Cassette player

Level 2 Decepticon

"Those who are often overlooked tend to be the most dangerous of all."

Team: The Forgotten
Commander: Datamatrix
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 2
Total XP: 278,515xp
Weapon: Null-Ray Rifle
Doing: Inactive
Datamatrix' Bio

Function: Supreme Commander of the RDD/Hacker
Primary Weapon: Sonic Bullet Machinegun, High Frequency Wave Cannon
Transformation: Casette Player


The youngest sibling of Shockwave and Soundwave, Datamatrix grew up in his famous brothers shadows and resented it. Shockwave lost himself in his job as guardian of Cybertron and Soundwave his role as Megatron's advisor, leaving him and his twin siblings, Syphonic and Sythonic to themselves more often than not. Eventually Data took his rage out on Soundwave in a heated arguement and left in order to become strong enough to protect his family, though it would be seen due to ego because other Decepticons often mocked Data's capabilities.

But Data would ultimately fail. Soundwave found himself trapped on Earth for millions of years. Sythonic would end up taken by Autobots and remade as Blaster. Syphonic was seemingly MIA, though she was buried and in emergency stasis. Data was overcome with a mix of grief and guilt, he proved to be no better than the older brother he condemmed at the task.

But he would suceed in vengence.

Data sold his services as a mechanic, spy, and hacker to the highest bidder. Sometimes for money buy other times for information. Eventually he began to track down and murder every Autobot invovled in that raid by any means necessary. He went so far as to enter 2000 Earth Years of service to Lord Straxus of Polyhex, an arangement that almost killed him due to the fact that one of Straxus' inside men was one of the raiders. Data killed him anyway and was captured by the enraged Warlord. Only the intervention of the Insecticons, paying back a debt they owed Datamatrix, saved him from the chopping block, though he would spend the next 10 Earth Years imprisoned and beaten daily by Straxus.

Eventually Data went his separate ways and continued his quest for revenge, time had twisted him however. He grew to be cold and unforgiving to Autobots. Just before his split he broke into a military installation and retrieve schematics for a new Autobot Security system only to have his eldest casette, Syntax, fall prey to a lethal virus implanted into the console nearly kill him. Instead of dying Syntax mutated into a viral entity, losing his sanity in the process. He began his own information trade, finding and selling infomation to any Decepticon with enough Energon for the task. He kept an optic on Syphonic from the shadows when she was revived, hiding out of shame. He kept in touch with Shockwave and assisted him from time to time, which allowed him to meet a female suppordiate named Sustain for the first time.

Eventually Megatron and the other Decepticons revived on Earth and Soundwave got in contact with Cybertron. Datamatrix travelled to Earth at the first possible moment to confront his brother. But instead of fighting, Data made up with his brother and declared alliegance to Megatron. He was given his own command, The Hounds of War, from allies he had made in his time on Cybertron, as well as a few of Megatron's own forces.

Now his services entirely devoted to the Emperor of the Decepticons, Data is focused on wiping out the Autobots he sees as a bunch of elitist hypocrytes. He was appointed Supremem Commander of a group of Deceptiocns calling themselves the Renegade Decepticon Dissidents. His relationship with Sustain has grown into a full blown romance, with them considering serious steps in the near future. His relationship with his siblings has improved but a combination of ego and guilt causes some friction. His relationship with Syphonic has proven frustrating at times as she tends to point out his abandonment frequently during arguements. His feud with Soundwave has become more of a friendlty rivalry (Data was said to have been almost in tears when he reunited with him...though he vehimently denies it. Soundwave is saying nothing about it.)

He is seeking information on a lead to one of the few Autobots who was invovled in that attack on hsi family that is still alive. Data has reason to believe that this person is a high ranked member of the Autobot War Council.



Heavy Metal War

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