Team leader and power base.


Level 6 Decepticon

"All shall be laid to dust at my feet, only then shall I stand at my brother’s side."

Team: Amalgamated Pretense [RDD]
Commander: Sustain
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 6
Total XP: 14,887,603xp
Unspent XP: 1,731,603 xp
Upgrades: 56 (+3 to next level)
L6 (50) (59) L7
Armor: 5 tons of Nucleon Tempered Titanium
Weapon: Molecular Canceller Nega-Gun
Doing: In a Mission - 00:37:36
Status: Not damaged (100%)
Thundertron's Bio

Name: Thundertron
Current Faction: Decepticon
Quote: "All shall be laid to dust at my feet, only then shall I stand at my brother’s side.”
Team : Amalgamated Pretense
Function : Team Leader

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 5
Endurance: 10
Rank: 10
Courage: 9
Firepower: 10
Skill: 7

Origin location: Kalis
Spark date: March 31.
Status: Active Decepticon.

Direct officer:

A leader in his own right Thundertron usually resides on Daraknus. This planet on the edge of known space keeps itself hidden with a natural electromagnetic field. Finally with a functioning Space Bridge he has made his contribution to the refueling of Cybertron known.

Several others have come to help build the base on Daraknus up so that it my support a planetary defense. One of these teams was Datamatrix’s his ties to others of Thundertron’s team made him an obvious choice. Datamatrix brought with him Team Amazon a construction team. The leader of this team caught Thundertron’s optic which surprised most of his team mates having known his usual habits with females. Amazon however isn’t your average female.

Thundertron has a high tolerance for pain this makes him very hard to stop. He carries a two handed axe that has a significant spike on the back side as well as his machine guns that slide up over his shoulders. His cannon mode is best used for long-range artillery with its fusion blast.

Most think that Thundertron is only one of Shockwave’s projects like Astrotrain or Blitzwing. Truth be told he prefers he that way, although there are few that do know his origin having been there when it happened.

Thundertron is a complete accident. While sparking life to the would be leader during an augmentation process, a piece of the spark broke off and was contained in a capsule. Thus “born” of the same spark he was a twin brother to Megatron. Unknowingly to the spark, it was nursed by Soundwave and was able to grow in the container to full size, and then was transferred to an empty body shell by none other than Shockwave. The new shell was not the same as his brothers, to help keep the secret of the fact that he was the now supreme leader’s brother, which in turn kept him safe.

Shockwave brought him on line during the time Megatron was lost and in stasis lock on Earth. His small group of Transformers has been not only able but has exceeded in beating the odds of living on Cybertron alone, and without their own energy source. Shockwave feared the worst when Thundertron, Warper, and Skycrasher were apprehended by the Autobots and imprisoned.

When Shockwave finally contacted Megatron on Earth he divulged the information to recently re-awoken Megatron about Thundertron. Megatron let the idea flow through is processor for quite a while before deciding that regardless of relation that he would need good warriors. He ordered all that knew to remain silent about the relation, and was not pleased to find out who had known in the first place.

As the time neared to retake Cybertron Megatron left standing orders to have his new brother released, if he had survived. Shockwave took his opportunity, when it became his post to clear Iacon for Decepticon occupation, to seek Thundertron. He found the young commander depleted of energon and nearly nonfunctional in a holding cell. Shockwave re-energized him and took him to the medical facility of the Autobot capital where he worked on him as well as waited for new orders.

When Megatron finally arrived at Iacon, he found his brother fully functional and ready for war.

Thundertron shares many of the same qualities as Megatron, though the most identical is the temper. Known throughout Cybertron, as ‘The Tempest’ most other Decepticons prefer to leave him alone. The few that he has managed to befriend, not the he would call them such, are a close unit and most are willing to fight with him to the death.

Thundertron possesses great intelligence, but lacks the patience to use it. This is where his team comes in; they have found the way to get plans and other key information from him without being blasted to oblivion. He also possesses great strength, though he is slower than the average Decepticon.

Unable to keep his vocal processor or quiet Thundertron has recently got himself into a bit of a tiff with his brother Megatron. Questioning the wisdom of the Decepticon leader, and implicating that he himself could do better as been a very bad lesson learned the two squared off in a small hand to hand contest, were along with fists insults were through and parts of Thundertron were tossed everywhere. Although Soundwave watched on he never made an attempt to help Thundertron who has realized now just how much loyalty Soundwave actually has to the faction leader. This irritates him to no end he feels that if he to be in command of the team that he should have full loyalties from his charges. He as also noticed that the others have started treating him differently. Those of the team that are cassettes do not bother to take an order unless it comes from Soundwave himself. This is leaving Thundertron with quite a concern he thinks there is a possibility of a coup or perhaps lethal deactivation on the battlefield.

Taking a long reset in CR from a battle he had with Megatron that did not go as planned. Although Thundertron sees it as a learning experience his desire to lead has not diminished, he feels though that it is not required to lead the entire Decepticon Empire.

Look :
His form is that of a standing turret, when he transforms his lower body becomes a steadfast base and his torso rotates 180 degrees, for the cannon to lock in to place from his shoulder to the center, and his arms stand up to enable the targeting grid. In robot mode he stands eye to eye with Megatron as well as sharing many of the same features. His paint scheme although not important to him is a midnight blue and black, though most would tell you all black if not seen in the proper light.

Thundertron is heavily armored, and extremely strong. This though makes him slow. His main weapon also requires a short charge. The new automated aim system is slow to come on line leaving him standing for a few seconds just sitting.

Originally Created:
March 14 2005.

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