Combat strategist. Weapons Designer.


Level 6 Decepticon

"It is not enough to win, you must maintain control."

Team: Amalgamated Pretense [RDD]
Commander: Sustain
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 6
Total XP: 14,701,588xp
Unspent XP: 680,588 xp
Upgrades: 53 (+6 to next level)
L6 (50) (59) L7
Armor: 7 tons of Magnetic
Weapon: Banhammer
Doing: In a Mission - 00:19:21
Status: Not damaged (100%)
Sustain's Bio

Name: Sustain
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "It is not enough to win, you must maintain control.”
Team: Amalgamated Pretense
Team Commander: Thundertron
Function : Combat strategist. Weapons Designer.

Intelligence: 8
Speed: 9
Endurance: 4
Rank: 2
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 6

Origin location: Kaon
Wingmates: None
Spark date: July 20.
Status: Active.
Direct officer:Soundwave

Currently :
As one of Amalgamated Pretense, Sustain has been charged with the team’s weapons research, due to her background she took it willingly. Many of the modifications done to the team as a whole are results from her bits of tinkering with the schematics as well as reworking the power base. Thundertron’s own systems have been sped up but not to a degree that it has helped him. Most importantly she has agreed to marry Datamatrix.
Sustain has had a long hard Decepticon history. She was created at the very beginning of the war as a weapons productions engineer. Staying with her creators she followed their example of creation taking on her own agenda and reworking the weapon she was producing. The production facility her creators were at had been taken over by the Autobots, although some of the Decepticons revolted; they later lay deactivated from the Autobots that outnumbered them. Having sent a distress call reinforcements came and the Autobots were driven off. To Sustain the damage had been done. She had her first taste of the war close up and she liked it. Knowing that she would not be read for battle instantly, she went back to what she knew and started again. This time she started off for as head designer working in manufacturing weapons; from there she took on weapon functionality. She reworked power cells and redesigned many of the weapons to be attached to the bearer’s alt mode to be more useful in both transformations. Her break through was multi layered sound production system that had caused more damage than the building was ready for. After digging her way to the surface she was brought to the infamous citadel where Shockwave helped her with the implication of her weapon within her, as well as in to smaller more compact ways of using her technology. She studied any and every weapon she could get her hands on, including Shockwave himself and eventually Megatron’s cannon schematics. The next step was to learn how to use the weapons in a combat situation. She took them one or two at a time and placed herself in harm’s way on the front lines using each weapon and measuring what, and how they worked. She learned of a few Decepticons that were doing such things and got in touch with The Scions of Blitzwing as well as Bun-Bun's Black-Op. Elves whom had given her report after report on weapons. Her now vast knowledge of firepower has given her the edge of who to send where for the desired effect in battle. Using that new found knowledge she has planned attacks and has been able to gain the title of Combat Strategist.

Sustain worked her way up from the bottom of the chain of command slowly making sure that she did not miss any part of a job, starting with sidekick to Shockwave. She aided him with many projects from the triple changers to the duo-cons. Her resume if she were to print it out would be just as long as most of the current commanders, however leadership never came natural, she had been in a position to command only once under the watchful eye of Shockwave who decided then and there it was not her forte. Nevertheless he insisted she learn incase the situation called for it. Sustain would rather work and get her job done then to make the executive decisions. This is what brought her to The Cassetticons and Soundwave’s team. Shockwave sent Sustain to Soundwave as a weapon. Her small frame can fold down in to that of cassette as well as in to her small motorcycle mode, effectively making her a triple changer.

Soundwave has asked Sustain to stay close to him. Testing on her sonic weapon has yielded great results, though He is interested to find what will happen once she has transformed in to her cassette mode and he uses her weapon through him. However this didn’t help and her current location is prisoner at Autobot Island, home to the Disposable Heroes. Luckily that was corrected when the remaining Cassetticon team member came to do a rescue the results were less than glamorous as the Disposable Heroes leader Windracer managed to take out many of the team members on her own. Rumble managed to escape and cause much havoc finding Soundwave and getting him to Sustain and Buzzsaw. It was then that the Cassette host and Sustain finally tested her integrated weapon. The result was literally a disaster. The entire base came tumbling down around them, it was near impossible to get the rest of their team loaded and out of harm’s way.

When in motorcycle mode her speed is great accelerating and holding 512 mph. Her Robot mode is somewhat smaller than the average Decepticon but is still equipped with flight. In her cassette mode she can use a sonic weapon of her own design, she also has the ability to transmit that sound through a cassette host, it has only been tested once and that proved fatal to Windracer’s Disposable Hero Stronghold as it caused the entire mountain to crumble.

Due to her small stature, she is not well armored and on good hit can potentially cause stasis lock. Her recovery though has been accelerated and she has known to come out of stasis before she can be put in to the CR.


* 500 bhp (373 kW) @ 5600 rpm (45 kW/L); 525 ft•lbf (712 Nm) @ 4200 rpm
* 10-cylinder 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled, 505 in³ (8275 cc)
* 356-T6 aluminum alloy block with cast-iron liners, aluminum alloy cylinder heads
* Bore x Stroke: 4.03 by 3.96 in (102 x 101 mm)
* Two pushrod-actuated overhead valves per cylinder with roller-type hydraulic lifters
* Sequential, multi-port electronic fuel injection with individual runners
* Compression Ratio: 9.6:1
* Max Engine Speed: 6000 rpm
* Fuel Requirement: Unleaded premium, 93 octane (R+M/2)
* Oil System: Dry Sump; takes 8 quarts (8 L) Mobil 1 10W30 Synthetic
* Cooling System: Twin aluminum radiators mounted atop engine intake manifolds, force-fed from front-mounted, belt-driven turbine fan. Takes 11 quarts (10 L) of antifreeze. (However this had new more applicable Cybertronian fluids.)
* Exhaust System: Equal-length tubular stainless steel headers with dual collectors and central rear
* Speed 0-60 mph times have been estimated at 1.75 seconds, with an estimated top speed of 750 mph.

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