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Fem Toy’s Bio


Name : Fem Toy

Current Faction : Decepticon

Quote : "Come on you can’t resist this!.”

Team : Amalgamated Pretense

Team Commander : Thundertron

Function : Supply transport


Currently: The main transport of imports from Cybertron Fem Toy is constantly on the move. Daraknus’ only means of Cybertronian supply he is the lone traveler until Astrotrain’s specialized parts can be found.


Bio: Fem Toy changed his name; near the instant he came on line. His designation had been Crazystar, and he just thought that was not good enough for him. He is modeled after Astrotrain and other than color they could pass for twins. His colors are a brilliant red and a smoke gray, which he keeps brightly polished as well as extremely clean. Shockwave does not know what in the triple changers programming caused him to take such an egotistical attitude. Thundertron asked for Fem Toy though he calls him CS regardless of what the triplechanger wants; to be added to his small group as the main supply link between Daraknus and Cybertron.


Fem Toy though is grateful to have a useful position that allows him to work for the cause as well as not be subjected to the main battle. He takes his job seriously and if he is with a femme at the time, he explains that what he does is important to the war, and in most cases it causes the femmes to want him more.


He was an experiment done by Shockwave and was second to Astrotrain, before Astrotrain left to join Megatron on earth. He stayed with Shockwave until there was no place left to go, then rather than be caught by Autobots he asked Shockwave to be put in stasis until he was needed again. Knowing that Megatron was on Earth and he would soon come to rescue him Shockwave did it keeping the location filed in him memory for the Decepticon’s return. Just as Shockwave knew he would, Megatron came back to Cybertron and took it by force. Thundertron had been found and a new team was needed. Shockwave and Soundwave organized the small groups of Decepticons that were hiding through out the planet and brought many of them to Iacon as well as Dark Mount. Shockwave listed those able to join the young commander and Fem Toy was then chosen to join him.


Abilities/Weapons: Equipped with a disrupter cannon Fem Toy is a great shot. He wishes not to come into hand to hand contact as not to hurt and tarnish his paint and armor. When in Shuttle mode he has several self targeting turrets.


Weaknesses Unwilling to put himself in harms way he can suffer at the wrath of Thundertron’s hands and anyone else that he involuntarily causes damage to. The want of self preservation makes him a bit of a coward.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara