Syndicaition just can't keep out of trouble.

Peace is Broken

Reluctant to go to school Lenear met Audioslave at the entrance to the main building. The commotion of what had happened in her quarters that morning didn’t actually wake her up, but Alero’s getting up and finding their parents gone did. It wouldn’t be so much a surprise that no one was home with them, their mother Prizm had left them a long on several occasions and not thought much of it. But there had been several issues with their mother’s pregnancy and their newest sibling would be born soon. It had put a bit more stress into them as well as some extra responsibility, like getting up, and being on time to the Academy. They had done so several times now but more often than not their mother had been there even if she had still been recharging. Being sixteen, and basically ready to take a place in her father’s army there was no real need to have supervision. Even her younger brother Alero who trailed behind her walking somewhat slowly hadn’t needed supervision in some time either.

Audioslave sensed easily that they hadn’t wanted to come to the academy. He probed her thoughts lightly trying to pick out what he might say to help ease the situation. Her optics met his, and he withdrew immediately.

“My mother had Deltron this morning.” Lenear said aloud.

From around the edge of the building Syndication peeked and then joined the group, Augmentation following her. “What? Did you say that Prizm had Deltron this morning?”

Alero spied the Cassetticon, “Yes. Not that you need to know.”

Syndication stared back at him, “What? I haven’t done anything.”

“Let’s just keep it that way.” Alero took a step forward intimidating the smaller girl.

Not wanting to look like she was scared Syndication didn’t move.

Audioslave shook his head, though he was the eldest he wasn’t a leader. Lenear watched his posture and then looked at her brother. “Stop it.”

Alero shot his sister a look. “Fine.” The mech shifted away from the smaller Cassetticon and crossed his arms.

It was Lenear’s turn to shake her head. “Common or we’re going to be late for class.”

She stepped forward and the door opened. Audioslave followed quickly, while Alero gave Syndication another glance before going in himself.

Syndication waited until the door closed again, taking hold of her little sister’s hand keeping her there as well. “We should go over to see Deltron.”

“I am not skipping school so you can satisfy your curiosity.” Augmentation tried to shake Syndications grip.

Syndication’s mischievous smile appeared firmly on her lips, “I meant after school.”

Augmentation stared right at her sister, “You can’t lie to me, you were going to go right now.”

Shrugging Syndication laughed. “Right, well we get out of classes before they all do anyway we can go then.”

The little one pondered the truth in that and probed her sister for ulterior motives, but couldn’t find any. “Okay I’ll meet you here then we can go.”

Again Syndication’s grin placed itself on her face as she entered the school.

At the appointed time Syndication waited. She knew that if she left without Augmentation her aft would be in a sling. A few short moments later her sibling finally showed up. “You’re late.”

“I can’t fly across the place you know.” She retorted as she crossed her arms over her miniature cockpit.

“You haven’t learned to transform either but that doesn’t mean anything.” Syndication started walking toward the housing unit.

“Mom’s waiting for us.” Augmentation smiled.

That stopped Syndication in her step. “Why? I swear I haven’t done anything.”

“You’ve must have done something with the way you’ve been so defensive.” The mini jet walked past her without stopping.

Racking her processor to see if she could possibly think of anything she had done recently Syndication caught up. “Not that I know of, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“I can’t tell, just that she’s actually home waiting for us.” Augmentation nearly broke into a skip as she headed into the housing building.

Syndication sighed hard, and then followed jogging to catch up.

The door opened to their quarters and Augmentation broke into a run as she entered and near jumped into her mother’s lap.

“MOM! Aunt Prizm had Deltron this morning.”

“I know, I’ve been to see them already.” Raider nodded, shifting Augmentation over to one side.

“Can we go? I want to see him!” Syndication said as she entered.

“They were released from the med bay not too long ago, so it should be fine to see them now.” Raider opened her com-link. “Raider to Prizm”

“Prizm here.” Her voice even over the link was quiet.

“The girls want to come see Deltron.”

“Alright,” Prizm closed the link.

“You’re lucky, Prizm says we can go.” Raider let Augmentation down and then got up and picked her up. “Let’s go.”

Syndication turned on her heel, and headed out not waiting for her mother to catch up. She’d been to Prizm’s quarters several times, and it was actually one of the places she was allowed to go on her own. Down the hall to the left and then the door on the left she stopped and waited. Raider came around the corner and stopped at the door nodding to Syndication, who then stepped forward activating the door. Raider put Augmentation down, and headed over to where Prizm was at noticing that she didn’t have Deltron with her.

Syndication noticed the same. “Where is he?” She looked around a bit.

Looking down at the Syndication Prizm brought up one finger to his lips, “He is in his room taking a nap.”

That didn’t seem to compute to Syndication, “why would he take a nap already?”

Taking a second to think about it Prizm spoke, “he was actually early, all that fuss and stuff tired him out. So if you’re going to go in there you have to be quiet.”

That seemed to make sense, and both Augmentation and Syndication nodded in unison.
“Her quiet? Are you sure you just don’t want to wait till later?” Raider jerked her head indicating Syndication.

“She can do it if she tries.” Prizm shook her head.

Noticing that her mother and Aunt were busy talking to each other Syndication pulled Augmentation by the shoulder, and whispered, “You heard them; we just got to be quiet.”

Saying nothing Augmentation walked behind Syndication and into Deltron’s room. The light didn’t come on as they were used to so the two of them slowly walked in allowing their optics to adjust to the dim light the door was allowing in. The outline of the bed became apparent and they approached it as quietly as they could.

Augmentation was going to have a problem, but she knew how to deal with it without a sound. Her telepathy took a hold within Syndication’s processor. ‘I can’t see, I’m too short.’

Syndication looked down, even she could hardly see and she was basically on her toes as it was. She looked back at the bed and used her arms to pull her up another few inches. ‘He’s cute.’ She sent back through Augmentation’s link. She let go of the bed and leaned down cupping one hand so her sister could get high enough to see.

The little one took the hint, and stepped up onto her sisters hands. She looked over the dark silver boy whose optics were out. To her surprise he looked just like Megatron. To her he didn’t seem any different than the other sparklings she knew. The bed began to rise in front of her as she felt Syndication putting her hands down. ‘I wasn’t done looking.’ Augmentation protested.

‘Done enough, my turn.’ Syndication got back up and tip toed her optics up over the side, when she realized there was a ridge on this side to keep Deltron from falling out. She looked down to the foot of the bed, and noticed the ridge didn’t go across there. ‘Over here,’ she got down and rounded the edge of the bed. ‘Look we can both see.’ Syndication looked over the bed. Really from there she still couldn’t see much, he was lying down and the angle didn’t help any. She let out a sigh to which Augmentation squeezed her hand.
‘I know I know quiet. This isn’t working, I want a better look.’

‘Wait till his nap is over then.’
Augmentation started to head to the door.

‘If I wait for that everyone will be here.’ Syndication grabbed hold of the bed and pulled herself up slowly as she could, until one knee was on the bed.

Deltron shifted, he had been on his side facing the door when they had come in, now he was lying on his back.

‘Perfect.’ Syndication thought.

‘What’s perfect?’ Augmentation hadn’t closed her link with Syndication just yet.

She froze on the edge of the bed for a second, and then shook her head. Syndication didn’t like it when her sister didn’t give her processor its own privacy.
‘He turned over to his back; I can get a good look now.’

‘Not fair! I want to see.’
Augmentation pulled the foot that stuck out over the edge of the bed. It caused Syndication to pull the blanket Deltron was using in order to keep from falling off.

‘Stop, you’re going to make me fall.’ The small hands instantly released her foot, and she brought it up so she was completely kneeling on the bed. She crawled up till she came to the little mech’s foot, and then looked him over with interest. He did indeed look just like his dad, but something was a bit different. Syndication wasn’t sure what it was, but she liked him. A tug on the blanket made her turn around with a jolt. ‘He’s on the blanket, don’t pull it.’

Before Augmentation could manage to regain her balance and let go the blanket came tumbling down onto her Syndication with it.

“HIDE!” Syndication yelped as she scrambled under Deltron’s bed. Augmentation looked around and found the open closet and stepped inside.

With a gasp Deltron sat up, his optics coming on with a bright crimson. He looked around to find his room empty, when he noticed his blanket was gone. He scowered the bed, and realized it wasn’t there. He looked at the open door, blinking his optics once then called. “Dad!?”

“Did you hear that?” She paused. “Now Deltron’s calling for Megatron,” Prizm got up and started to Deltron’s room.

Raider stopped mid sentence and sighed. “I told you Syn couldn’t keep quiet.”

Entering, Prizm commanded the lights on at half power. Deltron’s chin met his chest as he tried to get the top of his helm to shield his optics from the semi-bright light.

“Mom?” He could see the smaller out line of her as his optics adjusted.

“Come here, what’s the matter?” Prizm picked Deltron up and out of the bed.

He looked around a second and caught a glimpse of Raider then looked around some more. He leaned over to see the place where she was standing then looked at Prizm directly. “Cover?”

Prizm looked into the bed having not noticed it was missing. “Lost your blanket?”

Raider came in only a moment later and looked for her girls. Not insight, she set about pin-pointing them when she caught the blanket at the foot of the bed. “No, I doubt he lost it.” She kneeled down and picked it up and put it back on the bed. Her telepathy had found Augmentation first. “Come out,” She said sternly.

Augmentation came out without any farther prompt; her head was down optics glued to the floor.

“What happened?” Raider gripped Augmentation’s chin and made her look her in the optics.

“We wanted to see.” She took a long breath and then looked up at Deltron. “The thing was too high, “She pointed at that barrier. “We came to this side but then he was too far.” She walked to the foot of the bed where her optics just barely cleared the bed.


“Snitch.” Came out from under the bed.

“Come out, Syndication.” Raider demanded.

The Cassetticon came out from under the bed right were the blanket had been. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Aug, finish, Syn shut up.” Raider looked from one to the other.

Augmentation looked at Syndication for a second then started again. “Syndication climbed up there to get a better look. I wanted to see too, but I couldn’t pull myself up.”

“She grabbed the blanket and pulled it and me down.” Syndication growled.

Deltron stared fascinated. When he had come home his siblings had been at school, his mother said these two were small like he was. He looked at Prizm, as if to ask who they were.

Prizm shook her head. “These are Raider’s girls, Syndication and Augmentation.”

Deltron looked them over and nodded, he committed their names to memory but wasn’t sure if he was willing to try to say them just yet.

“Alright you two, enough trouble for one day.” Raider pointed at the door.

“We didn’t even get to say hi!” Augmentation whined, her little wings drooping a bit.

“You should have thought about that before you woke him up.” Raider answered.

Syndication crossed her arms and walked out. “It wasn’t my fault.”

Augmentation looked at Deltron and waved. “Hi,” she smiled.

Deltron wasn’t sure if he should answer, but his hand came up and he gave her a short wave back. The girl’s optics brightened and she headed out the door.

Raider shook her head. “Hand full’s, the both of them.”

“And here I thought you were used to that with Syn.” Prizm laughed.

“Syn,” Deltron repeated.

Raider smiled. “I better get them home before they do something else.” She headed out the door.

Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara