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Buzzsaw’s Bio


Name: Buzzsaw
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "My bite is worse than my bark.”
Team: The Cassetticons [RDD]
Commander: Soundwave
Subfaction: The Renegade Decepticon Dissidents in alliance with The Decepticon Shadow Alliance.
Function: Reconnaissance

Waiting within Soundwave most times Buzzsaw emerges to take on long information gathering missions. He prefers to go out a lone and find unsuspecting Autobots to attack, as he likes. Unlike Laserbeak who can be timid about entering Autobot territory Buzzsaw sees it as a challenge and keeps a personal log of the Autobots whom he has destroyed. Buzzsaw uses his link to Soundwave to inform the team of enemy locations as well as stockpiles that he may find, and then he waits silently as the team homes in on his signal. Many times Soundwave has caught the vulture feasting on a disemboweled Autobot. He is one that didn’t bother to panic when he was caught by Viper then taken to Autobot Island: Hero Stronghold. Though his sibling Rumble managed to escape and cause some havoc in the base, Buzzsaw was content to wait for his creator to come, and he did. His primary objective is observation of the surrounding areas at Daraknus due to its fields and magnetisms he is to disable, deactivate any Autobot that might land, if he cannot he is to return with a full report.

Previously to Soundwave joining Thundertron’s team. Buzzsaw was sent ahead to Sythonic to acclimate himself within the team. Having pulled a great number of missions at that time his experience jumped up above the rest of the team.

Since losing one of his fellow cassettes Ratbat, Buzzsaw has favored his brethren, when working together. He will take risk to see that his fellow cassettes are in proper working order. This has extended to some of the outer family. He feels that he is a big brother and will watch over Syphonic’s cassettes Scrabble and Dereliction as well as Datamatrix’s rough bunch.
Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara