as a father figure but sometimes gets jealous of her attention being drawn a way.


Heavy Metal War

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