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Dawning of the Decepticon Age
Chapter 25.

“I can’t believe you’re up for your nanite shots already.” Raider walked thought the hall with Prizm.

“It is true, time passes slower here, but at the same time things seem so much quicker.” Prizm said.

“I know if I hadn’t and Earth clock in my programs I would be so lost.” They turned one corner then came to a door Raider chimed the door and it opened slowly.

“Come in I haven’t got all day.” Hook’s voice could be heard inside.

“You never change do you?” Raider told him as he looked up from a desk.

“Never.” He said with a quirky smile. He knew he if changed she wouldn’t like what he would turn in to. The fact that she liked him was just enough to make him keep the cocky attitude even though it was no longer needed.

“Well we’re here,” Prizm got up onto the table and opened her arm plating for the injection.

Hook came over and looked at the read outs of last pregnancy and instantly compared them to the ones he was getting now. “There are significant differences between the two sparklings.”

“Is that good or bad?” Prizm asked.

“Neither, it just means they are much different. As we know your other is a femme and from what I am told this is a Mech, now if I compare Raider’s chart and her Mech sparkling to your current situation there are many more similarities.” He pointed out peaks of highs and lows on the data pad.

“So for a mech everything is fine?” Raider asked.

“Correct, the slight differences here,” he pointed to the variations. “Just goes to show that he is different from Audioslave.”

“That makes sense.” Prizm answered.

Hook brought the tube of nanites and attached it into her arm. “There are more in these injections this time. It would seem that Mechs require more.”

“That is interesting, they don’t grow more?” Raider asked.
“Not over all, but nevertheless the count says here, and I won’t question it,” Hook took the now empty container and Prizm closed the panel.

“I suppose we should get out then?” Raider asked.

“Unless you want to be put to work,” Hook looked at her.

“As if what I did could compare to your perfection,” She said sarcastically.

“You had better get out quickly then,” he snapped.

“Stop flirting and let’s go,” Prizm got off the table.

“I wasn’t.”

“You were.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.” Came from behind them; Hook had also noticed.

“You can just be quiet.” Raider told him.

Hook smiled then finally retuned to his work.

“Told you,” Prizm laughed.

“Well I didn’t mean to then.”

“Don’t lie, we know you like him and ‘Train has his new girl friend you want to find your kicks I understand.” Prizm kept walking not really headed anywhere just going.

“No it isn’t like that we haven’t interfaced at all,” Raider seemed defensive.

“I know what you did, not that it matters, at least this time Hook isn’t all depressed that you aren’t having his sparkling,” Prizm teased.

Raider exhaled sharply. “I don’t plan on having another one for a while.”

“But you are planning on one?”

“Kind of, I mean sure Soundwave has all those but I only have Dio, it would be nice to have a femme too.”

“That’s cute.”

“Okay okay I am a little jealous you’ll have one of each.” Raider finally admitted.

“I don’t see why, you and the other cassettes are so close. You treat them as if they were yours.”

“I know, but it isn’t the same.”

“Alright.” They turned another corner and stopped at the control room. “Were we coming here?”

“I didn’t think we had a place we were going just happed to get here.” Raider answered.

“Must be natural instinct,” Prizm shrugged.

“Yeah robots instinct,” Raider shook her head.

“I can’t help it if I want to see him I know he’s in there.”

“Yes I know, I’ve found myself at the doors to Soundwave’s lab many times too.”

“Right, probably best to tell him you’ve seen Hook anyway.”

“True, even if he doesn’t show it I know he wants to know.” Prizm agreed. She took a step to the door and then in when it hissed open. She didn’t bother with formalities with those on duties just walking straight to the office and then stepping in.

As usual Megatron was sitting back in his chair reports in hand. He looked up long enough to see who had entered then put the data pads down.

“Just came from the med bay. Hook says things are fine and gave me more nanites.” Prizm explained.

“Excellent,” Megatron took one data pad and skimmed it. “Progress is going very well.”

“Yes, and soon we’ll have another little Decepticon running though the halls.” Prizm smiled.

“This time the academy is completed, and from the reports he will have classmates.” Megatron liked that thought things seemed to return to a state where he himself had come online, though the order of things here was much better than back then a sort of order had been restored. It was comforting to a point his sparklings and the future of the Empire itself had a solid base to stand on. It was not some feeble planet with fleshlings it was their home. A bit of pride swelled within him as he thought about it. “With Starscream on Earth in a more permanent basis I have assigned Preceptor to the Observatory until the science center is completed, however he will be also an instructor.”

“So he did decide to join us after all?”

“Tentatively but I am sure I can persuade him to see things my way. The other two were much easier. Sideswipe was convinced with data tracks. ” Megatron paused a moment, as an incoming transmission indicator sounded.


Very few had his direct line Shockwave was one of them. “Scanners indicate that there maybe Autobots remaining at Iacon.”

The Warlord had thought about Iacon many times, Shockwave’s forces had cleared it once to which after he had resigned himself to dealing with it after he had dealt with Prime. Now seemed to be as good time as any, he opened his internal comm. “Soundwave, bring Sideswipe to me, and arrange a small detail of troops including Astrotrain and Blitzwing.”

“As you command,” came Soundwave’s reply.

“Shockwave I will deal with this myself.” Megatron announced.

“Yes Mighty Megatron.” Shockwave answered then the link was cut.

“You’re going to Iacon then.” Prizm seemed a bit preoccupied. “What is Sideswipe for?”

“Simple, the Autobots there will know him and come more willingly than if I myself stepped in.” That quick a sly plan had come to his processor, he reopened his COM link. “Soundwave.”

“Yes Megatron?”

“Bring Perceptor too.”

“Yes Megatron.”

“What about my team?” Prizm asked.

“You cannot by any means go,” Megatron said sternly.

“I know that but you could use Raider and Juci,”

He thought about it for a moment, “Yes, have them meet me at the main hanger.” Each of them moved making room for them to leave.

Prizm got on her COM link, “Prizm to Raider.”

“Raider here what is up?”

“You up for a little investigation?”

“What do you mean?”

“Bot signatures are coming from Iacon, and Megatron is going to go check it out taking some of the old Autobots with him told he me to have you meet him at the main hanger, and bring Juci.”

“Bot signatures?” Raider thought about it for a moment. “It figures if they are going to come from anywhere it is going to be Iacon. Alright I’ll call Juci. Hey, Lenear is supposed to be training with us we should take her.”

“Are you sure you want to do that I mean Megatron is going to be there and if anything happens you’ll have to deal with him.” Prizm smiled it was funny to have to say it that way.

“You know Juci and I would never let anything happen, but she needs the experience.”

“Alright I’ll talk to her next she might want to bring Audio you know.”

“He’s not part of the team this is more about flying,” Raider answered.

“Alright I’ll tell her. Prizm out.” She redirected the signal to Lenear.

“Prizm to Lenear.”

“Yes mom,” She answered.

“You are going to fill in my spot on a mission, Raider is going to lead.”

“A real mission? Is Audio going?” the sparkling questioned.

“Yes, there are Autobot signals coming from Iacon you father has taken a few Decepticons and the Autobots from Autobot city to go find out what is going on. Raider will have to give you more instructions when you met with her, no Audio isn’t going this time.”

“And Dad isn’t going to have a Dinobot over this?”

“No he knows where you are assigned and is probably expecting it, do not underestimate him.”

“No I know mom I learned that when sparing.”

“Good now go, and be careful.”

“Yes, Lenear out,” closing her com-link she turned off the data pad she had and put it back on the shelf. “Dio, I have to go meet your mom for a mission.”

Audio looked up from his data pad “Really?” the tone of his voice was excited.

“I asked about you but mom said no.” she checked a few more things of hers before heading to the door.

“I’ll go find Dad before goes so I can monitor everything from here.” he told her.

“Good idea,” raked his shoulder with the back side of her hand her knuckle joints scraping on him. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

At the same time Audio slid his hand over her canopy palm down making a squealing noise on the plastisteel. “Happy hunting.”

