Written for Robot and Used with permission



Name: Crossblades

Current Faction: Decepticon

Quote: “My name is my weapon prepare yourself!"

Team: The Rebels

Commander: Robot

Function: Refueling Agent.

Theme song : For all the wrong reasons; Nickleback


Bio The first attempt at a triple changer Crossblades was designed to go from a heavily armored helicopter to a swift dune buggy in a flash. However that isn’t what happened. His first attempt at transformation had him frozen in between robot and buggy for nearly a week. This caused the Autobots to postpone the process till the inner workings could be processed better leaving Crossblades alone. His caretaker, whom had worked diligently by the side of Preceptor to tried her best fix the problem, though took a liking to him’ he is as a true Autobot, held his head high and attempted to learn what he could about the malfunction that had caused his transformation to seize, in the process learning more about his female helper. Finally once the problem was fixed, and his transformations restored he was allowed to join the rest of the Autobots of Iacon. There he had decided he was going to learn field medicine. The speed of his alternate modes would allow him to go near anywhere to help any of his fellows in need. Crossblades did not fair too well at his learning but held it to his heart to try his best.


Crossblades found himself added to The Renegades shortly after he managed to graduate from field medicine. Not that they were in need of a medic but the team needed members and he had the luck of pulling the wrong straw. He serves in contentment.


The move to the Decepticon side has given Crossblades many doubts but the fact that the team has stayed together despite the name change does give him some hope. One day he would like to fine the assistant if she still functions and thank her for helping him.


Abilities : Since his transformation sequence has been fixed Crossblades can switch from helicopter to dune buggy with a quick thought, allowing him to land at full speed or take off in to the air suddenly. His blades double as swords that he unfortunately hasn’t totally mastered, which is why he prefers his blaster.


Weaknesses: His transformation workings manage to pick the worst time to freeze up and he can get caught off guard. It takes him a few moments to reset them and he relies on his teammates to watch out for him while vulnerable. Unsure at using his swords he hesitates and is an open target at times.


Heavy Metal War

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara