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Laserbeak's Bio

Name: Laserbeak
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "The only point I like in Autobots: Melting point.”
Team: The Cassetticons [RDD]
Commander: Soundwave
Subfaction: The Renegade Decepticon Dissidents in alliance with The Decepticon Shadow Alliance.
Function: Interrogation

The normally shy Vulture has come out of his shell a little; Soundwave has enlisted him to keep contacts with Gemini and do the reporting while Soundwave is preoccupied with orders. The small cassette goes out on his own though some territories that make many think twice to find the Autobot spy. More recently he has rather enjoyed his a lone time taking a break from Rumble and Frenzy’s constant banter.

It displeases him to find that one of his brethren had given up on the Decepticon cause and has taken the side of the Autobots. While on his many missions he tends to watch for Payne and has vowed that should he come in contact with him there shall be a long talk and hot laser fire.

When not out working Laserbeak lies in wait with in Soundwave most of the time; coming out with his twin Buzzsaw to help eliminate Autobots that are still thinking that they will reside in or around Cybertron’s surrounding space. He has been putting his Function to a higher use torturing Autobots to death looking for were the Autobots seem to keep coming from. Thundertron has become accustomed to the vulture as a great weapon. He will allow the bird to be set on helpless Autobots and watch as Laserbeak’s methods of madding agony makes the distressing Autobot scream shrilly.

Laserbeak takes pleasure in hunting his prey -- usually the straggling survivors of a battle. Noticeably not brave. Will run for safety if threatened. Flies at speeds up to 250mph. Uses two independently targetable laser cannons with extreme precision to get information from capitves. Shortage of ruby crystals that powers the lasers can panic his systems into shutting down.

Laserbeak takes a sadistic pleasure in hunting his prey. He prefers to play with them and slowly cripple them before moving in for the kill. On Cybertron, his appearance on the battlefront would usually mean the battle was over and the Decepticons had won. Then it would be his turn to pick off the straggling survivors. However, given a situation where the odds are against him, he is clearly not very brave. He'll run for safety. And he makes no attempt to hide this fear. If Decepticon Leader Megatron didn't have a special appreciation for Laserbeak's lethal style, he might have gotten rid of Laserbeak a long time ago.

In robot mode, Laserbeak can fly at speeds of up to 250 mph with a range of 1500 miles. He has two independently targetable laser cannons that can fly on their own. Laserbeak emits a laser beam that is able to pierce 2-inch thick plate steel at a distance of 30 miles. Laserbeak uses these beams like a surgeon uses his scalpels - with extreme precision. He employs this talent to persuade captives to reveal secret information- before he disposes of them.

The Autobots are well aware of Laserbeak's lack of bravery and take advantage of that flaw to thwart his machinations whenever they can. Also, Laserbeak has a serious dependency on ruby crystals, which empower his lasers. When his supply runs out, has been known to become so terrified of his vulnerability that his systems completely shut down and he becomes immobile.

High Scores: 5,172 2,390


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