Lenear turned and headed off, to the main hanger.

Raider waited at Megatron’s side while the leader explained what was going on to the small team. She watched as silently Lenear made her way up to them. Juci gave the sparkling a nod, and then listened a little longer.

“Your dad always has a lot to say, but it’s basically the same thing,” Juci whispered to Lenear.

“What do you mean?”

“Well before back on Earth, it was all about getting everything we could and then deal with the Autobots as we found them. Here though with these Autobrats we’re walking into their house, so expect traps and what not, he thinks they will put up a small fight. Honestly I hope they do, I like to blow shit up.”

“So what is our part in this?” Lenear was starting to wonder why they were needed at all.

“Those Autobot fools won’t mess with females, honor or some shit like that, we will escort Perceptor and Sideswipe in while they talk to who ever is left up there. If they lift a weapon we fire no questions asked.”

“Sounds simple enough.”

“Don’t over estimate them that is when you get your wings singed,” Juci put a hand on the smaller femme’s shoulder, “Don’t worry we won’t let nothing happen to you.”

Finishing his little speech Megatron looked at Lenear and then headed out the bay into the dark sky. The mission was fairly simple, either convert the remaining Autobots or terminate them. There was time between the instant that Megatron took off, with Sideswipe following using his jet pack, Astrotrain transformed and Perceptor stepped inside with Soundwave, which left the three femmes standing there.

“Look when we get there Megatron is going to head to the command center, we are going to head that up Juci I want you to go in first Sideswipe and Perceptor will follow you they’ve already been instructed then Lenear you and I will follow Megatron after that. I want all weapons on full charge, Lenear if you have any doubts shoot first, and aim low.”

The sparkling nodded then Raider turned transformed and headed out of the hanger, Lenear and Juci at her side.


Jazz and Bumblebee lead a small group of Autobot in to the medical facility. They had tried to bring some of the defenses on line but it there was no way they could get around the lock outs that Shockwave had set. Once down there the met up cleaned it out uncovering a second band of, Autobots who had barricaded themselves in.

“Wow man, I would have never thought it would come down to this.” Jazz took a head count, but his count was interrupted.

“Incoming Decepticons,” Outback paused. “And Autobots?” his voice raised unsure why the two would be together.

“Alright dudes we’re not going to be able to avoid this lets get prepared.” Jazz suddenly fell into the leadership role.

Just outside Icon limits.

The femme jets landed transforming as they touched down scanning for Autobot sensors, Astrotrain pulled in close to Megatron and the others landing near him as he let his cargo out.

“Raider,” Megatron called.

She didn’t answer but nodded at him and headed toward the opening. They would walk right in the front door. “Perceptor Sideswipe, Juci, Lenear with me.” She ordered.

Quickly Juci fell into step with Raider on her left Lenear mirrored the action on the right each with weapons drawn and powered. Sideswipe drew the small blaster allowed to him for this assignment, as he and Perceptor walked behind the femmes.

Lenear’s optics slide across the path like her mother had taught her and back again looking for any signs of a defense or other danger. Inside her spark seemed to beat with full force on his casing. She used her will to steady her hands and keep at task. Her breaths were short and sharp keeping her systems at peak temperature.

They entered the security door. Raider flicked a computer on and turned on the main power giving them light. “Logs show two transports have landed since the logs were locked.” She announced.

“Some of the Autobots that escaped on Earth may have made it back then.” Juci said.

“One has the same signature yes, the other I don’t know, the log doesn’t show where it came from.” Raider looked around the room using her telepathy to try to see what she could find. She headed closer to the command chair. Resting her hand on it her special ability shot images into her processor placing her in a room full of Autobots. Stunned she froze watching what was going on taking notice that they did not arm themselves or even pay attention to her. She took note of who was there, and as quick as it started it was over. “The Aerialbots Beachcomber, the Protectobots, and a few others are here.” She told Megatron.

“This may be more interesting than I had suspected,” the familiar whine of his cannon powering up told the group to be on alert.

The door to the right of the group slid suddenly open and a brigade of Aerialbots stood facing them weapons drawn and powered.

“Wait! Don’t fire!” Sideswipe called.

Air Raid looked at Silverbolt confusion written all over his face components. Silverbolt froze the instant Megatron came into view, the Decepticon leader watched with a smug look as the Autobots back peddled not knowing what to do.

“Sideswipe?” Fireflight asked, to the best of their knowledge Sideswipe had been logged as deactivated.

“Yeah,” Sideswipe barley got the word out when Skydive took a shot at him.

“Even if it is you, your one of them now!” the young combiner took aim again this time at the closest target, Lenear.

Raider reached out with her telepathy as well as her hand and told Lenear to fire. Hot plasma emitted from Lenear’s laser as she was pulled behind Raider just as fast. “Come on, don’t let them get to you, shoot them.”

Lenear’s Energon pump seemed to take forever to pulse again. She looked around Raider’s wing at the fire fight that was now going on in the room; the Autobot Sideswipe fought a long side the Decepticons as did Perceptor for what he could. There was a thunderous discharge and purple lit the room Lenear knew that it was Megatron. Her father was there, and there would be no way he wasn’t watching she wouldn’t disappoint him farther. Boldly taking a step to Raider’s right she aimed and fired on the Autobots.

After the smoke cleared various pieces of the five Aerialbots littered the floor, as did a coat of energon that flowed freely from their chassis.

“There is no room for hesitation we will discuss this later.” Megatron ground it out between his dental plates. He had made his way forward and no stood behind Lenear.

She kept her posture up despite the fact that she cursed at herself. I know better than that! There is no reason I should have even hesitated! I’ve done it so many times in the simulator it should have been so easy! Lenear’s jaw felt locked with her own anger. She nearly jumped as the heavy had of Megatron rested on her shoulder. He didn’t pull her from the mission he didn’t force her behind him that had to mean something, she figured. She watched as a silent communication sent Raider and Juci into the hall, Lenear followed. This time determined not to hesitate again.

Raider side glanced at Lenear and felt the determination coming from her. Lenear had worked though it now it was just refining it and giving it proper direction. She looked at her own wing; it had been hit twice with bolts that had been meant for Lenear. It hurt but her VTOL would take her back to base regardless, in this case it would be quite painfully. “More signals a head.”

The door they came to opened to the Protectobots as well as Jazz and Outback. This time Preceptor took the point and approached them “Hotspot,”

“Hey man I thought you two had it on Earth,” Jazz called.

“No, though we might have.” The scientist answered.

“So what it is with the armed escort then?” Hotspot looked the group over.

“The implications of the Decepticons aren’t as appalling as one might consider in fact they have been quite considerate.”

“Perceptor means we’ve got jobs and we’re doing work, no war.” Sideswipe said.

There was an eerie silence then Megatron stepped forward his cannon down at his side, “I could use you five to help keep the Earth peace.”

Most of the Autobots jaws slacked as surprise took hold of them. “It’s gonna take a little more convincing than that.” Jazz lowered his weapon he was willing to listen but he didn’t know if he could commit.

“Very well Astrotrain is outside shut this down, Sideswipe you will give this Autobot the proof he requires back at Darkmount.” Megatron began barking orders. “Decepticons it is time to close this facility for now.”

Megatron lead the newly acquired Autobots as well as the rest of the Decepticons out they way they came Sideswipe could be hear talking to Jazz the whole way.

Juci and Raider headed to consoles and powered what was still on off, until it was just the three jets left inside. Megatron had left with Astrotrain leaving them to seal the door before leaving.

Lenear took note that neither one of them scolded her; she thought they figured that when she got home and her father did it would probably be enough. “I can’t believe I just stood there,” she broke the silence.

The darker of the two turned to look at her, “First time jitters,” Juci smiled.

“Jitters? I could have been killed!” Lenear’s tone of voice rose with her anger.

“We wouldn’t have allowed that, and I didn’t.” Raider faced her as she started to head to the door.

“It all just happened so fast, the simulator doesn’t account for that you know exactly what is going to happen in there.” Lenear looked up at Raider and spotted the burn marks on her wings. “He hit you.”

“If I hadn’t pulled you when I did, he’d have hit you.” Raider explained.

The younger jet came closer and examined that the trickle of energon that leaked from the gap made from the laser fire noticing it was at her optic level. “He would have hit my helm.”

“He didn’t and that is what matters, use this for a learning tool.” Raider stretched her wing forward to see if she see just how bad the damage was. Her diagnostic had rated it but that didn’t give her clue to how much pain it would cause. She winced just the motion of the wing caused it to buzz lively with pain. “Its going to be a long flight home.” She muttered.

For a second the whole thing seemed surreal, and when Raider moved her wing back to the natural spot she watched fresh energon begin to leak anew. “I’m sorry,” Lenear said softly.

“Don’t be.” Raider looked at Lenear optics to optics. “I did my job, you were my responsibility.” She smiled a little, “this is only a scratch, and Hook will have it fixed in no time.”

Juci snorted, “Like you need more reasons to see Hook.”

Raider shot her wing mate a nasty look, and then looked back at Lenear. “I would much rather have you here, and this burn, than to have you scrapped and be facing the business end of your fathers fusion cannon for failure to do so.”

Thoughts of what could have happened filtered through her processor all the way to the point were Raider was hit with the fusion blast. The power of the imaginary blast jerked her back to the present. She stepped through the door and watch as the adults sealed it.

“Are you going to be able to transform with that wing like that?” Juci asked.

“I don’t see why not, it hurts but I don’t really need wings to fly.” Raider flexed the wing again causing her to wince again. She powered her VTOL engines and it lifted her off the ground. “I’ll just fly this way slower but less of a hassle. Besides we’re not in a hurry.

“Fly in Robot mode?” Lenear questioned.

“I know it’s not something we do often but you’ll have to get used to it at some point.” Juci clicked her heels and began to rise into the air.

Lenear forced fuel through her turbines and it pushed her into the sky, “Whoa!”

“Not so much,” Juci called.

The youngster tapered the fuel too quickly and began to fall. “Ah!”

“Consistent pressure 10 PSI.” Raider had heard Audioslave and Lenear many times when learning to fly, Audio had only one way in robot mode which he became accustomed to easily, while Lenear had not really had any necessity to fly out side of her jet mode.

Understanding the instruction Lenear did as told and righted herself as she began to float.

“Alright, let’s head back I am sure Megatron is expecting us by now.” Raider began the flight back Juci and Lenear following.


Astrotrain landed and opened his doors; Megatron began to storm out before the door ramp had even bothered to touch down. There had been no talking during the return flight at all everyone involved knew better that to aggravate the already infuriated Decepticon Emperor. He opened his comlink and called Prizm. “Megatron to Prizm,” his voice easily rough with anger.

“Prizm here.” she was surprised, a few Autobots shouldn’t have been an issue.

“Meet me in my office.” He ground out.

“On my way.” She spaced a cube of energon for just incase and headed out the door. For him to call her while in the state when the sparkling she carried pulled on her energy resources the most and that made her worry.

As soon as Raider came into Dark Mount’s communications grid she was contacted by Soundwave, “Megatron awaits Lenear in his office.”

Raider could tell by the feeling that came through their telepathic link that Megatron only wanted Lenear not all three of them. “Understood.” She replied.

“Dad wants me doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he’s waiting in his office.” Raider answered. “And I think he’s called your mom.”

“He really must be frying a circuit to call mom out.” Lenear seemed to hang her head.

“He means well. And from a human point of view he’s being a good dad. I mean I know he’s not known for his niceness I am sure. But I know he cares a lot and this is his way of showing it.” Raider landed in the bay touching down softly not to jostle her wing.

“I guess I’ll have to go face him,” Lenear cycled her intake fans cooling the tension that rose within her. She stepped through the door and headed to her father’s office.

After the door closed Juci looked to her wing mate, “It hurts more than you say it does.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to make Lenear feel even more guilty.” She flexed the damaged wing. “I don’t think I could have transformed something in the motor seems stuck.”

“No wonder you said Hook and not have Soundwave look at it.” Juci looked over the gaps herself. “I could probably work these easily enough Shockie teaches me lots of stuff.”

“Don’t worry about it I am sure he wants a report you go a head I’ll go down to the med bay and talk to Hook,” Raider paused for a movement. “Soundwave is going to meet me there.”

Juci nodded, “Shockie is expecting me.” She opened the door and headed out Raider followed.

Megatron didn’t bother to sit; he probably couldn’t it he wanted to. His systems were heated with the angst of what had happened to his sparkling. It replayed in his mind again and again only severing to rouse him farther.

The door opened and Prizm entered the office. She watched as Megatron silently paced past the window that over looked the now thriving Decepticon Capital. She didn’t have to ask he started to explain what had happened.

Prizm listened her worry peaking until she heard that Raider had moved Lenear out of the way. She shook her head a moment as Megatron finished the story.

“She could have been deactivated.” He growled.

Prizm thought about it for a moment, “She’s probably shaken already, you yelling at he isn’t going to help the situation.”

Megatron glanced at Prizm but said nothing as the door slid open a second time and Lenear came in, she stopped just short of the door as it slid close behind her. There was an awkward silence which only made Lenear even more nervous.

“Your performance today was unacceptable,” Megatron started. “When in battle there is no room for error.”

The small jet watched trying to keep her posture up and prove she was not afraid.

“Did you see where the plasma hit?” Megatron’s tone changed and became more demanding.

“They hit Raider.” She answered keeping her vocalizer from quivering.

“They were aimed at my helm,”

“The power of those blasts would have deactivated you!”

Lenear near jumped at how loud he had become. “I didn’t mean to, the simulator doesn’t account for that.”

“This wasn’t even a real fight! There will be times when you have not choice but to fire first!” Megatron balled his fist and hit his free palm with it. “ACTION! I didn’t train you to go out and falter.” He came right up to her and stared her in the optics. “I will not have you endangering yourself AND my other warriors!”

“Alright,” Prizm spoke up getting their attention. “So the simulator needs work and perhaps the sparing could use a little adaptation too.” She put a hand on her midsection then looked back at them. “I will be able to spar with her soon.”

Megatron backed away, it was a good idea, and after a long pause he conceded the point. “I will have Soundwave deal with the simulator. Lenear you are dismissed.”

There was a bit of a pause before Megatron spoke. “You under minded me.”

“No I didn’t I just suggested a means to fix it before it got out of hand.”

“Out of hand?” he crossed the room and stood near her chair, “She has to learn.”

“She’s fine; she won’t let it happen again.” Prizm told him.

“I will make certain of it.” Megatron growled.

“Did you not see her? Her posture? Any of it?” Prizm shifted as her sparkling let himself be know he didn’t like the mood.

“I did,” He also noticed Prizm’s uncomfortable shifting. “Is something wrong?”

“He doesn’t like it when I am upset.” She shifted again.

Megatron looked her over and added his hand to her midsection, quickly the sparkling calmed.

"Interesting reactions he has to the environment." The sparkling actually puzzled him, but it was only a little.

"He will be fine, but my point was Lenear is going to be much harder on herself than you are. I know she already feels guilty for the injuries Raider sustained.
"She will still have to be trained more for the unexpected." Megatron shook his head, "we could have used another combiner team." he paused a moment. "The instant he fired on her I began to slaughter them."

Cringing at the image in her processor of what the scene might have looked like Prizm kept quiet and thought about what she would have done had she been in his boots.

"I have to be able to depend on her like I do all the Decepticons."

"You will be." Prizm got up, "If that is it I need to head back."

He glanced over her once more their bond had grown quite bit ad each of them were starting to understand each other more often. Now he could feel her feelings of lethargy and just over all drain. It was very apparent the sparkling was pulling from her. "Yes, I will be there soon." he said with a nod.

Prizm gave him a bit of a smile Raider was helping here to lean the bond pattern fast now she could tell when he was feeling for her. Regardless of the fact that he would not admit to it; Prizm liked that she could feel his concern for her and the sparkling.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara