Field Medic 

Level 4 Decepticon

"You can't help but listen"

Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Commander: Sustain
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 4
Total XP: 1,080,588xp
Unspent XP: 39,588 xp
Upgrades: 32 (+9 to next level)
L4 (32) (41) L5
Armor: 3 tons of Ceramic
Doing: Inactive
Status: Not damaged (100%)
Audioslave's Bio

Name: Audioslave
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: ”You can't help but listen"
Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Commander: Thundertron
Function: Low Frequency Sonic Warrior

Audioslave hated his original alt and has taken on a triple changing mode, one helicopter one car. He did keep his thick magnetic subwoofers that allowed him to keep his name. They are now hidden within the armor and can be applied to nearly anything, and have the low frequencies sent through anything not just the ground.

He’s not a repairer by nature, but his travels with Eclipse Velocity has make him field medic of a sort. On the spot learning and doing small patch works has kept him and EV, up and running for the extended time they had spend alone on Daraknus the crash of their craft was something that slapped them hard with limited resources. Audioslave took his time reworking the abandon base, fixing and augmenting some of the technologies that he had as well as learning some he hadn’t known. Luckily the planet itself has large quantities of natural resources that Audioslave was able to refine and make into parts.

He is a true Decepticon sparked from two other high ranking officers, their names classified he has taking all the classes in battle from the academy. His marks were at the top of his class and he was ready for battle. On the field he stood watching the bloodshed, guns and swords blasting and hacking at the Autobots that came charging after them. He froze it wasn’t the first time he had seen Energon, nor was it in battle but the ones he had seen were staged to a degree, not the ruthless slaughter that he seen before him. Then and it thumped him, this was not what he had wanted to do. The mindless killing did not suit him he wanted military tactics, and better strategies less loss on the Decepticon part at the very least. He sought out someone that had ties to the higher-achy where he found EV. She was in place as the top commander of the southern armies. She took him under her fender and had him learn by experience in what she was doing to by pass the grunt work that he could not stand. Their army was dispatched to follow the fleeing Autobots off planet.

Their army all but slaughtered by the Autobots that had found re-enforcements, they attempted to return to Cybertron finding themselves lost and crashing on Daraknus.

When Amalgamated Pretense came to Daraknus he found himself extremely interested at what Thundertron had in mind and at the first chance he got, he offered his services.

Abilities :
Not wanting to get in Thundertron’s repair way, Audioslave doesn’t bring his medical skill into play unless no one else is around allowing the leader to pick and choose those he helps. He is good at stemming off leaks but refuses to do much else. He also likes to use is rotor blades as swords. The constant pulse of his engine is what he uses to make the low tones and sonic reverberations.

In his haste to stem leaks he has made the mistake of soldering the line closed to a vital mechanism causing so far only paralysis. His swords if not used carefully can be damaged easily and even broken grounding him from flight.

Heavy Metal War

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