Begin the Makings of Amalgamated Pretense 

Finding the Perfect One.

“Shut up and hold that container right!” Scrapper yelled at Bonecrusher.

“You are not my commander. You have no right.”

Scrapper took the small electro chamber from the demolitionist’s hands.

“I do not see why we needed you in the first place. Shockwave and Soundwave would not have approved of that blast.” Scrapper hurried on through the narrow tunnel that led underground.

“Balance Scrapper, I was the only one who knew how to do it correctly.”

“Silence! We are nearing the chamber.” Scrapper slowed his pace and Bonecrusher stopped behind him. “We have to get through here quietly, the Autobots have it wired.”

Bonecrusher did not say anything but looked over Scrapper’s shoulder. Scrapper inched forward in to the room; there were no signs of any activity. He looked through the room, it was dusty and various machines lined the walls. Just recently the Autobots had discovered that the hardware were using this tunnel. He took note that nothing had been changed since they had passed through the first time. The two lime green Robots walked lightly through the room, trying to be as quiet as possible. Noise started to come from a separate tunnel when they reached the half waypoint. Scrapper looked then took off in a run Bonecrusher on his heels.

“Stop Thieves!” was heard from behind them as the entered the corridor and ran down a rather steep ramp to and elevator tube. Bonecrusher jumped in and Scrapper looked to see if the Autobots had followed, but there were none.

The two robots jumped down into the old elevator shaft. At the bottom it was nearly pitch black, the lighting from the surface cut off completely by the depth. Each fired their flight thrusters a short burst to slow their descent, landing softly on the metallic ground. Scrapper looked at the electro chamber, the spark in side still in perfect condition. They walked into the dark unflinchingly having done it several times and mastered the lay out; their own optics casting a red glow to counter that of the sparks blue one. The light that did filter in was from a lab down a narrow walkway, guarded buy two more similar looking robots. The two standing guard had a wave of relief come across their faces at the familiarity of the approaching duo. Scrapper gave a head nod to the closest one who looked like he could fall in to a recharge cycle at any moment, then to the other who seemed overly anxious.

“Bonecrusher you stay here and keep guard with Long Haul and Mixmaster.”

“I wanted to help inside.” Long Haul whined.

“It is nearly finished. This is the last piece.” Scrapper held up the chamber.

“Oh you really really got it.” Mixmaster came closer and looked at the blue pulsing light.

“Get going I want this commission completed. I have other things I need to dismantle.” Bonecrusher crossed his arms across his chest.

Scrapper gave him a vulgar look. “You are being paid well to be here. Just stay here until the project is complete and then we shall be paid and on our separate ways.” He turned and left the little group and started down the hall. This project was unlike any other he had done; this was to be a living robot like the rest of the inhabitance of his world. There was one thing that would be different; this robot would be created with the sole purpose of being ruler of his race. Scrapper thought to himself as he walked, Shockwave a well-respected member of society and his younger brother Soundwave had contacted him. The three of them planned and made all the blue prints, though with out Scrapper knowing what the purpose was for, nor did he care. He like the others was commissioned to help bring outside influence to the project as well as find the materials, and produce them.

As he neared the end of the hall he could see Hook meticulously going over all the internal circuits of the silver robot that lay motionless on the table.


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