First in Infantry


"Faster than you think and just as quiet as the shadow."

Team:Amalgamated Pretense [RDD]
Total XP:19,387,901xp
Unspent XP:1,634,401 xp
Upgrades:64 (+4 to next level)
L7 (59)(68) L8
Armor:10 tons of Nucleon Tempered Titanium
Status:Not damaged (100%)

Eclipse Velocity's Bio

Name : Eclipse Velocity
Quote : "Faster than you think and just as quiet as the shadow.”
Team : Amalgamated Pretense
Function : First in Scout.

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 9
Endurance: 7
Rank: 2
Courage: 5
Firepower: 6
Skill: 4

Origin location: Staraton
Spark date: January 1.
Status: Active Decepticon
Direct officer: Thundertron.                                    

Things change quickly around Daraknus, and with the coming and going of Datamatrix’s team as well as Unicron the chaos bringer. Eclipse Velocity finds herself in the arms of Red Accel. That doesn’t mean she’s left Occult, however, Red is the first male she’s grown this close to since her crash on Daraknus and her last one was killed. Slowly EV has been able to put her past behind her, with Red. Through Red she has also gained a sister Speedway. Even though she’s finally headed down the right path EV still has a few hang ups. But don’t dare tell her.

Surprisingly Eclipse Velocity is not bent on being the fastest nor does she give off the hint of ego that her speed brings to most. Not new to the war, just new to the team EV, as she is known to them, does love leaving the Autobots in her dust. Her land speed excides 819 miles per hour. She has been told many times that if she had wings she would take off. Still that doesn’t interest her much; regardless of the fact that all Decepticons fly anyway. EV would rather go up into the mountain roads and speed down as fast as possible. Her paint has had many touch ups from centripetal force pulling her off the roads and down the mountain side. EV considers herself something of a thrill seeker, and is jealous of the humans’ rollercoaster parks.

The most thrilling thing to her is not the battle but the anticipation of. When informed of a coming battle EV goes out of her way to make herself clean and presentable as possible as well as fully loaded.

EV spends her time watching and listening to Occult an odd bond has grown between them and on various night she tends to share quarters. She likes to lose herself in between Occult and her new boyfriend Red Accel literally. Her assignment is simply the up keep of the base. She is to help Cygnus to run the base itself when she is there, as well as upkeep on the outdated computers. . Regardless of what Cygnus’ wants he is attending leader while Thundertron is gone, EV and High Command rework and implement new things into the systems. It seems that each time they come back from a mission the two have something new that they want to add and it usually take the others a few cycles to get things straight and the base working at peak efficiency again. EV however has been pulled with the team time and time again forcing her to separate from Cygnus which leaves her feeling a little incomplete; and dependent on Occult to keep her grounded.
Showing up at the door of the Amalgamated Pretense, this female transformer refuses to tell where she originates from; her obvious Cybertronian background doesn’t allow them to learn where she has been. That however didn’t last once more Cybertronians came to Daraknus and she began a new relationship. Her home planet of Staratron was set for in addition into the Decepticon Empire for its miss deeds to her, as well as her brother. What is common knowledge though is that she had crashed on Daraknus with Cygnus before the team had arrived. Seeing the work that she had done Thundertron had offered her and her half-brother a place that would also help fill his roster.

Weapons/Abilities :
Other than the obvious speed EV’s Shatterblasters are powered by an infinite source. Given to her off world she refuses to speak about or let anyone but High Command look at it. Surprisingly they actually become part of her alt mode. She has allowed Shockwave a look only to see if something could be done about their overheating.

Weakness :
Fast in and fast out, is dangerous. If a single thing is out of place, and one slip is made she can go fumbling and sliding into something potentially fatal.

>8.8 liter (540 cubic inch) Pontiac V8 making over 650 horsepower (480 kW).
>A five-speed manual
>Suspension consists of tubular front subframe, rack-and-pinion steering, and four-link rear with adjustable coil-overs on each corner.
>Chassis reinforcements include integrated subframe connectors and a four-point roll bar with safety harnesses.
>Brakes are huge Baer Racing six-piston calipers with 14-inch (360 mm) two-piece rotors front and rear.

Theme Song:
"Addicted" by Ne-yo.

Originally Created:
May 14 2008




Transformers are Hasrbo and Takara