Extended team that is Residing on Daraknus

Nemesis Overloaded

“Your bad planning put you in the emergency situation, which I will remedy with your lifeless chassis.”

Function : Front Line Assault.

Currently: As the lowest member of the team he is angered and his rage possesses him. Busted down from commander of his own team Nemesis Overloaded has vowed to claim it again and search out his Autobot counter part.

History: His long successful history as a high-ranking Decepticon commander under the name Virixian, he reined until a lesser-known Autobot came in and took over the series of zones that Virixian had gained control of. This changed inside and out his commitment to the Decepticon cause took a back seat to his want of revenge. He had himself reformatted and renamed himself Nemesis Overloaded, after the Autobot commander that had taken everything he had.

Nemesis Overloaded is first into battle looking for his named rival with ferocious speed. He really doesn’t care for his teammates regardless of who they are in his rage he is left to take out the lines for the Autobot defense so the others can infiltrate with less danger to themselves.

This had led to Nemesis Overloaded being found locking battle with five or more Autobots alone most often leaving him batter and leaking energon for the others to take back to the CR.

Weakness: Due to blind rage Nemesis Overloaded can get in to situations that he cannot get out of a lone. Currently the other team members are not wanting to help him.

Credits: Thanks to Overloaded for his character Overloaded.

And to Zz for his use of the name Virixian.


Heavy Metal War.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara