Ground Troop.


Level 4 Decepticon

"You took my life and turned it upside down. Now its your turn."

Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Commander: Sustain
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 4
Total XP: 1,080,864xp
Unspent XP: 43,864 xp
Upgrades: 36 (+5 to next level)
L4 (32) (41) L5
Armor: 2 tons of Ceramic
Doing: Inactive
Status: Not damaged (100%)
Sythonic's Bio

Name: Sythonic
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "You took my life and turned it upside down. Now its your turn."
Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Team Commander: Thundertron
Function: Ground troop.

Sythonic is twin to Syphonic.

Once he lived in a nice part of the city-state of Dark Mount. Then the Autobots invaded, taking his ‘father’ creator, causing his eldest brother Shockwave to go apply to the Decepticon army. He and his small family lived in the miniature apartment, his other older bother joined Shockwave and then his little brother took off just before the entire area was bombed to oblivion. Badly damaged and near un-repairable, the Autobots pulled his chassis from the rubble, and repaired him as well as reformatted him. His memory damaged and new protocols installed within him he seemed to be a new robot. He became an Autobot, because they had ‘saved’ him.

Many years later after the war had resumed on Earth he was transferred there to counter the Decepticons communications officer Soundwave. Not long after he arrived, the bold Decepticon found him and asked him questions that didn’t seem to be normal actions of war; he confronted Optimus Prime about the questioning. The Autobot leader disclosed the files of his reformatting, and explained that before this there was no other knowledge of whom or what he was.

Dismayed by the lack of answers he found the infamous Decepticon on the Internet again, the same way he had been contacted, this time the Decepticon was a little more forward with information, and called him a name that he understood, Sythonic. The name seemed to be a key opening a few memories that had been locked away for millions of years. Then the Decepticons offered something that he thought impossible, Soundwave had offered him his memory back, though it came with a price. He would have to leave the Autobots, and go to Cybertron.

He struggled with the decision, and agreed to be transferred there. Before anything could be put in to motion the great war of Autobot city broke out and set the plan on a sidetrack. Galvatron took over and contacting Soundwave was all but out of the question. Blaster kept the idea in the back of his mind for many years, when Rodimus Prime the new leader of the Autobots had his memories wiped again during a routine maintenance. Blaster continued his duties and Cassettibots were given to him. When all out war came to the planet again, Blaster took up arms unknowingly against his brother again. Soundwave however was not fooled, rather than destroy Blaster he stunned the Autobot and did a little bit of impromptu reprogramming right then and there. Not erasing any of his current memories Soundwave had reactivated his earliest ones.

The Decepticons had lay claim to Cybertron again, when Sythonic came back on line. A few of his programs still contained heroic tendencies, but over all the reuniting of him and his sister Syphonic won. It was still hard to believe that what he had considered to be his rival was his older brother.

Now having all his memories back he has joined Thundertron, Star Raider and his siblings to seek revenge by terminating all Autobots who dare to disgrace Cybertron.

Sythonic uses his communication abilities to aid Soundwave in code breaking of Autobot transmissions. Fighting along side one brother, and his twin he has integrated himself in to the team well. He is continuing to work on a new Cassetticon for himself. His anger grows with the Autobots, and he is pulling away from his twin whom attempts to talk sense into him, this is causing him to lag at the end of battles.

When separated from his twin be battle he can over estimate his own abilities and get caught in the heat of the moment, as a result he is greatly damaged.

You can see a more detailed history here.

Heavy Metal War


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