Extended team that is Residing on Daraknus

Master Piece


Function: Surgical Engineer.

When Hook first met the others that would be come the other members of the Constructicons, it was the last time he was separated from them. Under orders of Megatron to keep things secret Soundwave installed a safety program with in the six of them to keep them from telling anything about what had happened with out inflicting pain on the others. Mistrust kept them together and as they noticed a great team of engineers became of them. Hook was displeased with having to give his ways up and deal with having 5 partners around him consistently, so he insisted he create his legacy, his Master Piece. As time passed and the team began to take a great reputation, Megatron’s interest in them increased till he ordered them back, and modified to take on the new process of combination. Megatron also took this time to appoint Scrapper as leader, though the team had chosen him as speaker already. After the refitting was complete and Devastator emerged, Hook insisted that he make the new changes as well to Master Piece.

Hook insisted that Master Piece be his assistant in his labs as well as in the repair bay, had wanted to have someone to be his assistant that would know what to do and how to do it. Master Piece was thought terminated before the launch of the Nemesis and Hook along with the other Constructicons were put in holding cells to escape Omega Supreme’s wrath. A sentinel came across the mangled chassis and brought it back to Shockwave during the time that Megatron spent in stasis on Earth. Shockwave repaired the mess but left him in stasis until he returned to his citadel, when Megatron came to retake Cybertron. Master Piece was use solely as a medic, but his training in fieldwork made him a first choice for Thundertron’s new team.

Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara