Extended team that is Residing on Daraknus

Cygnus’ Bio



Name : Cygnus

Current Faction : Decepticon

Quote : "I got what I worked for.”

Team : Amalgamated Pretense

Team Commander : Thundertron

Function : Over active ground troop.


Currently : When Thundertron takes Amalgamated Pretense off Daraknus Cygnus is the one left in charge. The facility there is slowly building up and more machines are being brought in to which Cygnus arranges and makes sure they work accordingly.


Bio: If something needs done Cygnus is probably the one doing it. He is the type that doesn’t like to sit still; he can’t sit idle and wait for things to happen unlike some members he does value his down time, he insists that is it that time he needs to clean up his personal schedule and set things right in his quarters.


Not built for battle Cygnus took on the war armor to bulk up his chassis. He was originally a custodial mech that was paid to clean the arena of the Gladiatorial Pits. He felt that he didn’t make enough energon for the things he wanted so when the call for fresh warriors came he answered. With all things in place and his own bit of augmentations made to his armor to be more form fitting Cygnus is rather proud of himself and takes too seriously to insults on his person.


Abilities/Weapons : Drawing on what he knew of chemicals Cygnus is an alchemist of sorts. He can channel acid though his hypo-gun and spy it out on to the field.


Weaknesses : Too long a spray can cause Cygnus’ own weapon to start disintegrate if he as to he can run something else thought it before the acid eats it. His armor is not wired to his own sensory nets if he his hit other than the recoil he does not feel it and can be damaged greatly because of it. 
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara