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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 26

The hall was surprisingly quiet as Raider made her way down to the Constructicon's lab. She could feel reassurances from Soundwave that repairs would be quick and she would be back up to full capacity quickly. That was not the odd part though it did make her feel better. Where were the kids? She knew the answer but it was a lot like Audio to come and inspect her to reassure himself she was aright.

With a quick telepathic sweep she found Audio with Lenear just as she figured, he must have sensed her feelings over the whole ordeal. She continued to the Constructicon’s lab and the door opened as she neared it. Both Soundwave and Hook stopped to look at her, the surgeon hesitated causing Raider to extend her telepathy and find out what they had been talking about. Astrotrain came from the backside of the room with a big goofy grin on his face.

“Don’t tell her!” the triple changer demanded.

“Tell me what?”

Hook crossed his arms over his chest in a huff. “Hurry up or her telepathy will beat you to it.”

Raider looked away from Hook to Astrotrain and back, “tell me then.”

“Syphonic is going to have my sparkling.” ‘Train’s energy skyrocketed.

“Congratulations,” Raider nodded.

“I wanted one so bad when I found out that it was possible.” ‘Train continued.

“I remember when you found out about Audio not being yours.”

“Yeah,” the triple changer answered then silence took over until Hook moved taking Raider’s hand.

“Let’s take a look at those burns.”

Raider sat on the table and forced her wing forward, with a twinge of pain.

The fingers of the surgeon prodded around meticulously as his optics gauged the damage. Several wires were burnt causing the pain and to top it off one of the Energon lines had leaked over them causing a flare up.

“I want to remove the wing; it will be less pain and over all less complexity.” Hook began to gather the needed tools.

Weary from the whole ordeal Raider shook her head. “Alright just put me to sleep and wake me when you’re done.”

Soundwave put his hand on hers and looked her over his telepathic link seemed to beam to her. He was proud of what she had done. He slipped open a panel and with a quick flick Raider was out.

Earth Decepticon HQ (Ex-Autobot city.)

The city had little to nothing going on while small increments of Decepticons were shipped via Space Bridge down to Earth. Starscream overlooked the command center as a few of the nameless that had been awoken went about the meanness tasks. Windcon spoke up she refused to allow her pregnancy keep her locked in her quarters, and doing communications scans allowed her to sit, “Megatron is sending down the Protectobots.”

“Good we needed a medic anyway. I’ll go see that they make it.” Starscream left on his heal and headed to the new Spacebridge that has been built in the communications spire. He had instructed the Constructicons on many things when the city was rebuilt. He stopped abruptly as Starcon came running at him full speed.

“Watch out watch out!” She cried sliding to a stop only inches from slamming into her father.

His hands out as if to catch her he looked around confused to what she had been running from. “What is going on here?” he demanded.

“I … I was.” She stammered. Should she tell him she had managed to tease Ramjet until he chased her or be glad that the larger jet had hit the wall around the corner and was passed out so he couldn’t tell Starscream what was going on.

His optics dimmed and his brow lowered. “I demand to know what is going in this instant.” The tone of his voice was cold.

“Ramjet was gloating and we were talking and he didn’t like it and well started to chase me.” She looked down the hall to see if Ramjet had managed to get to his feet yet.

“That’s it.” Starscream spat. “This facility was not rebuilt for your amusement. As soon as the Space Bridge is clear you are going to the academy.”

“But dad! You said there was enough here I could learn just as easily.” Her optics welled up with solvent at the thought of leaving what she thought was her home.

“There is! I know I created it that way!” His shrill voice rose in volume as he grabbed her elbow joint and made her walk with him to the bridge. “You need to be with the other sparklings; those your age socialize with others at your level.” He knew it might have come down to that. “Those that are stationed here are not subjects of torment, they are warriors.”

Starcon did want to go and meet her Aunt Lenear, and soon she’d have a new uncle Alero as well as her grandfather regardless of how intimidating it was. Not once did it bother her that both of them were only half relations, though she did find it slightly funny that she’d have an Uncle that would be younger than she was. What she really wanted though was to be home when Streamchaser was born. Her very own sibling and here she was going to be shipped off to Cybertron. “I want to be here to meet Streamchaser.”

“You should have thought about that before you came jetting though the hall.” Starscream stepped though the door into the communications room. The whole situation seemed familiar as a scene of his own child hood came back to him. He tried not to smile as he realized how much she was like him. “We will discuss this more, the Protectobots are coming down I need to greet them.”

Suddenly she was a little afraid. “Autobots?”

“In a sense.” He manned the console and began to operate it. “As I’ve explained, there are differences between Autobots and Decepticons in structure and programming, but we are all derived from sparks, and are Cybertronian.” Starscream looked down at his first offspring noticing the confusion and fear. “I know you like studying the humans, the humans that have African origins have darker skin that others correct?”

Starcon thought about it for a moment, and then nodded.

“Autobots and Decepticons are like that, we are all Cybertronian, just like the African humans are still humans.”

“Yeah but we haven’t been at war with them for like ever.” Starcon stared at the Space Bridge as the sound of the console told her it was beginning to receive.

“Think about that and think about why we are here on Earth.” Starscream’s fingers slid across the panel with ease.

“The war is over?” She questioned.

“Correct. Megatron would not send enemies here.”

That set her processor at ease, Starcon skipped to the next subject. “Will I meet Megatron?”

Starscream looked at her his optic brow raised slightly. “Does that worry you?”

“A little, I’ve read the history.” Her gaze dropped to the metallic floor.

“Megatron and I have come to an understanding.” Starscream sidestepped the console when the Space Bridge door opened.

Hotspot walked out tentatively as he caught sight of Starscream. “I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see I with my own optics.” He said looking around.

“It’s true then?” First aid asked.

“Yes, it is. We are here basically to police the humans from themselves.” Starscream explained. “The agreement was that we would keep crime and terrorism to a minimum and in return we can take what Energon we want.”

“So you go raiding?” Groove looked to Starscream.

“No, there is no longer any need for that. We have our generators. Hotspot your team will be stationed here, and on call when there is something the humans need be it natural disaster or terrorists. You are not to kill them but calm the conflict. Is that understood?”

Groove stepped up a little, “we really are Protectobots then.” He stated.

“If you insist on keeping the name feel free.” Starscream gave a data pad to Hotspot. “This is an update to everything that is going on and what you will need to do to interlink your personal COM links to ours. And where you can find you quarters. Are there any other questions?” He stood perfectly straight as if he expected them to argue their assignment.

The group of ‘Bots looked at each other each astounded the Decepticon had bothered with putting things together for them, a few clicks later they shook their heads and passed the data pad around.

“That is it then. Hotspot report to me when the COM links are completed. You are dismissed until 0500 tomorrow you can pick up your first assignments of duties then.”

Hotspot nodded and then lead his group out to find the respective quarters.

“That seemed easy.” Starcon noted.

“Autobots are easier to please then Decepticons. These particular ones were created to serve and protect humans this is also what I need them for. Since it suits their basic programs they will be compliant even happy to do it.” The City Commander said.

“I guess that means I have to leave now?” Solvent tears began to well up in Starcon’s optics again.

“As much as I would love to just toss you in there and leave you at Soundwave’s mercy on the other side. Your mother would kill me.” Starscream smiled. “First we need to go talk with her and I am sure she will be rather upset if I send you before Streamchaser arrives.”

The two walked in silence, and enough time had passed and Windcon would be off her minimal duties now. As the approached the living area the door slid open with a common whoosh.

“Mom?” The sparkling called.

“In here.” the voice came from the other room.

Starcon ran in and hopped on the bed and sat next to Windcon. “Mom, Dad wants to ship me off to Cybertron!”

“We’ve talked about this,” Windcon started as Starscream joined then sitting down on the corner of the recharge birth.

“Yes we have, and we had agreed you would go to the academy. I have just changed when your departure would be.” Starscream watched Windcon.

Windcon could tell her mate was up to something, “What has she done now?” the femme asked.

“She is teasing the warriors, tormenting them till they give chase.” Starscream gave Starcon a glare. “She needs other sparklings to socialize with.”

“Well we’ll have one soon enough.” Windcon smiled.

“She needs the academy,” Starscream insisted.

“I don’t want to go before I meet Streamchaser.” The sparkling whined her voice rising in pitch making her sound much like her father.

Windcon glared at Starscream, “She can go to the academy only after she has met her sibling.”

“I told you, your mother would insist in it.” Starscream tugged Starcon by the foot, making the little one crawl back up to her mother giggling.

“It won’t be but a few days.” Windcon stopped abruptly wincing, “Maybe sooner.”

The mech picked up on his mate’s uncomfortable state. “First aid is here.”

“Has he been briefed on the process?” She wondered out loud.

“It doesn’t matter, if Streamchaser is ready now we can go down. He can learn hands on.”

Windcon winced again, “alright,” She looked at Starcon, “looks like you’ll be going to Cybertron sooner than I had thought.”

Decepticon Citadel Cybertron

Even with the increase of activity Shockwave didn’t like to have the underlings dealing with things that were above their intelligence, or at least that is what he logically decided his reason was for manning the Space Bridge himself. He had called Juci to come down with him knowing that his mate had more ties to the other sparklings than he did. He would have shaken his processor but it wasn’t logical to, he was in charge of the academy and its curriculum yet the sparklings didn’t seem too excited about seeing him. He had done some research on what the Humans called a “Head Master” and found out most children seemed to think that the authority figure as bad. It actually seemed logical, children didn’t like to be in trouble and the so called “Head Master” was the disciplinarian. Soundwave had told him that most of them had thought of him as a principal then anything else which was very logical; they feared him for what he might make them do. The sparkling that he was receiving though the Space Bridge he had little knowledge of though he had read the reports that Starscream had sent with her. He would have respect for her after all she was Megatron’s grand daughter. But he knew she might have a bit of a wild streak that would get her into trouble just like her own father.

“Spawn of Starscream huh? Doesn’t sound too pleasant.” Juci said. Most everyone knew she didn’t like the seeker even before all the news had come out. She had nearly no respect for Starscream and would even hate to admit that he’s even changed though it was rather obvious. Still the seeker hadn’t made up for or proved to her he was worth anything.

Shockwave looked at her, there was no communication needed. She’d give the femme sparkling a chance. As much as Juci once hated the ex-air commander this wasn’t him, this femme was still a sparking and could be taught.

The doors opened, and Starcon came out slowly. “Hi, I am Starcon.”

“Starcon, interesting.” Juci looked over the small femme seeker.

“Welcome to Cybertron.” Shockwave approached Starcon data pad in hand. “These are your assignments and things you will need.”

Juci took the data pad, “I’ll take that and show her around she won’t miss a class.”

“Very well.” The taller mech answered.

Juci led the smaller femme though the halls pointing this or that and making note specifically of which areas had the classes the sparkling would have to attend. Paying attention to how well she listened, Juci slowed her pace a bit. “Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.”

Nervously Starcon made mental notes and reminders of which door was where, she didn’t want to get lost. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh there is a big time difference between Earth and Cybertron most people are recharging right now.” Juci led her down another hall and into a small room. “This is going to be where you’ll stay. It isn’t much but from the look of your schedule you won’t need much.”

Starcon walked in looking around it really wasn’t much, a little side room that had a refresher, a desk with a computer station and the recharge birth. “Well it is all mine.”

“Right, change it decorate it make your self at home.” Juci stepped back a little. “I am supposed to tell you that the other sparklings will be by in the morning to take you to class, I am sure that Audioslave will be on time and proper as usual.”

“Are there a lot of Sparklings?”

“Around six right now, but a whole crew seems to be brooding.” Juci smiled, if I read the papers right you are the third eldest. So at least you’ll have some under you to deal with.”

The small femme jet sat on the edge of the recharge birth and thought about it. She had naturally since the first time her father had threatened to send her to Cybertron she had read all the files she could to try to get to know the other sparklings she’d be dealing with. “I guess I should try to recharge and reset my clock then.”

Juci nodded and stepped back once more, “If you need some thing call me.” Then the door slid shut.

Starcon laid back on the recharge birth setting her internal chronometer and its alarm and fell into recharge.


Audioslave walked at a quick place and Lenear kept up.

“I know she’s my nice, but I didn’t want to just walk right up to her door.” Lenear said.

’I told my father that I would help her same as I help you, this is no different we will go to her and take her to the academy.’ Mentally Audioslave answered as he walked a little faster.

“What is the big hurry?”

’I do not wish to be late.’

“She practically lives on site!” Lenear stopped in the hall.

Audioslave took few more steps before stopping. “The time change from Earth to Cybertron may mean she is not ready.

Lenear caught up to him with a quick jet of thrusters, “I forgot about that.”

Quickly they arrived at Starcon’s door and Audioslave sounded the ring.

“Do you think she’ll know who I am?” Lenear asked.

“There aren’t many sparklings still, and I am sure she knows we’re coming.” Audioslave looked in as the door slid open.

Starcon looked up from the desk as she put down a data pad. “I am ready to go.” She got up from the desk and came to the door sliding in between them.

“Hello,” Lenear said finally said.

“Hi, um should I call you Aunt or something?”

“No, I don’t think so Lenear is fine.”

“Good that would seem slightly awkward.”

“Audioslave.” Audioslave announced.

“Yeah I know Juci told me you’d come for me this morning.” Starcon allowed her door to close, “Well we’re headed to class right?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Lenear looked up and down Starcon before starting on their way the femme seeker did look a lot like Starscream, only she lacked the blues the mech hand in its place there was a dark red which gave the sparkling a very sinister look. Lenear found her attention was drawn to the wings and the differences between her own and Starcon’s part of it was obvious they had two different jet modes. Starcon had got that of Starscream’s F-15 Eagle while Lenear had her mother’s Mig-28. This was interesting perhaps some real flight training could be arranged. Lenear dismissed the thought for know knowing that Starcon was only going on two Earth years old while she herself was nearly three. She as unsure of what kind of training that took place on Earth.

“I understand that Windcon is with spark again?” Audioslave spoke up while they walked.

“Yeah a few weeks ago we thought that Streamchaser might have come early but she seemed to calm down.”

“What’s the matter with that?” Audio could sense the sadness in her vocalizer.

“It’s just that I wanted to get to know my own sister before I had to come up here.” Starcon’s whole posture seemed to droop. “My father wanted me to come to the academy as soon as possible, while mom wanted me to stay. When First Aid got there he checked over my mother and fixed the issue she was having with Streamchaser, so here I am.”

“I think that is understandable.” Lenear affirmed.

“I have no such issues,” Audioslave added.

“You knew your siblings before you were born don’t give me that.” Lenear pushed him on the shoulder.

“And you knew me the same way. Telepathy is a good tool.” Audioslave nodded.

“What is that like?” the whole thought of telepathy had interested Starcon when she had read the reports of Audioslave.

Lenear was silent for a few moments then she began, “it’s like talking to someone out loud but their voice is directly in your processor, all you have to do is think of something and they will know it.”

“So there is no way to hide anything or keep them out?” The thought of someone sneaking into her mind gave Starcon the chills.

“No, there are mental barriers that one can learn to put into place and there are unspoken rules as well as respect that keeps a telepath from invading minds.” Audio explained.

“All of that stuff you’ll learn and we’ll help you so don’t worry about it.” Lenear said as she stopped in front of a door. “This is the data track library everything you ever dreamed of is in there, and we spend a lot of time here.”

Both nodded and they continued to walk. “Speaking of sparklings isn’t Umm Prizm about to have another?”

“I don’t think she’d like to be called grandmother,” Lenear thought about it. “Our human heritage seems to dislike being called old.”

“Even though they are Transformers now, and by all technicalities are very young they don’t want to be called old?” That confused Starcon completely.

Audioslave went into explanation mode again. “Humans who have grandchildren or great grandchildren only achieve this by growing old for a human. Since my Mother, Prizm, and even Juci were humans they would feel being called that would indicate and older age.”

Starcon pondered that for a bit. “Fair enough do you think she’d be mad if I called her ma’m or sir or what should I call her?”

Audioslave looked at Lenear who shook her head. “Air Commander?”

“Affirmative, that is her rank.”

“Well that will help,” Starcon shook he head. Starscream had been right there was so much more to learn here.

“Here is our class come on, today Perceptor is coming in to talk about microprocessors.” Lenear went in as the door opened, Audioslave and Starcon both following.


Soundwave entered the room and relieved Raider of her duties, “Its time is it?”

He nodded and stepped up to the panel as she backed away.

“You’re not coming?”

Soundwave punched a few buttons summoning another Decepticon to take over. The door opened and Sideswipe came in with out a word took Soundwave’s spot. “Let’s go.”

“I don’t know why these things seem so important. I guess it is the humanity left within me.” Raider walked next to Soundwave an in an instant took his hand.

He looked down at her and then back to the direction he was going, ’I find that bit of humanity one of the things about you that interests me most.’

Raider said nothing as the two of them headed down to the med bay.

Making the necessary preparations Hook moved about the silent room when Megatron walked in with Prizm at his arm.

The surgeon indicated where she should lay then finished his work. Really there wasn’t much to it, but should something happen he would need an array of things.

The door opened and Soundwave came in with Raider who neared Prizm, “Wow how time flies!”

“I know it.” Prizm was excited.

The Constructicon came over and pulled out the sonic emitter. “Are you ready?”

Megatron looked Prizm over, this one was going to be a mech, and that excited him. “Yes start.”

Not waiting any longer Hook placed the sonic emitter over her and the invisible seam opened. Gently with the clasp he extracted the sparkling from the tight confines of Prizm’s frame; as with the previous one this one instantly transformed into its root mode, though it was obvious that he would be something of a tank in alt mode. Hook held the sparking out and Megatron scooped him up. He then ran the emitter back over Prizm to seal up the seam and allow her to sit up.

Alero looked around a little bewildered. He didn’t have all the attention that Lenear had from Audioslave though he did have a little from Raider who had supplied him with images of his parents. In the hands of his father he leaned back and took a good look at him memorizing every thing he could. Then he leaned against the larger mech and looked around at everyone else. The two other adults he knew Soundwave and Raider, Hook was new to him and he spied him suspiciously but when Prizm sat up his optics fell on her and he began to reach out.

Prizm took her second offspring in to her arms with a smile. “He looks a lot like you did before the crash on Earth.”

“Indeed.” Megatron said while Alero struggled to reach for Prizm. “He’s quite strong already.” The Decepticon leader held Alero out to Prizm.

Alero came to rest on Prizm’s thigh; she held her arm around him as he sat there his head against her breast plate. “He’s bigger than Lenear was, heavier too.”

To that Hook piped up, “it’s his alt, he is going to be a rather large tank, and he’s already got most of the workings for it. I might say he might be bigger than Megatron when fully grown.”

Megatron snapped a glare at Hook and scoffed. Even if Alero was it wouldn’t matter. Of course he didn’t think his newest sparkling would out grow him but then again the tank mode was much large than his walther. Megatron shook his head this was his son, one that would be primed and primed to take his thrown if anything were to happen, he’d have to be strong.

The little sparkling looked around the room from Hook then back to Megatron, and then repeated, “Tank.”

“Alero,” Prizm spoke up telling her son his name.

Megatron looked at him and smiled, “Yes, you will be a tank.”

Alero looked up at his mother, “Alero?”

“Yes, Alero is your name.”

Again Alero looked from Prizm to Megatron, and then nodded his head.

The door opened allowing Lenear and Audioslave in. The young femme came closer and examined Alero; the little sparkling looked a little bewildered until he caught a glimpse of Audioslave. He then smiled quickly and piped up “LENEAR!”

The young jet smiled and reached for her sibling, “can I hold him?”

Prizm took a second to think about it, and then handed Alero over. He looked much bigger in her arms than he had in Megatron’s but it was still cute.

Hook looked over taking note of it then headed off to some other corner of the room to work on something else.

Megatron waited a few more moments then asked, “Why are you late?”

Audioslave looked up at the Emperor, “Our assignment was not completed on time.”

“Explain,” Megatron demanded.

“The tunnel was blocked after a cave in, our route had to be changed, and in the process we did recover more historic data crystals.” Audioslave did as asked.

Nodding once Megatron dropped the attitude, “Very well.”

“Are you alright?” Raider asked over looking Audioslave.

Hook turned around listening in.

“Affirmative, no damages were taken.”

“Very good,” Megatron agreed. He seemed to think about it for a few seconds, and then looked at Prizm, “Shall we take Alero to his room?”

Lenear started toward the door with Alero in her arms as Prizm got off the table; she wobbled a little as her gyros began to resynchronize for the weight difference. Megatron grabbed her at the waist and shoulder steadying her.

Shaking her head Raider pulled Soundwave’s arm as they too headed out of the med bay, “Don’t even think of it we aren’t going to have one for a while.” She told him with a playful smile. Soundwave just shook his head.

“Lenear wait.” Prizm called. Slowly the seeker got her balance and joined them as they headed back to their rooms.

“Am I going to have to baby sit?” Lenear looked up from her brother to Prizm and then to Megatron who stood next to her.

“Why? Does that bother you?” Prizm asked.

“I won’t know what to do with him.” Lenear looked at Alero who returned her look of bewilderment.

“Same thing you did at his age. Start studying.” Megatron answered.

“Study?” Alero asked.

Megatron lip pulled up into a smirk. “Yes, there is a lot for you to learn.” They four of them continued down the hall and into their rooms. “Put him down now.” Megatron said.

She put Alero down onto the ground and held his hand so he could keep balance. Megatron walked past him and to a door in the hall. “This way, here is your room.”

For a moment Prizm was puzzled, she wasn’t sure if Alero would managed to walk so soon, but he let go of Lenear’s hand and took a step forward. It was obvious that he was a bit top heavy and he wobbled a little, he looked to Megatron then stood up right as if he wouldn’t let anything stop him. With more confidence and five steps later he was walking into his room. Prizm smiled, she could already see Megatron within Alero.


Megatron sat back in the chair that was at the head of the table in the war room. He pondered there for two hours before calling in Soundwave and Shockwave both, he even remote COM linked Starscream. Earth was putting out more Energon than most of them had seen in a life time, Cybertron had finally reached another golden age of sorts, only this time it was under Decepticon rule. Technology was progressing as well as many of the other points of interest for schooling. Megatron though had become restless. The out lying sensors had reported that Saturn’s moon of Titan had begun to produce the energy crystals again. Megatron had pondered their worth for a long time. He hand debated the uses for them and the power that it would take to accumulate them on the small moon. One thing that he had to consider now was his sparklings. Lenear had taken more flight, and now Alero mastering his motor skills with finesse. His little boy reminded him very much of him, doing things on his own, resisting help from others, and above all not as interested in school work as Megatron had hoped. Sure there were no issues with the progress that Alero was making; he just didn’t have the drive that Lenear had, in its place he was much more coordinated then she had been at that age. Megatron looked up to see Soundwave enter bringing Megatron to the here and now; his loyal communications expert took his seat next him on the right. Shockwave was next to enter; and he naturally sat across from Megatron.

“The goal is to take control of the crystal energy, the electric lava, and establish a working space bridge.” Megatron had the holo projecting the planet. “The highest concentration of it is here,” a beep sent a line to a spot on it the planet while the other end of the line displayed a read out.

Over the link Starscream perked up, “I have been there before, those aliens know of us and due to the Autobots they will not want to worship us as they did previously.”

“Worship?” Megatron looked at the monitor with Starscream on it. There had been no such mention of the inhabitance worshiping the small team that had been there.

“Astrotrain took a rather god like appearance and made them do his bidding, if it were not for the Autobots we would have acquired this asset long ago.” Starscream left out a few minor details.

For a few moments Megatron considered calling in Astrotrain for further explanation the then set that aside for more investigation later. “So this energy then, does it damage our armor.”

“Yes to some extent it is more painful, and damaging to nerve systems then it is to the armor.” Starscream explained.

“I don’t like that; this will require a strategic strike.” Soundwave and Shockwave nodded. Megatron opened the COM link, “Prizm, to the war room.”

Prizm walked through the hall, and then took the lift to the command level; she turned one corner and then stepped through the door into the war room. “You’re up to something aren’t you?” She said noticing those that were sitting, and even the fact that Starscream was on the vidscreen.

A bit of a smirk came to Megatron’s face. “Ah yes, you know me very well by now.”

“I would like to think so.” Prizm smiled.

“I want to take Titian.” He said boldly, of course Megatron was never one to beat around the bush about anything.

“So what are we going to do with that planet?” she asked.

“Moon,” Megatron corrected. Prizm only rolled her optics, though he pretended not to notice. “I want that to be a stepping stone, as you might say. The energy crystals there can be harvested for an out side power source for weapons.”

“And what will that do?” Prizm asked.

“Prolong Energon use while fighting.” Soundwave spoke up.

“Specifically for those of us who’s weapons expend larger amounts of energy with their weapons.” Starscream added.

“With the amount of Energon coming in do we really need that now?” Prizm’s train of thought wasn’t on that of the fact that the Autobots were all but gone.

“It will also be a communications station, and relay to other planets that will soon follow.” Megatron explained further.

Thoughtfully Prizm sat down at the table and looked at the moon and the data that had been displayed. “So who’s going?”

Smiling Megatron nodded. “We are. I told you that I wanted to make a team out of you and I. Starscream is going to stay on Earth is command there has been keeping the peace thus far and will continue to do so. That means that I will lead this strike. There aren’t many of the aliens left on that planet. However it has been explained to me that they use the crystals for weapons.”

“A hard quick strike that will defeat them before they have time to counter it.” Starscream said.

“That’s the idea.” Megatron nodded once more. “Once we have established power we will construct a space bridge. That will bring the cost of operation down, as well as send us the crystals for examination.”


Raider, was in her quarters her telepathy tuned in to Soundwave’s so she was basically at the meeting with out actually being there. She had a small other link that she could feel then she allowed it to view as she did.

“What is it you want to know Audio?” She asked.

“I didn’t mean to,” he sounded as if he had been scolded.

“There is nothing going on now that you will not know about later.”

“There was this pull, and it caught my curiosity so I wanted to investigate,” he didn’t know how to explain that he seemed to feel the bond being active between his mother and father.

She felt his confusion, “If want into something like this you need contact your father not me.”

Audio could understand that since it was Soundwave that was basically allowing them to see what was going on. “Yes mother.”

Instantaneously Audio pulled nearly completely out of the link, this made Raider reach out to him to see what had happened. For an instant there was no real replay, until she could feel the mischief laughter of Rumble and Frenzy. She shook her head and went back to Soundwave’s link.

“Alright so we’re going to basically take Astrotrain in, he’s going to wait in orbit while we deal with the aliens.” Prizm was reciting what Megatron had told her.

“Correct. You, and your team will be in first, the Dirge and his wing mates will follow. If need be Devastator can be brought down after. Soundwave and I will be there as well.”

“What if the aliens don’t care? I mean if they don’t bother to fight back?” Prizm just thought she’d throw that out there.

“If that is the obvious conclusion then they can go where ever they feel like it, if they dare to entire the facility they will be killed on site.” Megatron didn’t seem to care much.

“This isn’t going to be some stop and go mission then not it we have to build everything from scratch.” The thought finally dawned on her.

“No it may take some time to build what I want there, longer if they fight.” He agreed.

With a quick sweep of the group again Prizm looked right at Megatron, “What about the kids, with all of us going there who is going to be here watching them?”

“When I am read to do this we well figure that out, being that Shockwave will be going this time we may have to send them to Earth.” Megatron thought about it.

“I can take them in here seeing that some of them are from human decent it might be nice for them to experience that.” Starscream said.

With the new light on things it took Prizm a few moments to decide if she was interested in that or not. She had thought about sending them to Earth a few times but she had wanted to be there with them to tell them about it not have Starscream do it. Sure he was a scientist and he had changed over the years she still didn’t feel comfortable with it. “I will have to think about that a little.” She finally commented. What would Raider say about having Audioslave shipped off to their home planet with out her, she wondered. “When are you planning this?”

Silence took over for a few seconds, “summer 2010.” Soundwave had calculated the Earth date for her.

Another silence took over, till Prizm spoke up again. “Alero is only going to be three at that time.”

“Sparklings mature much faster than humans do.” Starscream said.

“I know, I know” Prizm answered. “I don’t though. I’ve seen how fast Lenear has learned, she’s only three now. She acts as if she’s twenty.”

Smiling Megatron shook his head, “She is a very fast learner she has my flare for combat, but she can handle a few months on her own for a while. Audioslave will be there to make sure things will get done.”

“Audioslave isn’t much older then Lenear and he listens to her.” Prizm knew better.

“If I give him an order he will follow it.” Megatron said firmly.

Soundwave nodded. “Audioslave is eager to earn his place.”

“It’s pretty obvious you expect them to fight, has there been any scouting done?” She wanted all the information.

“This exactly why we are dealing with this now, Blastoff has been dispatched to take some readings and do the scouting.” The leader explained.

Part of Prizm was relieved that Megatron was going to wait a while since Astrotrain’s mate was due to give birth to their first sparking in less than a month. “That should give us plenty of time to sort things out.” She nodded.

“Very well, dismissed.” Megatron go up from his chair and turned the holo projector off. Starscream’s picture faded near instantly, he was rather busy on Earth dealing with the governments and the terrorists that keep trying claim that the Decepticon involvement was hindering them more then helping. Not to mention that his mate Windcon was expecting another sparkling and that pregnancy was rather touch and go.

Getting up slowly Prizm didn’t really want to leave her kids for any period of time little lone for the length of what could be turned into a war. She didn’t think Raider would like to do that either, and regardless that Juci didn’t have any she always felt strongly about taking kids from their parents. She wondered though the hall not really paying attention to where she was going until she had reached her quarters. The door slid open, and she entered noticing that Lenear and Audioslave were sitting on the couch whatever they had been talking about they had quieted when she came in. Instantly she noticed that she didn’t see Alero.

“Lenear where is Alero?”

“He’s in his room.” The small femme jet answered.

After checking on Alero who seemed to be passed out on his recharge birth Prizm rejoined the other kids.

“It is true?” Lenear asked.

“Is what true?”

“Are you going to send us to Earth for a while?” Audioslave asked next.

“I don’t particularly want to. Your mother and I had planned on taking you and teaching you about where we can come from, but not like this.” Prizm explained.

“It isn’t for a while yet.” Lenear added.

“That doesn’t change the fact that I hadn’t planned to be separated from you and your bother for much longer than this. I am sure that Raider had not planned on being separated from Audioslave in the same respect.”

“Mother still keeps a constant link with me.” Audio said.

“She cares about you.” Lenear said.

“I know she doesn’t show it some times, and she’s gotten even more like that since she met your father, we all know how he is. But she cares for you a lot, and your elder brothers.” Prizm sighed. “So she knows about what Megatron plans then?”

“Yes mother knows. I believe she’s trying to come up with some reason we should not go to Earth, and just so you know Father is not fond of the idea either. That is one of the reasons my other siblings got the modifications they did.”

“I get it, so he wouldn’t have to be separated from them.” Lenear said.

“Right,” Audioslave explained. “Where ever he went they went.”

“Even so, it is still some time off so we’ll think of something.” Prizm added.

“It’s no secret that we’ve wanted to see Earth.” Lenear decided she wanted to push her luck just a little.

Prizm just looked at her for a moment, “If I could have taken you I would have, but you saw how much your father let me do while I carried Alero.”

“Yeah but what about now?”

There was really nothing Prizm could say to that she sat down between the two kids on the sofa. “I know you want to go, and if I can get him to agree I will take you, right now though he’s just over anxious to get something done.”

“I don’t understand.” Lenear looked at Audioslave as if maybe he had caught something she didn’t.

Sighing out loud Prizm took a deep breath. “Look I know you haven’t experienced much of what used to be the war, but Lenear you were there when that little incident at Iacon happened, now try to imagine that sort of think on a weekly basis even sometimes daily, for millions of years literally. I know you’ve both looked that the history.” She paused it was hard to believe herself sometimes, but it was in fact true. “That is what Megatron, Soundwave, and most of the others have had to do. Now you two should remember when the battle on Earth took place, there was lots of talk about it and then when we got back there was a lot of excitement and what not.”

“I do remember that the difference in the feelings and aura from everyone changed.” Audioslave nodded.

“That was the turning point in the war. We really haven’t have much war do deal with other than little pockets of Autobots that do now know what has happened. Those that were at Iacon had come back here from Earth.”

Both sparklings nodded, and Lenear got up. “So what you’re basically saying is Dad is restless and needs to go do something.”

“Yes.” Prizm smiled. “We kept him busy and distracted all this time.”

“I know in your view we are still very young.” Audio joined Lenear standing in front of Prizm. “But Lenear has already aided you in one such mission; why not take us a long?”

“I know you both are eager to earn your place but this isn’t the way. You can’t just throw yourselves in to danger for your insignia.” Prizm wished that Raider or Juci were there to help convince them that they shouldn’t want this.”

“How else are we going to prove anything if there is no conflict here.?” Lenear protested.

“The academy trials will be set up for you to pass.” Prizm had talked with Megatron and Shockwave about those only days ago.

“When can we ask to take them?” Audioslave’s hand homed itself on the center of his chest where there was nothing but a blank glass plate.

The chime at the door saved Prizm at least for the time being. She unlocked the door only to see Raider standing there.

“It isn’t fair to gang up on Prizm.” Raider said looking directly at Audioslave. The smaller mech’s optic view went to the floor.

“I can’t get you, or Dad to do it.” He answered.

Raider walked in allowing the door to close. “Don’t you think that is for a reason?”

“But we’ve already proved we can do it.” Lenear added.

“That isn’t the point.” Raider scolded. “You know that things aren’t as they seem. I realize that the Decepticon in you wants to get out there and wants to do these things and you will. Right now your growth rate makes you still rather vulnerable.”

“And what about Alero? We just can’t take him out there. And the other sparklings?” Prizm was hoping to make them think.

“What others? Starcon has already been to Earth.” Not much ever got past Audioslave in that sense.

“Look, Starcon is from Earth yes, Astrotrain is about to have one, and Starcon is going to have a sister. So Starscream is going to have his hands full on Earth. Astrotrain is going to the mission so he can’t help Syphonic.” Raider knew that might actually help them. The tingle in her processor told her that Soundwave was bringing Megatron though and they knew what was going on. “Now you’ve gone and done it.”

“Wait what?” Lenear looked surprised.

“Your father is on his way.” Raider pointed at Lenear.

Audioslave sighed. “It wasn’t my intent to anger him.”

The door opened permitting Megatron to enter followed by Soundwave and two other mechs they had not seen previously.

“So eager to get out battling,” Megatron smiled. “The effort is commendable. However they are right, the simulator is only a preparation for what can come up.” He jerked his head to the side and the taller of the two mechs came forward. “This, is Thundertron” he did the same thing and other steeped up as well. “And Valclaron. They are going to be educators at the academy. Shockwave has been doing rather well with your book studies, now it is time for you to get some more physical activities. Thundertron is going to teach weaponry.”

Lenear’s optics narrowed. “He sort of looks like you.” She noted.

This caused Thundertron to smirk slightly. Megatron was right, these kids were bright.

“Yes, in Earth terms he would be my half brother.” Megatron shook his head.

“Like an uncle?” the young femme asked.

“Precisely.” Thundertron answered.

Cocking his head to the side Audioslave spoke up, “Where has he been then?”

Soundwave then stepped up, “Many Decepticons were in stasis lock during the shut down to keep them from starving when the planet was so low on energy.”

“I remember reading that.” Lenear nodded.

“Shockwave had begun to wake them as we shipped Energon when this came up it was he that suggested reactivating those that had educational knowledge.” Soundwave explained further.

Prizm looked Thundertron over with critical optics. He wasn’t as tall as Megatron nor was he as wide, but the power was defiantly there. She knew as well as any other that it was hard to earn trust with Megatron, and if she had remembered right the one was an older Gladiator right with Megatron back in the day. Her optics looked Valclaron over. It was rather obvious he didn’t have the same sort of altmodes like the common Decepticons did. Before she could ask Audioslave did.

“What do you transform into?”

Valclaron looked at Megatron. The mech looked around then his hands began to sign.

Audioslave watched intently, he had studied this already.

“There is plenty of room.” Megatron said.

Valclaron seemed to want to protest and his signs got sharp and quick.

“Tail? Just wrap it up.” Megatron’s voice was clearly getting angry.

The mech stood there for a second longer. His hand signing some what might be called muddled words.

“What just happened?” Lenear asked.

“Valclaron uses a sort of sign language, he doesn’t think there is enough room for him to transform. He says that his tail might hit something.” Audioslave answered. “Then he said that if something happens it wasn’t his fault, but it was sort of jumbled and hard to read.”

Megatron stared at Valclaron till Valclaron nodded and began to transform. The smaller mech seemed to have a touch of the mass shift that Astrotrain used to grow, the shape took form and finally he settled on all fours in an Earth style American dragon mode.

“This is something he’s had for some time,” Soundwave explained. The dragon’s tail whipped around his foot slowly as Valclaron pulled it around his own legs.

The spikes that were mounted on the dragon’s shoulders nearly scraped the ceiling, and he kept his head low to keep from slamming it as well. There was a deep guttural growl that seemed to emanate from it.

“Very well.” Megatron said and instantly the dragon shifted back to the robot mode. Valclaron shook his head. “These two will be responsible while we are on Titian.”

“Then the academy is going to be put into actual use.” Raider said.

“Yes, that is the goal.” Megatron agreed.

“Then the other instructors? Who will they be?” She asked next.

“Shockwave will keep his spot, as historian. He is also head master. Thundercracker will be handle flight training, Soundwave will instruct language.”

Soundwave nodded, after all communications was his forte.

“As we need them we well add more. I believe that Astrotrain is going help teach Transformation.” Megatron added after the fact.

“When is this all going to start?” Prizm asked thoughtfully.

“It will start first thing Monday. The time frame that the children stay at the academy each day will change from two hours to seven. Much more like the academy should be.” Megatron watched the sparklings for acknowledgement.

Lenear and Audioslave stood there silently for many moments. “We must tell Starcon so she can prepare.” The small mech said.

Megatron nodded in dismissal, and turned to Thundertron as well as Valclaron. “Soundwave has your assigned instructional rooms. If there is anything else that is required inform Scrapper he has been instructed to see that you get it.”

“Shouldn’t Scrapper be teaching architecture or something?” Raider interrupted.

The Decepticon leader thought about it for a moment. “All the Constructicons should probably have something to do there.” He agreed. “Soundwave talk to them and set them up with proper rooms as well.”

Soundwave nodded, “As you command Megatron.” He turned and left Valclaron, and Thundertron fallowing him.

The room only held three occupants now, Megatron, Prizm and Raider. “They need structure.” Megatron said nearly under his breath.

“They do,” Raider agreed. “Rumble and Frenzy could use it too.”

“Yes,” Megatron said. “They never did get it. Soundwave has done his best. But I think this will help them out.”

“I seriously doubt that those two will ever settle down.” Prizm injected.

“I don’t think so either, but it will help them out to be around other kids.” Raider added. “I am going to talk to Astrotrain let him know about that. I think he will like to know that Sytrain is going to be able to go to a real academy.”

“Anything to go talk to Astrotrain huh?” Prizm elbowed her.

“You know it isn’t like that, he’s got his girl and now they’ll have a new baby.” Raider shook her head.

“I know it, I was just teasing.” Prizm paused as Megatron walked over to his usual spot at the desk. “When are you and Soundwave going to have another one?”

Raider gave Prizm a look. “Did Soundwave say something to you?”

“No, why?”

“He asked me that very thing this morning.” She looked at Megatron to see if he was paying attention. “I told you he loves kids and that he’d want more.”

“Well right, he already had five you didn’t think that he would want more than just one from you?” Prizm giggled. “Come on seriously how many times did we talk about that?”

“Plenty of times I know, I just hadn’t expected it to be so soon.” Raider sighed.

“HA! That is funny. Are you going to think about it then?”

“How can I not, he caught me just before he was about to go on duty so I didn’t really get to give him an answer.”

“I see,” Prizm was still sort of laughing. “What is he going to do then be waiting for you after duties then take you?”

“I don’t think so, if he thinks he’s going to play Mr. Sneaky, then I am going to play right a long.” Raider became more serious.

“You have something in mind?”

“I sure do. I gotta go. I’ll see you .. um probably tomorrow.”

“Just don’t be late for duties.” Prizm smiled.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara